Chloe moretz sex stories

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Celebrity Story Site. Set immediately after Massage Parlor Sins: Client 5.

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I didn't do the first person dual POV this time, due to it taking an entire month to finish. Justin was relaxing on the couch when Chloe snuck up behind him. Last night was a rollercoaster of emotions; first, he and Chloe had sex before she went out clubbing. Then, they were to meet up to check out a potential place for their massage parlor only to fuck there. He was beginning to have real feelings for her; feelings more than just the lust they had for sex.

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Their relationship was only to be about convenient sex, especially since they were step siblings. That seemed to enhance the desire; the forbidden and taboo aspect of their relationship. Chloe was becoming more than just a fuck buddy. She was really distraught looking and clung to him during and afterwards. It felt more intimate than just a booty call this time, at least he hoped she felt the same; something was definitely different this time.

Justin could only guess what happened at the club. Chloe never behaved this way around him before. Last night he did the only thing he could do; Justin just held her tight the entire night. The next morning, she woke up before him and he went down stairs and was relaxing when she startled him with a kiss on his cheek and a hug around his neck. Chloe hopped over the couch and landed next to Justin with a soft thud against the leather.

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You know I always do. Not sure how or what, but there is definitely something different. The sex was different. It felt more.

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He knew he was right. Is that a good thing? Being more intimate. He half expected her to reply flippantly. He assumed she was this way with all of her lovers. She had great sex and then went to the club and was supposed to have more fun there. It was hot at first, but she felt something was wrong; it was, turns out she was drugged.

When she left and she hit on her Uber driver, she was rejected. It was a blow to her ego. Then, it was her and Justin. She was just supposed to meet him there to show him their new massage parlor. Of course she had much more in mind. Chloe had to admit that it felt better than she had expected. It felt. She had to slip out of his warm embrace and clear her head.

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Chloe was in her own room thinking of what to do next. It made her giggle thinking about his cock, the same one that fucked her so well last night, at least as much as she could remember. It had to be the after effects of the drug. She decided to sneak down stairs and surprise him with a kiss and a hug. It turned into twenty questions and one that she wasn't sure how to answer. Was it a good thing that their sex was more intimate?

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Chloe wasn't sure if she should say how she felt or to reply with her usual sex is only sex answer. She swallowed and hesitated before she replied. Justin felt instant relief as if a weight was lifted off of his shoulders. It is good. She agreed with him.

Was this becoming more of a dating situation? He wondered. Why was she glaring at him? A shower, yes. Sorry about that. I was lost in thought about. He seemed happy that they were becoming more intimate. She wondered if this was now turning into something more along the lines of a real relationship. If it was, was it something that she really wanted?

They were technically step siblings. How would it work?

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Right now though, what she really wanted was some good dick and a shower. More to the point was a blowjob. It changed things between them and she knew how much he loved it. There was something sexy about listening to her man moaning and holding her hair as she looked into their eyes as their semen shot or poured out into her mouth and down her throat. It almost never tasted good, but it always felt good to continue to suck them off as they climaxed.

Sometimes she choked and other she was able to hold it in her mouth and show them before she swallowed or spit it back onto their cocks depending on her mood. Some Chloe moretz sex stories her lovers would even kiss her and she would spit some of it into their mouth. That was weird and arousing at the same time for Chloe. The really freaky ones were comfortable with her finger pressing against their prostate to force their semen out slowly. That was the sexiest thing she could do Chloe thought. If anal was good for her, then it should be good for them too.

Once she remembered using a strap Chloe moretz sex stories with a guy and she fucked his ass until his semen streamed out and down his shaft as she stroked it. He was a true freak. After that he fucked her ass until she was begging for him to stop.

Chloe was lost in past conquests as she took her newest to the shower. Justin was different than all the others. Not necessarily better, but he was more close to her. Something about him was familiar and comfortable. She wondered if she could actually be falling in love.

He knew she wanted sex and he wanted to make her laugh. Earth to Chloe, are you there? She seemed a million miles away. Sorry, I was lost in thought. What did you say? What were you thinking about? Either way he was ready, at least he thought so. Was this new feeling with her more than just sex?

Was it. Dare he even think it? With his own step sister. At least the sex was, but like he said, it felt like there was more there. Did he understand what she meant? Are you? His eyes bore into her soul. What did he see? All of her flaws? All of her desires? She shied away from his gaze and looked down and bit her lower lip.

Chloe moretz sex stories

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