Babysitter wedgie stories

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I still keep in touch with my babysitter Lori. I'm in college and it seems that she thinks I need her to keep me in check because of my behavior. She always promises me discipline punishment and spanking to keep me from screwing off. To refresh the memory, Lori is about seven years older than I am and she has been my babysitter for a long time.

I am now nineteen and in my freshman year of college. Lori about twenty-six years old. Lori gives me the usual discipline punishment and spanking routine over her knee. She informed me before I left that if she had to come up here to the college to administer a spanking, she definitely would.

She doesn't give a shit if we get caught or not, or who knows about it. I call my babysitter on Thursday afternoon.

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Being honest with her, I tell her that I am screwing off sometimes and slacking this month. Lori, in turn, says that she's coming up to give me an over-the-knee spanking. I'll be leaving in the morning so when you get out of class, I'll be there waiting. I decide to go to bed around twelve tonight after Babysitter wedgie stories some Tv.

My roommate John has already turned in for the night. I fall asleep no problem since I know I have to report to school tomorrow too, besides seeing Lori afterwards. I awake about seven-thirty. My classes start at eight-thirty which leaves me plenty of time to get ready. As I'm having coffee I receive a text from my babysitter, Lori already. It says, "Okay, I'm leaving my house at ten-thirty so I'll be there at twelve-thirty or Babysitter wedgie stories. Don't make me wait for you, buster, or else.

In the fifth and last class of the day before the weekend I think of her and her arrival. It s nearly twelve-thirty now the class is almost over. My new friends, Kelly and my roommate John want to get together with me but I have to tell them a friend is coming over and we'll be quite busy.

I start to mention we may go get something to eat and talk about. They leave it at that. I start walking and I get near the parking lot, Lori is there waiting for me. She's dressed very nicely and professionally. She's dressed like a secretary, wearing a black leather skirt and a solid white button-down shirt. Her soft black leather pocketbook is new. Her shoes are medium heel black stiletto shoes. The smell of leather is all over her. There's something sexy about a woman in leather. She drives a new black dodge charger.

It is extra clean and is smelling extra good. It smells of leather inside the car too and I love it. The seats are made of black leather. She seems to like it too. There's a blue hard case suitcase in the back seat too. She drives us off to Starbucks and decides were going to hang out for a while. We get to Starbucks and she pulls in the fifth spot and turns the car off. I get out and open the door for her and hold out my hand.

She takes my hand and holds my hand softly. I hold the door open for her as we walk hand in hand into Starbucks. We start to order two grande coffees.

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I pay the barista and receive the coffees. We begin to dress our coffee at the condiment counter adding sugar in the raw and a splash of milk. We sit at a table across from one another connecting our hands.

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Her hands are so soft as we talk about our relationship over coffee and where it is going. Lori and I decide to take the relationship to the next level. We start to talk about the future together. We arrive in the parking lot and get back to the dorm.

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I'm told to grab her suitcase and carry it for her. I open the door for Lori again and shut her door. She locks her door and pockets her keys.

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I carry a suitcase which doesn't seem heavy. We get to the dorm room without anyone noticing. My roommate, John, and Kelly seem to still be out. My penis begins to grow as I pull my pants to my knees. She stands tall and firm as she shows firm control over me. Lori stands over an inch taller than me without her heels.

She changes her white shirt blouse and puts on a short-sleeve leather shirt type blouse. She takes out a pair of handcuffs from her suitcase. I walk towards her and put my hands in front so she can cuff me. She takes the handcuffs and cuffs my hands in front of me. She pulls my boxers down to reveal my hard penis. Lori sits down on the chair, licks her hand and starts to jack me off as I stand still. My penis throbs in her hand Babysitter wedgie stories she works it.

She works it faster, yanking on it. I agree as I step into them she helps me in them and pulls them up. I feel sexy in them as they held my penis in one. Although they feel embarrassing, they do feel good and she wants it this way as well. I feel her hand grab me as I'm put over Babysitter wedgie stories lap.

I'm now over my babysitter's lap again taking a spanking. It's where I want to be. I feel my hard-on in my new girlie panties pressing her leather skirt-clad lap. I feel comfortable submitting to my babysitter over her lap. I feel her start to rub my ass and then spank me on both ass cheeks with her soft bare hand.

I feel stinging already even though we just started. Lori's hand is six in women and not too small. She makes sure it starts to redden up as she examines her work on my behind. I feel more smacks coming down from her hand on the backs of my legs too. The redness starts to show too. She continues her spanking as she gives me a wedgie, pulling my panties up.

With my hands cuffed I have very limited movement as her hand goes to my hard penis through the panties. Lori rubs it over and over massaging my balls and crotch. She starts to administer more punishment as the door opens and John and Kelly walk in on us. They shut the door behind them. Lori continues the spanking as she doesn't care.

Kelly says, "Oh my God, dude, wow. What's going on? Steve needs some discipline so I'm here to properly punish, discipline and spank him as you two can watch and get off on it, so don't interfere. He has to obey me and no one else, got it? Lori continues the spanking as she gives me an atomic wedgie with the panties on. She rubs my penis from the bottom as she pulling my wedgie up in the back.

Now she starts spanking me again as more skin is being exposed. She then grabs her paddle from the bag to make it more interesting.

Babysitter wedgie stories

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