Burdizzo castration stories

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As the first beef cattle ranch conversion in the history of Texas, America and what looks like the world, we admittedly have run into our share of challenges and setbacks since starting this journey on Feb 20, I went vegan October 31, When I told my husband in December of that I could no longer stomach the babies going to the sale barn, it had already been ten months since the last red trailer left the ranch with babies to sell at auction.

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He said I was tying his hands — keeping him from managing the herd correctly and that it was costing us serious money and compromising the health of the herd. I swallowed hard, cried when no one was looking and sucked it up. It took six years for me to get to the brink of losing my mind before I finally could Burdizzo castration stories it no longer and I went vegan. During that 6 years, twice a year 11 times I had to endure unbelievable grief and sadness that was expressed from all the momma cows when their babies were hauled off and sold. They would cry for what seemed like weeks to me, until they lost their voices in defeat.

That happened to them over and over again, and each time it happened it knocked me to my knees, literally. I would go outside and scream—begging their forgiveness as they bellowed loudly with tears streaming down their faces. The sound of their wailing and grieving all at once was the most horrible sound anyone could imagine. My husband would look at me with a sad, concerned and stern look and tell me that I had to get used to it—that this is just the way it was—it was the life of being a small cattle ranch in Texas.

That this is the way it has always been done for generations.

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What happened next almost ended our marriage and the lives of all these cows that were rescued in the fundraiser were hanging in the balance. I kept standing in his way—defying him at every turn. I came up with one scenario after another to deflect him from pulling the trigger on rolling the red trailer out again. Well, that was his biggest mistake and our greatest blessing all at the same time. That calf was Rowdy Girl — we got her at 2 or 3 months old and I raised her from a baby, bottle-feeding her twice a day. She made me laugh and I got very attached to her. I loved our time together.

That experience forced me to get involved with the other cows as I was always out there taking care of Burdizzo castration stories and the others were always around. Like most of us, I never focused my attention on feeling anything for the animals I ate but for whatever reason developing the mother bond with Rowdy Girl caused me to start watching and observing the mother bond with the cows and their babies. I found myself smiling at them a lot and getting to know them. I started naming the babies, which Tommy immediately told me not to do! I did it anyway. Rowdy Girl was the catalyst that opened my heart to all the cows—when we started the sanctuary we started with 29 bovine family members—all part of the same family.

All the females were pregnant and they had 10 bull calves that were also suckling on them at the same time. I wish it were so simple. We took 9 bull calves to the Brazoria Veterinary Clinic on October 13, —only 4 months after getting notification that we were indeed accepted as a c3 nonprofit with the IRS. Six of the bull calves looked EXACTLY alike — they were solid black—one of those got away when we were corralling them into the red trailer to go to the vet.

The vet, Dr. Huebner, recommended this method since they were older to Burdizzo castration stories infection from the surgery of a genital castration.

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Burdizzo uses a clamp that crushes blood and nerve supply to the scrotom thereby rendering the bull sterile. Loving them as a sanctuary family member gives us the ability to witness their eyes, forehe, the way their ears cock, their unique personalities, and the sound of their voices. Before, when were just cattle ranchers we never got to know them this way. The problem with temporary solutions on large animals is that they easily rub them off or they could get hung up in a fence because they are always putting their head through the fences to get to grass Burdizzo castration stories is greener on the other side.

There is no way to enclose the children that are reaching maturity in the typical barbed wire fencing that Texas ranchers have traditionally used. They will bust right out to be with their families. We tried several times, fixing every hole imaginable to no avail. We were doing everything on a shoestring having just become the first ever beef cattle ranch vegan conversion in the world.

No one has ever taken us up on our offer because no one ever has! That is the last thing we want to do!!

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We are a VEGAN sanctuary and we love our family of bovines and we love watching them learn to love and be loved by each other instead of dreading the days of the red trailer auction run. Now to get back to what happened after I went vegan for a minute.

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Once I became vegan my senses went on high alert and it was so painful that my feelings for the cows were trumping the love I had for my husband. I was not able to clearly see him as the loving and gentle man that I married. I had lost all respect for the man I loved. I called him a murderer and I felt like I was living on blood money. I drew the line in the sand and threatened him by boldly declaring that if he took that red trailer up the road one more time that I would follow it.

Burdizzo castration stories told him that I would go to the sale barn and cause a ruckus — that I would follow the babies to the feedlot, slaughterhouse and even go to jail if I had to. I used every trick in my toolbox to keep him from selling those calves.

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It worked. He was the former factory farmer that is now vegan. Because I had no one to talk to I did everything I could to figure out how to talk to Mr. Finally, he picked up the phone on Christmas Eve. He walked away from his family meal to talk me down from feeling completely defeated. I cried miserably while on the phone with him. At the time, I dare say that I thought I hated my husband. Love and hate are very much on the same spectrum and can easily be transmuted with the truth.

Lyman very calmly explained the feelings my husband was going through. There was something in the way Mr. Lyman spoke to me that calmed my heart and stopped my racing mind. I relaxed for the first time in weeks, and promised him that I would treat my husband with the same compassion and respect that I was now giving the cows. He told me I could call him anytime, and I have — every couple months I pick up the phone and call him and he always answers and he always is welcoming. This year he invited Tommy and me go to go his house for Christmas Dinner but we declined because of family commitments.

I was not thinking straight the day I talked to him — I was so angry—so very, very angry. What I did next, surprised me. I took a deep breath and went to my husband for the first time in a very long time and I asked him to Burdizzo castration stories me for my actions towards him. I told him that I thought I had a lot of support and that if he was wanting to sell all the cows and get out of the business to give me a chance to buy them first. Of course he laughed at me. He thought I was crazy. I was. I told him that I had to lose the mind I had to get the one I had now.

Just because I apologized did not make him all comfy, cozy around me. He has always been a man of his word — his handshake is as good as a contract. So, reluctantly he consented to let me Burdizzo castration stories them. Later he said he never thought in a million years that I would succeed and that when he saw the vegan community coming to my aid to save the cows that it began to change him. That is what changed my husband—all of you loving our cows into a loving sanctuary and haven for them. My husband never wanted to sell our cows — it was something that was expected.

Something we just did.

Burdizzo castration stories

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