Bad boy to good girl story

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The bad-boy-good-girl trope is problematic. People can usually find this particular trope in romance films and television shows. But, the problems within the story include the abusive behaviors that the male lead exhibits, and the fact that these behaviors get labeled as acceptable for women to put up with.

The story always goes like this: Good girl meets bad boy. The bad boy ruins her life but, the good girl thinks she can change him. Then, she falls deeply in love with him. Realizing his feelings for her, the bad boy goes psycho to everybody else except for the good girl.

And, they live their problematic lives happily ever after.

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The end. Usually, he has a troubled and tragic past in need of comfort.

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But, he is also vulnerable enough to need her as well. The entertainment industry labels the bad boy as the anti-hero which usually ranks him as Bachelor of the Month. Sometimes, the industry and the general audience tend to gloss over the fact that bad boys are indeed bad, and that good girls are just a little too nice for their own good.

The bad boy is usually criminally-inclined, self-centered, potentially abusive, might have trouble keeping a legal job, and will most likely be more interested in the physical aspect of a relationship than anything else.

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And, of course, the good girl is dumb enough to look past these kinds of things because she believes she can change him. She makes him experience love and a different side of life. He treats others poorly and is too cool for everything. And yet, the bad-boy-good-girl trope ruins this and portrays somewhat abusive and controlling behaviors as sexy.

These types of messages are repeatedly shown to young women and it becomes normalized. This trope remains toxic. Did you think the bad-boy-good-girl-trope was problematic as well? Let us know! Angela Grace P. As a writer, she uses her articles to advocate for feminism, gender equality, and mental health among others. Friend's Address. Your Name.

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Bad boy to good girl story

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