Adult western stories

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Readers can read all books for free, without any and give the authors feedback. Books that perform well based on their reader engagement are published by Inkitt in different formats and channels. In an alternate western - style world an elderly barman's normal day is turned into something more deadly with the arrival of a lone gunman. Hank Duggan drove his wheeler right into the 19th century and the days of the Old West.

Not knowing how he got there, he must search for the way back! Truck driver, Hank Duggan, mysteriously tra A former Civil War soldier embarks on a quest on behalf of his former commander. He expects to find outlaws in New Mexico's high desert, but instead stumbles upon death incarnate in The Cave. Set in a world of magic and flying trains, the Bloody Kings gang must escape across the desert plains from the relentless pursuit to find out exactly what's so important in the chest they just stole.

Winifred Smithson and her uncle, Joseph, take over her father's home and profession after he passes away one winter. With her uncle being more suited in monetary affairs, it leaves the weight of ke When a brooding outlaw robs a young woman's train, it changes her life--can she bury her dark secret, or will meeting him again bring it all to light? Who is more dangerous: the outlaw, or the witc This is the story of two girls in They find themselves in the West of the USA, a frontier that they are not used to.

The girls are different than each other and yet form a bond that helps the Charly Slade fled polite society to make a life for himself in the untamed West. Little did he expect to find a wild thing who needed his firm hand to make her into a lady. A slow Adult western stories romance with Running away from Adult western stories controlling mother is one thing but being in the middle of nowhere is another. Cassidy James. She's always been a daddy's girl no matter how hard her mother tries she can't c Falling in love is hard enough but when you're on the fence about it, it can make it even harder.

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Being a female ranch hand, on a ranch where all the rest are men, Taylor begins to adjust to life b Although history records him Adult western stories a notorious outlaw, Isom Dart was simply a freed slave with an affinity for horses, who married a Chickasaw woman and overcame greed, violence and racism. Inspired b In a world torn apart by a cataclysmic event, Wyatt must find a way to survive and preserve his sanity.

A man sits on a log by a fire in a wooded area. Pretty cold, too. A western adventure story in which a devilish aristocrat endeavors to raise an army of the dead. Centuries into the future, the American southwest has returned to a lawless frontier. Glittering cit Her past is coming back If the love of your life came back to town, would you push him away or would you forgive him? Logan has to Adult western stories some difficult choices to make when her childhood crush bl What if Dr. Smith fought at the OK Corral? Who crossover fanfiction. All material used without permission.

All rights reserved. Character Transformation: Dr. Zachary Smith, Ti Search Search. Fanfiction More Fanfiction. Write or Story. Fantasy and Werewolves the Pack! How it works. Western Stories A list of amazing western books, stories and novels! Deadeyes Short Story Rating: 5. Genres: ActionFantasy. Reviewed by Samantha Speed. I really enjoyed this, I liked the fact that it was set in an alternate Western universe. I generally don't like Dialect writing because it can get hard to read, but it wasn't too unbearable.

Thank you for writing this, it was interesting to read. Coyote Trail Rating: 5. Genres: ScifiAdventure. Reviewed by Bobby. The Cave Rating: 5. Genres: ActionHorror. Reviewed by Dris Horton. Read the first chapter. Very well told.

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You have set the story up nicely. Transported me to this place in Colorado.

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This Knight is a serious man who knows exactly what he's getting himself into, thriving off the treachery he'll soon confront. I'll read the next chapter tomorrow. Look forward to…. Quantumancer Rating: 5. Genres: FantasyAdventure.

Reviewed by Kastanja. Well thought out plot, quirky characters and delightful merging of worlds. World building. Steampunk, futuristic, rustic, magic, elements, trains, robbery and suspense. Gunslingers with magic. Did I mention dragons? Holding Genres: RomanceDrama. Wild Wild Witch Rating: 4. Genres: RomanceFantasy. Reviewed by emtrue Dear Victoria Genres: DramaChildren. Taming His Wild Thing Rating: 4. Genres: RomanceErotica. Reviewed by Deemorningstar. Her cowboy his cowgirl Rating: 4.

Genres: EroticaRomance.

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Reviewed by kriscoef On the Fence Rating: 5. The writing style and rythm is wonderful, you really see yourself in the story, it's hard to put down. It's a beautiful love story full of round characters it's easy to fall in love with every one of them, even Zeke. Isom Dart Genres: AdventureDrama. Genres: AdventureScifi.

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Reviewed by Hannah Mros. First, of all, I really enjoyed this story even though it took a while to read all the chapters. This story is really different and unique and I think it's really interesting. As for the characters I really enjoy Ace and Theo. I think they're very good and characters and you can sense the depth…. Author: S.

Adult western stories

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Western Series, Adult