Cuckold wifes stories

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I stood before my dressing mirror, heart racing, as I inspected myself. When smoothing my dress over my hips the glint of my diamond and wedding band caught my attention. I was pleased by my. And did I mention hung?

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We are a well presented and attractive couple approaching forty, both with strong sex. My girlfriend is a petite Filipino and was brought up conservative. She was a virgin till 26 and when I started seeing her had only slept with 5 or 6 guys.

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Over several months she relaxed enough that. I knew I was in trouble the minute the flashing lights showed up behind my car. Alice has been bitching about my drinking for almost a year. Let her do my. My wife is a big fan of Elton John. So when she heard that he would be giving a concert here in our town, she was over the moon. She bought two tickets for the standing arena, the closest to the stage and the most expensive ones, three months before the actual concert.

She bought.

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Cuckold wifes stories

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How I Made My Wife a Cuckold Slut