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The Cop and the Reluctant Teen. By Powerone. Artwork by Tulia. Copyright Her parents had been giving her so much grief over coming home late. Twice this month they had big fights, her father threatening to send her to a Catholic boarding school if it happened again. It was not that Megan intentionally came home late. Her best friend was Ashley and she was the root cause of the problem. They had grown up together and in spite of the age difference, had maintained their friendship. They all tended to have later curfews than Ashley did. She looked at her; Ashley dressed in a white silk blouse that clung to her breasts, the top two buttons open to display a generous amount of tanned cleavage, a short black skirt that rode high up her thighs, a pair of heels gracing her long, tanned legs.

Her skirt was just as short, but fuller, clinging to her hips Cop sex stories then pushing out.

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A pair of ankle strap heels made her lean legs look longer. Lots of boys, plenty of beer. And we were invited.

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Megan knew that only Ashley was invited, but they never refused to let her in. Not looking like she did tonight. What horny boy would turn away a body like hers? You have to drive me home. I want to be stone sober when I hook up with Josh. That is where Ashley and Megan differed. Megan was still a virgin. Megan never felt such a thing when he made her cum. She was made to reciprocate, though she did draw the line in taking him in her mouth. That was the first time she felt the power she had over a boy, her hands and fingers controlling him as she stroked his prick until he came. It was ten, Megan still having two hours before she had to be home, talking her mother into staying out to midnight tonight.

She was a little dizzy from the two beers she drank, but she still managed to stop Mathew when his hands started to become too bold. Megan allowed him to feel up her breasts, her pussy getting wet when he squeezed them, even when he pinched her nipples too hard. Or maybe because he pinched them too hard. She stopped him as his fingers became bolder, sliding under her skirt and caressing her thighs, Megan not protesting at first when he pushed out her Cop sex stories until she spread her legs obediently. She gasped in surprise and pushed his hand away when he touched her pussy, his hand moving from her thigh to between her legs and grasping her mound unexpectedly.

He left her in the bedroom, going back into the living room to see if she could find Ashley. It took her a while, but she finally found her in one of the back bedrooms, Megan knocking on the door before she Cop sex stories in, not wanting to interrupt an intimate moment.

There was no answer, Megan opening the door, seeing Ashley curled up on the bed, the light on the nightstand. Her skirt was riding high up her legs, her panties revealed. Megan rushed over to her, afraid something happened to her. She could see right away that she was passed out, the smell of liquor hanging heavy on her breath.

Damn, how will I get home now? She was out cold. She looked at her watch. Or would she let her drive home. First, she had to get Ashley into the car. Luckily, the bedroom had a door out to the back patio, Megan grunting as she pulled Ashley off the bed, never realizing how much a drunk weighed when they did nothing to help you. She was tired by time she got to the car, propping her against the side of the car with one hand, the other trying to open the door. She finally got her into the seat, putting the seat belt on her. Her head was slumped to one side, but the seat belt kept her from falling over.

Megan got into the drivers seat, taking her time to fix the mirror and the seat before she even turned the car on. The engine roared to life when she started it. The shortest way home was the freeway, but Megan decided against that. She would stick out like a sore thumb, the cops looking for drunk drivers; her inexperience might make her look that way.

It would take her along the waterfront, but it would be deserted. She slowly backed the car out of the driveway; luckily no one had blocked them in. She drove slowly, finally pushing the gas pedal harder, not wanting to look to conspicuous. Cop sex stories got out of the housing development, the main road taking her along the waterfront, commercial buildings on one side of the street, the docks on the other. It was deserted, Megan grateful for that, paying close attention to the road as she drove the car. She only lived a block away, Megan planning to walk the short distance.

It got darker around her, the streetlights less frequent, but Megan felt good, disguised in the darkness. The inside of the car suddenly shone brightly with blue lights, blinking on and off rapidly, Megan jumping as the shrill siren rocked her world out of the darkness of the docks. She looked into her mirror, the unmistakable lights of the police car shining brightly through her rear window.

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Her world was suddenly caving in her around her. Her hands were trembling as she turned onto the side street, the noise changing as the tires began to run over the wooden planks of the dock. She stopped, the dock deserted, a single streetlight far away doing little to break up the blackness.

All except the police car that stopped behind her, the lights still blinking on and off, a Cop sex stories shining back and forth over her car as if assessing the situation. How was she going to explain this? She heard the door open and close behind her, hearing the footsteps so loudly on the wooden dock. She looked out the side window just as the powerful beam of light blinded her.

There was a tap on the window. Megan lowered the window, unable to see as the flashlight blinded her. Finally it moved from her eyes, but she watched it as the light slid down her body like a pair of hands, Megan almost able to feel it as it paused on her breasts. It moved lower, sliding down until it shined up her naked legs, Megan quickly closing them when she realized how far her legs were spread, but she could do little to pull her skirt down.

It moved back and forth over her legs until it went away as quickly as it started. Megan felt like she was just raped by the light. He was on the docks tracking a lead of the recent container thefts when he saw the car going by. Two young girls Cop sex stories the docks late at night. That spelled either trouble or an opportunity. Nice body on this one and she looked young. That meant opportunity. His cock stirred at the thought. Awful deserted out here at this time of the hour.

One of the reasons I stopped you. and registration, please.

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She fumbled in her purse, not sure what she was looking for, stalling for time as if time would fix it. She looked up at him. Michael shined his light over to the other seat. She was passed out, but she had an equally lovely body. She was probably the owner of the car. She looked older. He had seen it before. This one lost. Her car? She might have. I suspect she is drunk. These are some serious charges. Let me see your friend. He saw the girl, prettier then he thought.

Nice tits and lovely, long naked legs. Her parents would send her off to Catholic boarding school if she were Cop sex stories. After she got out of juvenile detention. Wake up. His hand moved to her face, caressing her silky, young skin. His finger trailed along until he got to her lips. He began to fuck them into her mouth, back and forth along her lips, wishing it were his cock.

What was he doing? He was putting his fingers in her mouth! As if it was a prick. Her situation just got worse. What would he do to her? She turned back towards him. Michael took his fingers out of her mouth, Ashley still out cold. He loved, firm, young tits, so resilient, bouncing back no matter how hard he squeezed. He pulled his hand back, but he unbuttoned the next button, his hand reaching in and squeezing the bra encased breast, seeing the firm flesh almost pop out of the bra.

Cop sex stories

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