Cuckold boyfriend stories

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Being a cuckold, having a cuckold and even reading about cuckold stories really gets me off.

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My friends send me their stories or I share my own, sometimes I change names to protect their anonymity but these cuckolding stories and all of my sex stories are not just true but steamy, hot, kinky and detailed. Whilst he had to stay at home I headed away with the girls and I met a man who wanted to show me a good time, unfortunately for my poor hubby, he got all of the pictures and all of the graphic details and none of the sex. Many people are curious about what goes on and these kinds of resorts and so my wife and I wanted to share our sexy experience with the blog.

This turns him on so much and now he also watches my new boyfriend with me with his own cock all locked up.

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An erotic, seriously sexy story by the wonderful Charlotte. She takes us on a journey where we can share the experience with her and her boyfriend as they watch on as one another fucks someone new. An insane story set in the center of the beautiful French capital. We meet a couple who get more than they bargained for when they become friends with a Parisian couple. Read as the story unfolds into something sexy, mysterious and totally enviable. One night all alone proves that this sex toy can do more than any man she has been with can so she ropes in her horny professor to sit and watch her Cuckold boyfriend stories she shows him how she can cum.

My friend ends up sleeping with a man in front of the whole party and having an erotic lesbian experience in front of a group of men. Her friend has an unreal time with a group of men that she meets.

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I love this story and wish it was me that had this experience it sounds so incredible and it makes me so horny. I love reading this story, it gets me off every time.

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My boyfriend and I head off on our summer vacation and find ourselves on a nudist beach, a place we never knew we would feel so comfortable. Being our kinky selves we struggled to keep our hands off of one another and having sex on the nudist beach with an entourage of watchers was something neither of us ever anticipated. My girlfriend and I get bored one afternoon and decide to my best friend in with our afternoon sex. He is awkward at first, so am I but my slutty girlfriend pulls us through and makes sure we never ever forget our first insane threesome.

Cuckold boyfriend stories

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[MMF] – I cuckolded my boyfriend and it got way too crazy (in a good way)