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Post a Comment. Monday, 2 November Wife Breeding Story. I am a housewife from Lahore and this story is my real breeding story. I was a husband oriented wife but I love sex and love doing it with my husband. This incident happened two months ago. We have been married for five years and on average we had done sex times a week. The problem was that since our marriage day I have been hard trying to get pregnant.

Everyone in the family wanted to see our child but we were struggling. This missing thing caused a lot of mental troubles we both were facing those day. In initial months, i was facing period problems but later it got resolved in 2 years at least. After getting assured of my health, My husband went to a doctor.

He was very very honest to me as he always had been. He told me his of sperm count which was too low to get a baby. It was bad news. The doctor advised to try the latest method of conceiving but We did not have a lot of money. So we came back worried and started thinking of other treatments. The days passed on and one night as I lay on my back, legs wrapped around his waist as he slid in and out of me, when he whispered that maybe we should find a nice man who could put a little extra seed in me.

I stopped and looked at him in strange style. I was almost stunned by his option. He thought he had screwed up and expected a fight was coming. Then after a short pause, I whispered to him, "That might solve the problem. Would you be willing to do that? I pushed my pelvis up to meet his thrust, and then tightened my virginal walls around his penis. I felt the cheeks of his ass quiver as I tightened.

Only he would not have to know he was getting me pregnant. I love calling it that. His breathing became labored. It was obvious he was enjoying the fuck. At the time I was working very hard to make sure he was enjoying a good servicing. You can be there. You can watch him fuck me. As I was finishing the sentence his body tensed, then spasm, followed by his cum. It was pretty hot. It seemed to me it was very hot for him too. There was quiet for a moment, and then he continued. I could find someone, maybe on the internet.

A few moments passed. We were snuggled together. I could tell from a growing erection against the small of my back that the conversation was exciting him. I said, I can do it by rolling over, taking his dick in my mouth, massaging his balls with my hands, and sucking him. It was one of those times he came twice in one night. Over the next few days we talked about it every-time we fucked. He had started searching on the net.

I found it very interesting that our sex life became more raw and intense. I finally figured out that he was so excited about the idea. A few weeks later he had found someone who met our requirement. My husband showed me the containing his face pic, dick pics and body pics. I looked at the picture of Sikandar. He seemed okay. The things he said was okay. So I said okay. My husband set Breed my wife stories up that he would bring Sikandar home, after meeting him outside in a park, and checking him out.

I was to wait at home. This suited me. On the appointed Friday evening when I was most fertile, My husband left to meet Sikandar. I bathed, prepared my appearance, and put on a loose dress. While waiting, I had a drink Sometimes, I drink but very rarely. I knew my husband would have a drink while getting to known to each other.

Two hours later, sitting in the living room, lit by candles, I heard the door open. They had arrived. In that brief moment, I knew that not only was I impatient to be pregnant, but I was really looking forward to the attention I was about to receive by two men. They came in. My husband,sat beside me and motioned for Sikandar to sit on the other side. I got the impression they had already decided protocol and knew what the sequence of Breed my wife stories was to be.

My husband leaned in and kissed me, placed his hand on my stomach and began caressing. Within another moment another hand, Sikandar's hand, was on my breast. I returned My husband's kissing, enjoying the attention. It probably seems odd that there were no introductions, but I was happy things began so quickly. It was less awkward. Sikandar's hand moved to my leg, up the thigh. While I continued kissing, hands were on my breasts and mound.

I parted my legs in appreciation. There was more foreplay than I would have thought. I enjoyed that and was thankful for it. However, within short time Sikandar's tongue had found my pussy and my pussy liked him immediately. His tongue was exquisite. I opened myself to accommodate him. I realized that I had never been eaten so wonderfully. As I surrendered my cunt to this marvelous tongue, My husband put his dick in my mouth. I accepted the cock and tried to give it pleasure, but Sikandar's tongue overrode my senses. My hips rose, my knees widened, his tongue went deeper.

I am embarrassed to admit it, but at one point, I deeply grunted. My husband's dick, still in my mouth, was very hard, so I knew he was enjoying what was happening. It was then that Sikandar replaced his tongue with his penis. What a nice penis he had. I had never thought much about size. But as Sikandar began to ease himself into me, it was not only obvious that he was much Breed my wife stories and thicker than my husband, but more adept in the use of it.

I vaguely noted my husband's withdrawal from us. I would see later that he took a seat opposite us and played with himself as we coupled. Sikandar began to fuck me. It was obvious to me that I was about to be bred by a real man with a real big dick, and the real ability to make me enjoy it. I could go on and on about how good it was.

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Suffice it to say he fucked me to more orgasms than I could count. I subconsciously became his sexual bitch. My husband had picked a wonderful man to breed his wife. Later, when I had collected my senses, I would be able to determine that his penis was 1. After about 10 minutes of deep and penetrating missionary fucking, he came. I could sense his cum deep inside me. I just got a feeling that he had planted his seed exactly where it needed to be for me to become pregnant.

He had been deeper in me than my husband could ever get. After he had emptied himself in me, I relaxed myself and same did he. Sikandar's sperm was in me. My husband had blown his cum all over himself watching us. After some conversation, My husband suggested that we should go to the bedroom.

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He picked me in his arms so that no drop of cum leaks out. The fucking was not over yet, I knew. Sikandar was ready for the second shot in just minutes. In our king-size bed, I was in the middle. I held my husband's penis and whispered my thank-you in his ear before we started the second shot.

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I knew his ego and knew that this was not the time to ignore it. We took a 69 position as i went doggy over my husband. Now mu husband was licking my cum filled pussy. In doggy style, Sikandar came from my back and pushed his cock inside my wet pussy.

This time, it went more quickly and more easily. Sikandar fucked me in such a style that he didn't allow any cum to leak out. He fucked me in doggy style for about 20 minutes more. Another load of hot cum filled my pussy again.

Breed my wife stories

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