Cousin masturbation stories

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for Free! Exploring with my Cousin "I experiment with my cousin over several years" 1 Vote 1. Score 5 5. When I was 16 years old, I tell you, I was a little show off. I was proud of my body and didn't care who saw it. My parents had to tell me to put on clothes around the house, and still, even to this day, I enjoy letting others look at me.

It feels good to have other people looking at my dick, and I've found over the years that many women are very happy to get an eyeful of my erect cock, especially when they think I don't notice.

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My family would have extended family gatherings, and I had a cousin who was the same age as me who usually came to them. We would hang out with our other cousins of the same gender, for the most part, but we played together when all the cousins were hanging out together. Once, we were the only ones at the particular party. All the adults were being boring adults, as they usually are, so we just went inside.

Her turn. She went with dare. Begrudgingly, she went into the bathroom.

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I followed her to make sure she followed through. Sure enough, though reluctantly, she stuck her head into the toilet bowl and lapped at the water a bit. It was clean, as far as toilet water goes. I can't remember all the questions in between. Many of them had to do with putting ourselves in awkward positions or saying embarrassing things to adults outside. At some point it was my turn, I said "Dare" She paused. I looked at her and smiled, then dropped my pants. The hormones had started in long before she had asked the question.

Just being alone in a room with a girl my age at 16 had given me an instant hard-on. So, shorts and boxers down, I stood there as she looked at my hard dick. She just stared for a while. I liked being ogled, and she was obviously enthralled by the sight of my penis. We sat in silence for what seemed like a long time, her just looking at my cock. It twitched. We were both naturally curious. She went and checked for people at the stairs, then came back and pulled down her pants and underwear too. We both stood there with our bare privates, deeply engrossed in the sight of the other's.

My dick remained hard. Neither of us had any hair, I remember. After what seemed like an eternity, probably 15 whole minutes of staring, she pulled up her pants and, looking at my erect penis the whole way, walked outside.

I, of course, very proud of myself, went to the bathroom to masturbate. I hadn't quite connected orgasm to having sex with girls at that point, but I did know that I really needed to rub myself right then. I ejaculated into the toilet and flushed. The same cousin and I were at a family gathering again, and I was sitting kind of by myself to the side of the house, between hedge walls.

She found Cousin masturbation stories there. We hadn't really seen each other much since that party the last year when we played Truth or Dare. She was kind of giddy, and seeing her brought back memories of her bare private parts. She was kind of shy, and I think she'd been looking for me with a purpose. She called me by name. We snuck inside, past our mothers in the kitchen talking, up the stairs to my bedroom.

I shut the door. I unbuttoned my pants, and they came off. My boxers dropped shortly after, both sitting around my ankles now. Again I was hard as a rock, like I had been since I saw her come through the hedges to find me. Again, she stared. I could feel her eyes caressing my cock, looking over it with care and interest, examining it.

It was something so foreign to her own body, and it held her intense, curious gaze. She moved forward and brushed her fingers against it. Naturally, it twitched from the attention. She began to explore its surface more Cousin masturbation stories her hands. It was unfamiliar to her.

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She wasn't touching me to pleasure me as much as to satisfy curiosity, to see what it felt like. I let her explore the skin around the head, down around the side of my penis. She pulled it away from my body gently with two fingers to see and touch the skin that was pressed up against my shirt. I ventured a question: "Would you like to suck on it?

She looked up at my face, then, said quietly, "Yes. She put her lips up to my dick, opening her mouth cautiously. She slowly closed her mouth around my dick, feeling the sensation of it inside of her mouth.

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She was Like a small child putting a new toy into her mouth to determine what it is like. She sucked on my hard dick like it was a sucker or a popsicle. It felt very nice. I smiled down at her.

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She looked up. She nodded approval, perhaps thinking "It's only fair. I got down on the floor next to her, looking at her organs which were just as mysterious to me as mine was to her. I reached my hand forward to touch her.

I had asked only with the speed of my actions, but she didn't seem to mind. I touched her pussy lips. They were so smooth. I ran my fingers along them, exploring her like she had explored me. As we sat there, she reached her arm around mine to rub my penis again. Both of us so curious, both exploring the mysteries of the opposite sex's anatomy. Her grip became more firm on me as she gained confidence, and my fingers began to pry between the tight folds of her pussy lips as I gained confidence. Neither of us worried about pleasuring the other, only about exploration and discovery.

Even though my dick was rock hard, and though her hand around it felt exceptionally good, I didn't cum. Not yet. We sat like that for a while, exploring. Eventually, she withdrew her hand and I withdrew mine. With a sort of solemnity, we stood, pulled our pants and underwear on, and, without a word but with nodding and looking, went downstairs to re our families. The most notable is probably the time we first moved from touching each other's genitals to sucking them. Unfortunately, I can't remember exactly how we came to Cousin masturbation stories doing 69 at 17 years old.

I assume one of us suggested it, and then we tried it out and found we liked it. That was how most of our experimentation went. She liked to be on top, or sometimes we would lay side by side, sucking on and licking each other's dick and pussy, respectively. I don't remember cumming that much, although I did at least once that I'm sure about. I tried to keep licking her, but my hips began to buck, and it was hard to maintain control. She took her mouth off of my dick, confused, but I was too far gone. I came on her face and my stomach, and she leaned back quickly out of the way, wincing and wiping her face.

I felt bad that I had cum on my cousin's face, but it felt so good and she didn't seem too upset with me, so I didn't worry about it. I apologized for getting her face dirty, and she got up to wash it off. We continued until college, which is when I remember our Cousin masturbation stories sort of dropping off.

Cousin masturbation stories

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