Caught with panties stories

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This is a story of when I got caught stealing them. I could not get enough of them, and so I went around looking for clotheslines in backyards to see what I could steal so that I could wear them and wank into them. The fact I may get caught made it all the more fun. I usually made my way to different parts of town so that if I got caught, it would not be by people who knew my parents. One specific Saturday, I was too lazy to venture far from home, so I made my way a couple of streets over from my house.

The houses backed on to each other with an alley running between them. I would walk these and peek over walls to see what I could find. It was getting late, so I decided one more alley before home. The last one only had yards on one side as the other was a local factory, so I thought a quick walk down and, if I see nothing I would head home, retrieve a pair from their hiding place and have a good wank while wearing them.

On nearing the very last house, I could see washing hanging up. My heart started racing as I approached. I looked over the wall, and I could see several bras and panties of various sizes and styles hanging up between the other washing. My heart raced, and my cock was slowly growing in my pants and straining against the material.

Now, this was something new; if I could steal one pair of each, I could fantasize about doing it with a girl and her mother while I wrapped their knickers around my cock. I looked carefully about the alley and then back over the wall, trying to see if anyone was moving in the kitchen the only window overlooking the yard. As I could see nothing, I tried the back gate, and to my great joy, it unlocked. I slowly pushed it open and moved inside, watching and listening for any movements, ready to turn and run. As I heard or saw nothing, I continued in, the closest line had several pairs of knickers and bras hanging there, the bras did not interest me, but I saw what I desired, a red silk thong and next to it a pair of pink cotton knickers.

I grabbed the thong and brought it to my face to feel the smoothness of the silk. By now my cock was straining against my pants, so I freed it, unzipped my fly, and pulled my rapidly hardening cock out. Now, I did not have the longest dick in the world as it was only Caught with panties stories seven inches when fully hard but, it was at least twice as thick as any other boy I saw in the showers after PE class. I draped the red thong over my hard cock and wrapped it around, then reached up to grab a pair of cotton knickers which I brought to my face and stroked them across my cheek. And that is when it all went Caught with panties stories.

I looked around, and standing at the kitchen window was Nicola Windwood, a girl I knew from school. Nicola was the same age as me, but not in the same class. She was about five feet two inches tall, slim body, narrow hips, small breasts, and a tangle of long bushy brown hair. I froze to the spot where I was. There I was, standing with my cock sticking out of my pants and a terrified look on my face.

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There was a pair of red knickers wrapped around my hard cock and another pair in my hand. I nearly fainted! My next thought was to run away, but my legs were like jelly. I just stood there staring open-mouthed. The next thing I realized Nicola was no longer at the window but was walking towards me through the yard. I just looked at her and muttered something unintelligible about being sorry and that I do not know what came over me. It was then I noticed she was not looking at my face; she was staring down at my cock. The Caught with panties stories thing was my cock was getting harder the redder my face got.

Are they not sexy enough for you? I took the red pair first and had to put them somewhere, so I could grab the pink ones, I think they are just as sexy. At that thought, my heart started racing again and my cock got even harder if that is at all possible and a little pre-cum started dribbling out and on to the red thong wrapped around it.

I was utterly gobsmacked. This girl standing before me looking at my dribbling hard cock had just basically admitted to playing with herself. She held out her hand, I sheepishly removed the thong from around my cock and handed it to her.

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She looked at the stain and lifting it to her nose, gave it a sniff. I reached out and took them from her, raised them to my Caught with panties stories, and sniffed. I thought I had died and gone to heaven; they smelled a little musty and sweaty, but underneath, they had a sweet vanilla aroma which I assumed came from whatever soap she was using.

Unthinking, I reached down, and still with the knickers under my nose, I began stroking my cock. I was too far gone at this point to answer, so nodded my reply. I followed her into the house, through the kitchen, and into the lounge. I kicked off my shoes and took my jeans and underpants off in one movement, standing in front of a girl I barely knew, naked from the waist down.

I wrapped the panties she had been wearing around my cock and started moving my hand up and down. Nicola suggested using the panties to wipe it all up, which I did; she took them from me and smelled them, then pushing out her tongue, she gave my spunk a little lick off the knickers. Seeing her do this made my cock stay hard. Becky, my friend from school, says boys' cocks go soft as soon as they cum. I nodded like a village idiot and watched as she lifted her skirt and gave me what was the first in-person view of a pussy I had ever seen; it was almost hairless, just a small downy covering of dark curly hair and red puffy lips.

She sat on the couch spread her legs, and while still sniffing the cum soaked knickers, she started rubbing her pussy with her other hand. Then she slid her middle finger in and pulled it out; I could see her fingers were soaking wet as she slid them from her pussy lips. She lifted them to her mouth and licked it off. My cock was now as hard as it ever had been. I moved closer and got onto the floor between her legs to get a Caught with panties stories view.

Her pussy looked red and puffy as she slid first one, then two fingers inside, and went faster and faster. As she got faster, I grabbed my cock and started jerking it. I do not know how long we wanked together. I am not even sure who came first; her or me, but before I knew what was happening, she was shuddering with an orgasm while I let fly with a spurt of hot cum all over her legs.

She smiled at me, reached down and wiped some off her legs with her fingers, put them to her mouth, and licked it off.

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I took them and pulled them on, feeling the Caught with panties stories silk against my skin. My softening cock easily fit in, but I knew it would not fit for long. I hopped around the house all morning, had lunch, then told my parents I was off out and would be home later. I had on a tee-shirt and blue jeans with the red thong underneath. She looked great in a short jean mini skirt and blue tee-shirt and her hair tied back in a ponytail. Just then, she turned and saw me, and a smile broke across her face. I let myself in through the back gate and helped her hang the washing; while doing this, I kept looking around and could see no knickers on the line.

She saw the look on my face and laughed. We went into the kitchen, and there on the counter was a basket full of underwear. My already hard cock was straining to get out of my pants. A couple of thongs, some high cut bikini briefs, and a pair of silk French knickers along with various matching bras and even a suspender belt and stockings in black.

And reaching under her skirt pulled off a pair of white panties, she then lifted her tee-shirt and removed a matching white bra and added that to the pile. Her breasts were fantastic, not huge; about the size of a grapefruit, with very dark nipples and areolas. She pulled her tee-shirt back on, making sure I got a good look at her hard nipples. I quickly removed my shoes and jeans and gave her the red thong. My hard-on was pointing straight up. Nicola gathered up the thong, and taking a smell of them, added them to the washing. She bent down to pick up the rest of the washing; her skirt rode up, and I got a long lingering look at her ass and her pussy lips between them.

I asked hopefully; she just smiled and shook her head. We went to the living room and; she beckoned me to sit beside her on the couch, all the while looking at my hard cock.

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I nodded my approval and leaned back a little; she ran her fingers along the length and around the head, stopping to lift a little pre-cum from the tip of my cock, and she put her finger in her mouth and sucked it dry. Then reaching between her legs, she slid a finger in her pussy; pulled it out and offered it to me to taste. I licked it clean and then looked at her and asked.

Caught with panties stories

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