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Since then we have gone to many more but the first one is always special.

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My wonderful wife Annie my name is Rob is a beautiful Japanese woman w This is a story about my first time ever to be with a black man, it happened over four years ago and I still remember it like it was just yesterday. They went to the same university but a few years apart and met For the next two weeks after that night when my husband told me he would like for me to be with another man our sex life was really wonderful. I started to show off even more to my clients at the office and would come home and lift my skirt to show Rob my My name is Annie and this is the beginning of my story about how I became a hot wife.

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When it started I was 34 years old and married for 11 years to my husband Rob… I am Japanese and have long black hair, dark brown eyes, and I weigh lbs and It's been years now and since the only ones who would remember these events are the for Free! Write Your Own Story. Filter Genres.

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Annie's First Swinger's Party Our first swingers party was wonderful! Annie loves to be watched. Annie's Journey - Ch.

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