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About Privacy Policy. Centaur x reader lemon Blog. Explore Tumblr blogs with no restrictions, modern de and the best experience. I love requests like these!! His arms were wrapped around you, trying to pull you into a hug. You brought your legs up for more leverage and flattened them on his chest, using all the energy in your body to push him away. Bakugo growled loudly and then huffed, pulling away. His ears flattened on his head and his tail dropped low, completely fed up with not being able to get any sort of affection from you. He collapsed beside you and turned his back to you, throwing a blanket over the two of you.

Your heart panged with guilt. You turned your back to him and wrapped the blanket around your body. Eyes shut and focusing on your breathing, trying to calm your beating heart, you were painfully aware of the heat he let off and that vivid image of his hurt expression. The guilt chewed at you. You huffed and turned around. You flushed your chest to his back and threw an arm over him. You nestled closer to his warmth and rested your cheek against his back, falling fast asleep in a matter of seconds, with no guilt or remorse, and Bakugo fell asleep with a smile.

In the coverage of his cave, the pitter patters of the rain tumbled away from them, bringing forth a residue of calmness. His tail coiled to match your movements, shifting into a comfortable position in his lap. You laid your head back, the coolness a nice change in the brink of summer. Why it was raining, you had no idea, and no complaints either.

You arched your back out until that satisfying crack sent tremors of relaxation up your back. You sighed happily and leaned back. Tenya was currently engaged with a book, taking in the warmth from your body nestled before him, legs entangled comfortably with his tail. The wafting scent of peppermint and the pour of rain mingled with your own created an environment perfect for popping out a book.

Tenya nodded, cuddled you closer and began to read. His voice was deep and serene, like the winds rolling over hills of green meadows filled with blue flowers and the downpour of tiny, gentle blue-white globes. You shut your eyes and leaned back, taking in the words and picturing the image conjured by words. It was beautiful, to be filled with the calmness of blue and yet still imagine the morbidity of red.

You shivered, rubbing your hands together and blowing into them for some warmth. You lay within the cave, hearing nothing but the loud noise of the waterfall sloshing against the lake. Midoriya was out, getting some food in the brink of dawn. You rubbed your arms viciously, trying to keep warm. The cold crept up your arms, crawling into your bones and chilling your body. You cuddled your knees to your chest, wrapping yourself up in the blanket he got from Momo. Trotting hooves drowned against the roaring waterfall indicated that the centaur was back.

He made his way through the small gap between the waterfall and the rocks and slid into the cave with a bag filled with berries and many fruits. He stepped onto the bed and tucked his legs under his body. You wasted no time and crawled into his embrace, sighing happily as his warmth engulfed you. He pulled you close to his chest and rubbed his hands up and down your arms in an attempt to share his warmth. You had already passed out in his warm embrace to even answer him, leaving him confused and vaguely frightened the entire night.

Hi anon! To be honest I completely relate, yandere centaur bakugou is just too got to not write more for! His horse half is that of a palomino friesian. His arms wrapped firmly around you as his lips attack your neck. His perfect little mate. You, on the other hand, are growing more red by the second. Tears begin to form. Applying more pressure to it and sucking on it. Your moans and gasps filled the air as you felt the coil in your stomach tighten. He laps it up in an instant. Now you got me thinking about what would happen if, say, a centaur! Chloe snatched you. Are you prepared to be treated like the queen you are?

Because that's how she's gonna treat you, female centaurs are very gentle and kind with their lovers and it really shows with Chloe. The only thing she does against your will is keeping you otherwise she respects your boundaries. Unlike the men of her species commonly do, she didn't take you after a raid.

Chloe was out hunting and came across you Centaur x reader lemon herbs in the woods and it was love at first site for her. Despite her size she was able to sneak up on you and knock you out to take you without a fight, your weight on her back just felt so right to her as if the gods had made you specifically for her.

Escape is virtually impossible as Chloe lives in the heart of the village if the other female didn't catch you and bring you back a horny male would catch your sent and hunt you down for themselves, so you are either in her hut or in her arms. Whenever she goes on a raid she showers you in gold, fine silks and every little trinket she manages to Centaur x reader lemon.

And while Chloe would prefer you to wear nothing she knows humans have their silly sense of modesty and she respects that aspect of you. She tries very hard to woo you and to get you to love her the way she loves you.

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If all of her wooing doesn't work Chloe will eventually go to temple of Dionysus with many gifts and sacrifices beging for him to change your heart. He devotion moves Dionysus and he speaks to Aphrodite who then made you fall in love with Chloe. The rest of your days are spent blissfully in love with you never giving thought to your old life. Nerves still course through me as I approached the entrance gate. Of course, that has only happened to a handful of people, but it still could happen to me.

There were multiple people and centaurs in the distance. One green-haired kid was having trouble getting on an oddly colored paint centaur. Another was a rather bratty child who kept yelling at the red and black one he was on, but it seemed to not mind his temper.

My mind drifted off from them as a man and woman came up to me. The male seemed rather uninterested in being here, and the woman cheerfully waved at me. They lead me down a path with multiple other small pastures on both sides.

Many of them were with riders training. It made me feel a little better watching a blond fall off a Dapple Gray centaur with a rather purplish color. Despite his calm demeanor, it was easy to tell he was rather concerned for the blond. The blond quickly got back up and laughed it off, making the centaur look relieved. It was quiet between the three of us as Centaur x reader lemon walked there.

In a way, this felt rather awkward. A rather beautiful looking centaur quickly approached as we entered the area. A Dun Palomino by the looks of him. He shook his head. His long bright blond hair slightly moving with his head. It was long enough to drape across the sides of the shoulders of his horse part.

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No worries! It was just that last one! Just gotta find the ones who dig my kind of style! Noisy until they want someone quieter? You make quite a few of them go to poor Hitoshi or Momo instead. He shrugged. His attention was then drawn to me.

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I wave while saying my name. He smiles and stands back up. Take me out for a spin?

Centaur x reader lemon

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