Crossdressed husband stories

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Readers can read all books for free, without any and give the authors feedback. Books that perform well based on their reader engagement are published by Inkitt in different formats and channels. Everyone was present, his sister and brother with their children and some close work friends.

After the party goers had left they retired to their bedroom and Mildred gave Norman his secret present. Once he was dressed he would parade in front of her pretending to be a woman which made Mildred very uncomfortable but she loved her husband. At first she thought he might have been gay so she invited a couple of gay work mates to dinner and told them to seduce her husband but he would have none of it then she thought perhaps he was gender confused. Feeling he might need help she tricked him into seeing a psychologist who pronounced him quite normal, his feet were firmly planted in the masculine camp.

Every Wednesday, Mildred would give Crossdressed husband stories her one hour lunch break to visit a little massage booth run by a very old man of indeterminable racial origin, she pd he was Chinese. She loved going there and the old man always made her welcome. On this particular occasion Norman had annoyed her. She had bought this nice pretty evening dress for a work function the following month. It fitted her perfectly but Norman had to try it on and in the process ripped it.

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He was very apologetic and tried to buy her a new one but there was none. Mildred, extremely annoyed though she was, forgave him but it remained in her mind gnawing away. The old man picked up that she was bothered and coaxed her into talking about it. Inside was some thing that could have come straight from Victoria Secrets. There was a pair of sleek nylons, a scarlet garter belt, silk crotch less panties, a Scarlet uplift bra and a pink negligee.

Mildred could not believe that the old man would have something like this. Mildred Crossdressed husband stories at the him to see if he was joking but he looked deadly serious but then he always looked deadly serious. He has a point, Mildred thought, she always fantasised about another woman making love to her. It might be fun even if it is her husband. Do you understand? Mildred was now in deception mode. After the gender confusion incident she felt certain that Norman would not agree to the change and to cover up the lingerie she decided to soften him up with a gift.

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A nice new blue summer dress with matching bra and panties. Thankfully she knew his size. When the party was over Norman and Mildred retired to the bedroom. The only harm it might do is to our relationship together and I wont have that so I decided I would help you. I am tired of you using my clothes so I thought we would create a wardrobe of your own.

Look, I have even purchased your own lace panties and bra. Norman was overjoyed and quickly undressed. He slipped into the blue lace panties and found they fitted snugly but comfortably then he put on the bra and Mildred adjusted the straps. It fitted perfectly. She had a pair of beautifully made flesh coloured silicon breasts in her hand and she slipped these into the bra. Norman then put the summer dress on and he was fascinated with the result.

Norman was speechless with gratitude and slipped into them. He stood in front of the mirror running his hands up and down his body, sometimes cupping Crossdressed husband stories breasts, admiring himself. As Norman donned the lingerie Mildred stripped of in record time then stood there looking at Norman in his crotch-less panties and scarlet bra with the falsies. The sheer nylons held up by the pink garters gave his legs a peculiar feminine look in contrast to the rest of his body. Although Norman was the same size as Mildred his body was very definitely masculine.

He had a hairy chest and back, muscular arms and shoulders and a six-pack stomach. Stuff that usually turned Mildred on and to see him standing like this dismayed her but she hid her dislike and moved closer to him. Her own breasts just Crossdressed husband stories Normans and she moved them side to side gently rubbing her nipples against the fabric of the scarlet bra.

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She reached down and pulled his penis through the crotch-less panties slowly stroking and squeezing it. She led Norman into the bedroom and when they had finished making love went to sleep in each others hands with Mildred completely forgetting what she was supposed to do. She rushed into the bathroom to find Norman about to take a shower with a look of horror in his face. Confused, Mildred looked at Norman, Norman the man not Norman the woman but Norman with two perfect C-cup breasts rising from his hairy chest. Her eyes moved down his body and in shock looked at a neat triangle of curly hair beneath his six-pack stomach instead of a decent sized penis.

Please calm down, lets get some coffee and I will explain every thing. Over coffee Mildred proceeded to explain it all to Norman. You make it sound like I have some sort of illness. I think, maybe, I like the look and feel of them against my skin. Would you like Crossdressed husband stories know what that feels like? Norman looked at his wife. Lying in bed Mildred first attacked Normans breasts. She rubbed her hands through all his chest Crossdressed husband stories and gently squeezed his tits.

Her mouth encircled the left aeorale and nibbled his beautiful large pink nipple while she rolled the right one between her thumb and forefinger. Mildred started kissing her way down his chest, down across his rock hard abdomen to the top of the large triangle of pubic hair. She paused there then gently pushed Normans legs apart revealing a pair of moist pink lips fringed by curly auburn hair. Beginning with his lips she nibbled, licked and kissed them then gently separated them to reveal a pink moist cavern.

She blew gently into it then licked Normans clitoris. Norman moaned loudly and intensified the feeling by playing with his own nipples. Mildred was amazed at the amount of juice Norman was producing. Norman took off and when he eventually came down Mildred lay down beside him. The played with each other till hunger drove them to stop and find something to eat then they went back to bed for a few more hours but eventually sheer exhaustion took over and they had to finish.

Life is easy for beautiful girls. Stuff just falls into their lap, usually. As an ugly girl you have to work at it. They found an oversized anorak that would fit Norman and would hide his boobs. He did not believe in entrusting his customers to anyone else but himself. Julian was deeply engrossed in something with his receptionist when Mildred and Norman walked in. What brings you to my little shop.

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Norman removed his anorak and sweat shirt and stood there in his bra. Mildred filled Julian in on what had happened to Norman and when she had finished Julian asked Mildred what she wanted him to do. In disgust Norman removed his jeans, panties and bra and stood there self consciously as the other two stared at him. The next step was his face and then they threw everything at him. Facials, mud-packs, everything available. More likely he will pass as a post op transgender.

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Norman took his first steps into the world as a woman convinced everyone was staring at him. In fact only a few women gave him questioning stares and those men that did, never got past his impressive cleavage. Norman passively followed Mildred who appeared to know what she was doing and she led him into a supermarket straight to the hygiene aisle then stopped at a section. I think you should use tampons. She picked a couple of packets from the shelf and continued to the make-up section and picked up lipstick, make-up, eye-shadow and all the little support pieces women need in their lives.

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When they had finished Mildred led them both out to the mall and into a nearby coffee shop. She ordered two cappuccinos and sat at a table. Down that massive cleavage of yours, I suppose. He got up and slowly walked across to the news-stand across the mall. He made sure his shoulders were back and his bust was out. He just as calmly strolled back. The next thing she got was underwear. Finally they ended up in the shoe shop and tried on just about everything in the shop then bought two pairs.

They passed the evening in sulky silence and eventually went to bed. By now Mildred had cheered up a bit and sidled up to Norman in bed.

Crossdressed husband stories

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