Diaper hypnosis stories

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An intelligent college girl attempts self-hypnosis to try and alleviate her stress, wth a bit of small ABDL twist Come on… come on… just say it already! Abigail, or Abby for short, was a straight A student, graduating with honors as valedictorian, currently attending college on a scholarship. Her long brown hair had been done up into pigtails and a pacifier dangled on a string from her Diaper hypnosis stories, completing the look of an overgrown toddler rather than the intelligent young woman she really was.

For while she was very smart, she also tended to become a neurotic mess when stressed, which was becoming more and more frequent as she got older. However, while this method had done wonders to elevate her stress levels, there was still always this nagging worry in the back of her mind that had sullied the experience for her and made her longe for the true Adult Baby experience. Like she always did when she encountered a problem needing to be solved, Abby had thrown herself into research, eventually finding a potential solution to this issue: hypnosis.

Despite the more fantastical fabrications of hypnosis in media, there still was a factual basis in mentally training oneself into a more desirable state fully within their control, one which Abby fully intended to use to her advantage, commissioning for herself a hypnosis tape that would finally let her live out her dreams to the fullest.

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The wait had been truly agonizing, but eventually the tape had arrived. Abby had made sure to commit the instructions to memory, listening to the tape every night for a week before she had finally worked up the courage to attempt a trial run.

Diapering herself up, Abby had stood infront of her mirror for almost an hour before she had finally been able to mutter the trigger phrase:. Like magic, Abby had fallen onto her padded rear as her mind regressed back to a more infantile mindset like she had always wanted. For the next hour Abby had been in heaven as she crawled around her apartment, played with toys and even used her diaper without a care in the world.

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All her memories and mental capacities were still present, just taking a short backseat to the more babyish mindset and once the hour had been up Abby had immediately reverted back to her old self with full memories of her time spent as a carefree baby, happier than she could ever remember feeling and eager to do it again the following week.

This was actually her third time trying this, and still her nerves betrayed her as she continued to second guess her preparations. She had made sure to install childproof locks onto all the cupboards and drawers, triple checked Diaper hypnosis stories anything dangerous was well out of her reach, and had even gone as far to buy and set up an adult sized playpen that took up a large chunk of her apartment, ensuring that she had a safe area to play in.

Sitting in Diaper hypnosis stories very playpen, she glared at the mirror on her living room table as she tried to will herself to take that last step once more. Taking a deep breath, she did her best to push everything else out of her mind as she worked her mouth. The regressed Abby wasted little Diaper hypnosis stories in getting on her hands and knees and crawling across the padded floor of her playpen, her poofy behind wiggling behind her as she inched closer and closer towards her toys scattered around her.

Suddenly, Abby stopped, as she realized that something was missing, but her infantile mind was having trouble grasping just what that was. Your pacifier! Hearing this voice, Abby looked around for a moment before glancing down and spotting her pacifier dangling from around her neck, giggling and cooing as she grabbed it and popped it into her mouth, suckling away at it like it was the most normal and natural thing in the world. With her Paci now located, Abby continued her journey over to her toys, grabbing a few lettered blocks and beginning to stack them up one after the other.

Occasionally, usually by accident, she would manage to form a simple word from the blocks, but she was far more focused on simply stacking them up and knocking them back down again, giggling to herself every time like it was the funniest thing in the world to her. Once the blocks finally became boring, Abby switched to the stacking rings, and then to just cuddling her stuffed Build-A-Bear as she rolled around on her back, giggling and cooing ever more as she waved the stuffed animal over her head.

In the middle of all this, the urge to relieve herself briefly made itself known, but Abby barely registered the sensation before it transitioned into the new sensation of her diaper growing warm beneath her as she freely wet herself. About forty or so minutes into her Baby Time, however, there was a knock at the door. Abby was far too engrossed in her play to even notice it, not even when the lock turned and the door began to open.

You here? As she closed the door behind her, her eyes were immediately drawn to the colourful playpen in the middle of the room. Hearing her name, Abby stopped playing for a moment as she looked up at the strange woman towering over her. Finally, someone new to play with her.

Erica was at complete loss for words as she took in the sight of her best friend since childhood dressed like an oversized infant and playing with toys in a massive playpen. Had Abby finally snapped under the pressure? Should she call someone? What should she do? Breathing for a moment, Erica did her best to try and rationalize the situation.

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This whole set up with the playpen, onesie, and even the diaper seemed much too planned out for a sudden bout of madness, and a glance around the apartment revealed that childproof locks had been set up ahead of time, revealing a hint of premeditation and forethought Diaper hypnosis stories. Stepping into the kitchen, Erica quickly noticed an empty bottle sitting on the counter, a note pinned beneath it.

Pretty please? While she did have many questions, she was relieved that Abby had found a means of relaxing and distressing that suited her, often telling the overachiever that she was for too high strung for her own good. Judging by the blissful state she had seen her in just moments before, this method seemed to be working too, and Erica felt bad about ending it prematurely right now. Smiling, Erica walked back over to the playpen and peered inside again, gazing down at Abby as the diapered girl continued to play without a care in the world, even while wearing a very messy diaper.

Would she like that? Only getting more giggles in response, Erica quickly spotted a diaper bag sitting nearby. Picking it up, she carefully stepped into the playpen and couched down over the oblivious Abby. Undoing the tapes, Erica braced herself as she opened up the diaper and the smell of the fresh mess wafted into the air, quickly pulling the diaper out from under Abby and rolling it into a ball to be thrown away in a bit. Still, Erica had always been a mothering type, and seeing Abby in such a way was bringing out her maternal side in full force.

Does the baby like that? After washing her hands, she scooped up the baby bottle still sitting on the counter and filled it up with milk from the fridge. A few seconds in the microwave, and Erica returned to Abby with a warm bottle of milk in her hand. The regressed young woman looked on the verge of tears at the loss of their beloved Paci, but it was quickly forgotten as the nib of a bottle replaced it, their suckling now earning them warm milk in return.

It was pretty cool seeing a consensual hypnosis story. Well done. Love the touch with the note. Will be curious to see how Abby reacts when she reverts to normal. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. It's easy! Already have an ? in here. It's Baby Time! Followers 6. Recommended Posts. ShadeOfAce Posted September 19, Posted September 19, ed, Diaper hypnosis stories. Link to comment.

Babypants Posted September 19, Neat story. Really enjoyed reading it. I think this was a very good story and doubt that any addition would improve it. Thank you. Posted September 20, Nice start!! Zylo Posted September 20, Great stuff. More stories please. Especially on hypnosis. Nia Posted September 20, I agree. It's a great story so far. Thanks for sharing it.

Diaper hypnosis stories

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