Braces double headgear stories

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Friday i went to my third adjustment after weeks of wearing my double hg. I had been in the ortho office for an hour to adj the brackets and to add a sping in front of my tooth to open up space for my incisor to come forward. This little Spring is making me crazy as it's giving pressure on my cheeck and I nead to put a lot of wax on it. For the other they adjusted to a heavier wire up, they repeat the same wire down.

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They adjusted a little for stronger pressure on both my headgears. It's now easier to sleep even if sometimes I still wake up to take them out. The problem is that when it's happening I could not reach my 8 hrs of wearing them. And teh ortho noticed it and told me that if I will not be good I will need to get also a TPA next adjustment because my molars will move forward.

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How is a TPA? Is it hard to talk with? I will need it to be added and stay at my average 6 hrs with my double headgear. I'm worried because the TPA is a fixed appliaces in the roof of my mouth and I hope it' snot interfering with speach. Can you please let me know? Braces double headgear stories with the double hg in the night, plus fixed bracketsplus Springs and 8 molar bands it's already too many metal in my mounth. Still drooling a lot in the night when wearing double hg and sleeping on my side Any advise also for that? Last edited by jose on Sun Mar 25, am, edited 5 times in total.

Quote 2 Post by jose » Wed Mar 21, pm Thanks for the advise. I'm trying to reach more hours with these 2 headgears in! Quote 3 Post by jose » Tue Mar 27, pm any help on the info requested? Quote 4 Post by JesseJames » Tue Mar 27, pm I have a TPA, at first i had no problems, than a week later i could talk but was slurry with S sounds, than i was back to normal for a few days and than it got bad again.

Its been a full month now and i haven't had any problems the last 2 weeks, and i don't even notice it's there anymore. Chances are it will hurt your tongue a bit eventually, but that really does go away fast. And when i say my speech was bad, it really wasn't, it was just slightly slurry, the slower i talked the better, and everything went normal again anyways.

Oh yeah, it'll be weird to eat for the first few weeks because everything gets stuck between the top of your TPA and the roof of your mouth. I dont know if i taught myself how to eat differently or what but i barely have a problem with it now. So in other words, you'll probably hate it at first but it gets better! Yes 2!! I got them at my last adjustment which was about 3 weeks ago. They are both aross the top on both sets of my molars. I only had a slight problem with speech for the first few days, but no one seemed to notice.

Food was also strange at first, but got easy after about a week. I still get some things caught on occasion, but a quick swish around with water it is dislogged. Just like with most things, it gets easier and you adjust. Estimated 24 months treatment time.

Quote 6 Post by jose » Sat Apr 07, am thanks for your help guys! Braces double headgear stories 2 weeks to decide! Thanks Jose. Contact chillin-in-grilz. Quote 7 Post by chillin-in-grilz » Sat Apr 07, pm Holy smokes! Double headgear? Your a brave one! Brace Free February 17th, Braces January 29, Contact bracesafter Quote 8 Post by bracesafter40 » Sat Apr 07, pm Jose Quote: "This little Spring is making me crazy as it's giving pressure on my cheeck and I nead to put a lot of wax on it. I am not feeling any pressure just yet.

It is between two teeth on the upper right. Have not used any wax. Here is a pic - Good on you with the double headgear; I hope you get the desired. Nice pics; have you seen any changes since you started your treatment? What is a TPA and what is it used for? Why would you need one? Next Adj. Normally is used to keep molars in their position. In my case actually I dnot have them yet, as my ortho is trying to keep my molars in teh place with these double headgears, but if they will go forward then the TPA will be added. For the moment I see some movements and the worst of all my traitment was to adapt to wear this double headgear, with teh facebow inside my month.

It was very hard to sleep at the beginning! Thanks Ciao Jose. Contact HeadgearJoe. Yahoo Messenger.

Braces double headgear stories

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