Ballbusting wife stories

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You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. To start viewing Ballbusting wife stories, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. If so, it would be awesome if you could post them in this thread. I had always been a foot lover, and never really hid my arousal when seeing a gorgeous foot. I loved my wife, and would never fuck another woman till the day I died, but sniffing and licking their hot tired soles was a completely different matter.

All my wife said was, "You would, would you? Several weeks later, my wife came behind my while I was getting a drink, and blind folded me. Before I could say anything, she grabbed my hands behind me and quickly locked them in place with handcuffs. She led me into the living room, and pushed me on to the couch.

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My dick was already throbbing, and I had no clue what was happening. All of a sudden, the doorbell rang, and my wife ran off to get it. Opening the door, she said "Come in, he's right inside. It was definitely a woman, as she smelled intoxicating.

She gigged and said "Hmm, not much, but he sure is hard" and I flinched as she flicked the head of my dick through the shorts. Suddenly, my face was assaulted by the scent of hot, tired feet. My dick lurched and throbbed, as the sensual, salty scent filled my nose. Ballbusting wife stories felt a hand start rubbing my aching dick, and moaned. The soles were a bit rough, and I could tell the owner had walked barefoot a bit of the day. I could envision those soles, a bit dark from a mixture of sweat and dirt.

The hand was moving a bit faster when the strange woman giggle and said "Don't waste your time on that lil thing dear, you'll be full soon enough. I felt someone sit beside me, and it was obviously my wife. She leaned in and said, "You wanted this" and bit my neck as she removed the blindfold.

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Looking between her long toes and blood red toenails, I Ballbusting wife stories the woman from that day in the park. My dick throbbed as she flashed a wicked grin, and pushed her toes through my closed lips. She was a very plain woman, maybe 5'6 and about lbs.

Her dirty blond hair was not done any special way, and her brown eyes weren't very entrancing. She reclined even further and pulled her toes out of my mouth. She giggled when I made a disappointed moan, and sweetly said "Don't worry hun, these feet are gonna be clean and wrinkled with all the licking, sucking and loving you're gonna give them. My dick started to twitch Ballbusting wife stories my pants and my long tongue snaked from her heel to her toes. This was the first time I got to see her sole, and it was indeed a bit dirty.

My wife must have told her everything about his kinky fetishes and fantasies. She reached forward and patted my cockhead, and condescendingly said "Aww, poor little thing. Must be lonely with your wife doin' that all the time" and she pointed a long red toenail at my wife. She was laying on the couch next to me, legs splayed, her 8" dildo a blur in and out of her delicious pussy. Her hand rested on my hard dick, and periodically, slapped at it as my tongue and lips worshipped her feet. Her pussy was soaking wet, and I could smell her sweet sex. Suddenly the doorbell rang, and my wife jumped off the couch.

She threw the soaking wet dildo at me, and it hit me right on the head. My foot queen laughed hysterically and drawled "Wonder who that could be" as she put her still-dirty left foot up to my face. I barely heard her, lost in a state of bliss and ecstasy. I heard voices, but couldn't discern them. I redoubled my licking on my Mistress's soles, and moaned when she shuddered and came. I wasn't sure if it was her finger, or my wife's dildo that now was pistoning in and out of her pussy, but she came again almost immediately.

He's Jan's husband. Jan is the woman who's feet you begged me for, and got. Well, now Jan's giving me something. Her face was almost angelic, as her hands began to compress my balls.

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My legs began to shake from the pressure, and I was fighting my bonds. It was useless, I wasn't about to get free and I stopped fighting. My wife kneeled and unzipped Bob's pants. Her eyes never left mine, as she fished around his pants and begin to pull her hand out. I could hear Jan's breathing intensify as my wife's hand began to come out of his pants completely.

Her stranglehold on my nuts increased, and I began to moan in pain. My wife and Jan inhaled deeply as her hand came free, pulling along his tremendous cock. My eyes opened wide as the man's cock hung half way down his leg. His dick was at least 8 inches long and obviously limp.

Ballbusting wife stories head was already as fat as a plum. My wife pulled his big balls out and smiled at me as I noticed they were probably twice the size as mine. Jan let go of my nuts and walked over to my wife and her husband, leaving me there. Kneeling down, Jan began to stroke Bob's tremendous prick and looked back at me. Gawd damn he's gonna stretch your wife's cunt.

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She continued to stroke him, and put her free hand behind my wife's head. Jan looked deep into my eyes and said "I hear your wife refuses to suck your cock, wonder why" and she pushed my wife's head onto her husbands now 13 inch pole. Jan stood up as my wife continued to suck the giant cock and came over to me. She sat down again, and put her feet back up on my face, completely smothering my face. She wanted Bob's cock, and is takin' it. Everyone wins. My stomach had gotten a bit queasy, but my dick never waned.

She noticed this and said "Aww hun, look, he's excited you're gonna get a real dick" and she slapped my hardon as my wife and Bob began to walk towards our bedroom. The door quickly closed, and I strained to hear them. Jan was laughing hard now as she could see the terror in my eyes, wondering what was about to happen to my wife. She took her feet down from my face, and just sat there watching me. My dick throbbed, and she slapped at it again. She made sure to get my swollen balls this time, and smiled as I yelped in pain.

She slapped them again harder, and my yelp was louder. Finally, she went to slap one more time, and at the same time, she heard my wife yell from our bedroom "God, I'm so fucking full. Her hand didn't even make contact with my dick, and it began to spurt cum all over the place.

Jan laughed Ballbusting wife stories and grabbed my limp cock and said "Not much cum from a little cock hun. Don't worry, Bob'll give your wife a good filling or two" and she Ballbusting wife stories back onto the couch, put her feet back on her new slaves face, and grabbed the dildo she was using before.

What's a toilet roll test? Little did I know what fate asking that one question would lead me to. My name is Charlie, and that night I found myself at a party with my girlfriend and three other couples. We had been drinking all night and the conversations had gotten onto the topic of sex. Just prior to asking that question, we had been talking about bachelorette parties, and Rose, relating what she thought was a more disappointing experience, had just said, "Yes, he took it all off, but I couldn't believe it!

He wouldn't have passed the toilet roll test! Rose looked at me, "You don't know what that is? Again, more negative responses.

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Basically, you take a toilet roll and try to fit it over the erect penis. After the usual responses, "She said penis, heh! Not particularly to our liking, we quickly got obnoxious and started talking about 'hooters' and 'hot chicks'.

At this point, the girls had moved into the living room, leaving us in the kitchen talking. After a few minutes they all got very quiet. Of course, we didn't notice right away, but then Tony called out, "Hey!

Ballbusting wife stories

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