Abdl messy diaper story

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Pee yew! What was worse was that she was still filling it, her argument completely invalidated every time she let out a grunt and forced more sloppy sludge into the seat of her pants. Her mother just shook her head in disappointment, starting the engine before cracking all the windows to air out the car. Upset that her own mom refused to listen to her, the regressed woman crossed her arms in a huff as she laid back in her mushy undergarment with puffed-out cheeks.

It was bad enough that she was stuck in the body of a toddler, but to have her continence controlled by an emotional child Abdl messy diaper story for petty revenge was just absurd. She was so mad that she resisted the random urges to poop herself, her left eye twinging only slightly as a show but unable to stop the torrent of slop from being excreted into the seat of her pants. Loud bellowing farts ripped through the air as the mess inside bubbled and forced the crinkly padding to expand and sag past the seat even more.

Katie blushed at the humiliating noises but continued to keep her arms crossed and look mad, no matter how much she was raised off her seat. Her mother eventually put the windows all the way down when the smell became too pungent to stand. By the time they got home, the older woman nearly leapt out of the car just to take a breather before opening the side door and unbuckling the stinky.

Got any more poop to pack into your pampers? To Katie, this was all the work of David, but to her mother, it just looked like she had been holding it in just to let it all out in one go.

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For goodness sake have you no shame? Immediately, Katie was taken upstairs to her old room to be changed. Inside was what could only be described by the small girl as a complete remodeling, the once barren room now decorated for that of a toddler girl such as herself.

A rather large bed for someone of Abdl messy diaper story size was set up horizontally in the center of the room with a changing table on the right and a cabinet that sat on the left wall that functioned as a place to sit and had some pillows on it. Some stuffed animals also littered the place, mostly between the bed and the cabinet.

To see her childhood room decorated like this after she had packed up her things and left was truly surreal to the regressed woman. Just when she had finally achieved her independence, some kid with potty training issues put her right back to square one. Or rather in this case, square zero since it looked like she was going to be wearing diapers for the foreseeable future. Not trusting that her daughter was on the same as her however, the older woman strapped the small child down with the safety straps to prevent Katie from moving around too much.

I want this thing off more than you do you stubborn bitch! Reaching for the tapes her mother peeled back the adhesive strips of the diaper and gently laid the heavily soiled garment on the table. The sheer weight of the diaper must have been ten pounds, landing in the disposal bin with a loud and squishy thud. That thing must have weighed ten pounds at least! David could probably make me shit regardless of how much I eat. Her mother gave her a skeptical look, but dropped it thinking she must have misheard. You can stay up here and play with your toys while I go prepare dinner.

It was only a matter of time before David decided he was going to make her dump another massive load into her diaper, and she knew the young boy was going to take every opportunity he could. Of course, this was the thinking of an adult who had already developed her logic and reasoning skills, whereas she was dealing with that of running purely off of emotion.

The realization that this was the Abdl messy diaper story hit her when she felt her stomach churning something fierce. There was no use in trying to fight it, so Katie went with the flow, puffing out her cheeks as she pushed out an explosive load into the seat of her pants. The force from the slimy mess slamming against the back of the diaper made her wobble a bit, instantly bulging it out and staining her new diaper brown.

Slimy sludge just kept on coming out though, forcing its way into the diaper and stretching it out further and further.

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Instead of nestling throughout the diaper like this time, there was a single large protruding bulge poking out the back of her diaper. It looked almost like someone had just stuffed a bowling ball back there, even felt like it too. There was so much in one spot that it was hard for the young girl to keep her balance, finding herself swaying back and forth before finally falling back onto her mushy rear with a resounding squelch.

Katie shivered in disgust as the icky muck inside crawled up to the front of her crinkly undergarment, distributing the stinky mess inside much more evenly now with two bulging masses on either side of the diaper.

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Just when she thought that was the end though, an ear piercingly loud bout of gas erupted from her bottom, along with a bubbling avalanche of poop in rapid bursts. Each burst lifted her slightly off the ground, steadily giving her more height until the rest exploded out at once, making it look like she was wearing a small brown beanbag chair. The sound of rushing footsteps encroached upon her room, her mother slamming the door open to see what all the commotion was about. She was shocked to see her daughter in not just a messy diaper, but a diaper far fuller than the one that she was just changed out of.

Since you want to poop your pants like a baby, then you can stay in that stinky diaper until tomorrow morning!

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The regressed woman considered crawling away, but the weight of her soiled undergarment planted her firmly on the ground with no hope of moving without the aid of an adult. A few minutes later, the older woman returned to her daughter, setting down her old highchair from when she was a baby.

Without saying a word, her mother lifted the small girl off the ground and into the babyish chair, forcing the mush filled diaper to conform to the seat before locking Katie into place. Feeling the mess pressed up against her private parts was like the regressed woman found herself in a tar pit, the disgusting goop inside bubbling as air pockets were released. The resulting stench that came from it made Katie cringe at how foul the smell was.

Unfortunately, she and the diaper were packed in so tightly that there was barely any wiggle room to begin with, meaning she was just going to have to deal with the suffocating restraints until she was finished with dinner. Luckily, the really babyish stuff stopped at the highchair. Oddly enough though, with no utensils. The older woman let out a chuckle, finding humor in the irony of her daughter trying to act like an adult when she was packed tighter in her highchair than the poop in her diaper.

The young girl was appalled that her mother expected her to eat her food like she was no better than some unsophisticated savage. It was an insult to her intelligence. She was no mongrel, or baby for that matter. All this just because she was no longer the person on control of her continence. A punishment like this was more than just humiliating, it was straight up cruel. Alas, it was either this or starve, and to be honest, her pride is not worth the cost of starvation. Even if she ended up becoming anorexic, David could still probably make her poop her guts out.

So, before swallowing her food, Katie swallowed her pride and started digging into the gooey pasta, taking a huge handful and just shoving it in her mouth. Her hand missing its target Abdl messy diaper story a long shot. The cheesy pasta and sauce were just everywhere now, on her hands, her face, and even on her shirt just from one attempt.

Taking a deep breath, the small girl collected herself before trying again, only this time keeping her eyes open as she wolfed down the childish meal. Before the regressed woman knew it, she had emptied the entire bowl.

Granted some of it was all over her, but at least she managed to get most of the food in her mouth. When her mother saw that the young girl was finished, she got up from her chair and cleaned her daughter up. However, she quickly found Abdl messy diaper story the parental figure was being serious when she was tucked into bed with the bulging mass still wrapped snuggly around her waist.

More like stinky dreams. No more need to stress about her job, financial issues, saving money for a rainy day. The only thing she had to worry about now was if her plushy friends had enough sugar for their imaginary tea. It was finally the weekend and since she was in the body of a toddler, she was going to have fun like one too. On the left side of her bed, the small girl toddled around with a plastic purple tea pot in her hand, garbed in a frilly pink princess outfit complete with pink ballerina shoes, a pink diaper and a silver tiara. Hugglesworth, your tea is ready. It had been a few days since the evil little twerp made her poop her pants, so she had become a little complacent, believing he had just forgotten about the whole birthday wish.

Katie knew that was just wishful thinking, but stranger things have happened as proven by her bowels. The unicorn plushie with a front row seat to the smelly show got a face full of padding, so much so that it was shoved against her bed. After spending a few minutes wallowing in her poopy diaper, the regressed woman rolled onto the floor, getting on all fours and started crawling around her room. It was a little hard dragging the massive mound of mud behind her, but it was better than just sitting on her ass and doing nothing, and David was inclined to agree.

Katie felt her heart sink into the pit of her stomach, her head quickly Abdl messy diaper story to face the young child who had appeared to have seen the whole thing. Figured I would hold off on making you poop yourself until then just so I could see it for myself. Though, I was kind of hoping it would have been bigger after a few days. Poop your pants like the little baby you are? Unlike her old diapers though, these were more than capable of withstanding a mess of this caliber, easily being able to stretch out even further to accommodate the growing mass.

Although, the one downside to them was that there was a point where the regressed woman would be left unable to do anything, even crawl. Even without that knowledge, the young boy had his former babysitter continue pooping herself, watching her strain to push out wave after wave of mush into the seat of her pampers like the helpless little baby he wished her to be. Eventually, it got to that point where Katie could no longer move on her own, her legs forced too far apart to do anything more than struggle in vain.

You really are just a big baby! The diaper was so full that the older woman had no choice but to shove her hands under it and literally scoop her daughter off the ground. What have you been feeding that child? When David and his mother left the room, the older woman breathed a sigh of relief before finished the change with a quick powder and double layered diaper.

Picking the young girl up, the older woman carried her daughter downstairs to meet with their guests who were patiently waiting.

Abdl messy diaper story

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