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Download Submission. File type : Text File. He was the clumsiest person one could meet. From liquids to boxes he couldn't be trusted with safely transporting anything fragile. It was an unfortunate curse that slowly took a toll on poor Tyler.

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He broke expensive items that both he owned and did not, and would have to pay to replace it or buy the owner off, depending on the situation. There was one thing in particular that Tyler would always drop and have to get more of, milk.

From gallons to cartons nothing was safe. He would successfully pour himself a glass incredibly far and in between. It wouldn't be such an issue if he didn't love milk so much.

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It was his favorite drink. Tyler wasn't one to give up though.

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He tried concoctions that were to safely pour the liquid into his cup that would all fall apart almost immediately when he tried to actually use it. It was something that Tyler hated about the whole thing. Today he hit his breaking point, another dropped gallon had brought him to tears. This triggered something in Tyler as it began altering his body greatly.

First off, both his hands and feet hardened and turned round, becoming a pair of hooves. On top of this, white fur quickly engulfed his whole body while patched of black formed every else randomly, save for a set pattern on the side of his head and around his eyes. Tyler's face pushed pushed out greatly, his nose becoming a long snout at the end of it.

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His ears became long and floppy as they moved to either side of his head while his Cowtaur tf story became darker and lost some of their more human features. The changes had only just begun, as his body became more bulky and heavier, making it harder and harder to stand on his legs. It would eventually be too much, and Tyler would be forced to a quadrupedal life-style, now unable to stand on just his legs. His arms became much like his legs, becoming strong enough to hold up his new body mass. From behind him, a thin tail crawled out.

It would grow just to about where his former knees would be with a tuft of hair on the tip of it. Underneath Tyler's new large body would be the biggest surprise. A pink udder forming between his, or now more appropriately, her legs as the changes ended.

Tyler looked around a bit scared, she didn't quite know what to do. All she knew was that there was a pressure starting to form in her new udder, and it needed to be relieved as fast as it could be. Almost aimlessly, she began walking slowly outside, in hopes someone would be able to help her, maybe take her to a nice farm to get fed to. Didn't want to end up as a hamburger after all. Prev Main Gallery Download Next. Yes that's a real thing, granted it isn't exactly a literal saying. Figured it be a silly little story to write, and TF Month has been filled with anthro stories, why not toss in a feral or two?

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Cowtaur tf story

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Downed Cow: The True Story of One Anonymous Animal Born Into the Meat Industry