Diapers at work story

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A brief note before we begin - I pulled many of the following events from my own life to create this story. Some of these things did actually happen to me, however I have embellished Diapers at work story a little.

Please let me know what you guys think! I grinned as I set the phone on my desk. As a recent college grad, I struggled to find employment. The economy had taken a downturn and suddenly everywhere I asked they were looking for experience. Finally, after months of updating s, attending workshops, and sending s, I finally have an interview! I barely had time to review the company itself. I think it was in the medial industry, but every business needs inventory specialists.

The weekend rolled around, and I practiced being confident in the mirror. The morning arrived. I made sure to change my diaper, brush my fiery red hair from my eyes as I got dressed the nicest clothes I could find. My palms were sweaty as I made the half hour drive. I parked in visitor parking, grateful to put on under arm deodorant. The large building was at the end of a cul-de-sac that overlooked the ocean. The land out front was beautifully landscaped with palm trees waving in the breeze. Parking proved to be an issue, as multiple construction vehicles occupied multiple parking spots.

However I managed to find a tiny spot in between two minivans at the end of the lot. I walked in to find a beautifully decorated hallway. I made small talk with the receptionist as I waited for my interview.

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My mind was conjuring up all kinds of disastrous scenarios that I was trying to ignore. I perked up when the elevator dinged, depositing two people on the main floor. Both of them were men in their late thirties. Both were wearing T-shirts and short shorts. Their waists looked a little bulky, and I tried not to stare. This is Danny Anderson.

Welcome to River-Bridge. Please come right this way. They led me into a small office. I sat in one of the chairs and tried to look them in the eyes. I explained how I grew up moving a lot because my father was in the military. I was an average student in high school and in college. I left out the part about me being a chronic bedwetter until the age of And that it put a huge dent in my self-confidence. I had really few friends, and rarely talked to my family.

I was an only child after all. Our old manager had to quit because he had a family emergency. We offer a competitive salary as well as medical, dental, ing bonus and other benefits. Come, let us give you a tour of the facility.

Workers were busy breaking down pallets of inventory and sorting it by type. Large packages of diapers were storied in nice, orderly stacks. Other areas held adult baby clothing — rompers, onesies, and short-alls. A third section contained all the supplies — wipes, bibs and pacifiers. A forth section contained furniture and car seats. However, I noticed that the workers were wearing rompers themselves.

Some even had light up shoes. And it was obvious that they were in diapers! The orders usually cut off in the late afternoon. We climbed the stairs and entered the second floor, which consisted of two dozen cubicles. Many workers were typing away on reports or managing the company website. In just T-shirts and diapers. Hank laughed. They led me back down the stairs, past the storage area and into the Diapers at work story. There was a few traditional restrooms, however the majority of the room consisted of multiple changing tables. One of which was occupied.

His groin area was gently wiped down, and a dollop of rash cream was applied to his bottom. Lastly, the Bot lifted his bottom and put a fresh disposable around his waist and gently secured it. From there we walked in to the showers. I saw a handful of men and women in the showers, having their bodies washed by more Nanny Bots.

The Bots were paying close attention to their groin areas. Each worker had no pubic hair. Next was the breakroom. Several workers, located in high chairs, were being fed by the Nanny bots. Bibs graced their necks, and their faces were messy. After that came the nap room. A few workers were laying in cribs, staring at mobiles. A few were even snoring.

Now my parents never made me wear them when I was having bedwetting troubles. Instead my father would wake me up in the middle of the night to use the restroom. And Mom would always make sure that I used the restroom before going to bed. In high school, I would walk down the diaper aisle at the local supermarket and wonder what it would be like to wear diapers. Once I saw having a small tantrum as his mother picked up a package of large pull ups for him.

Once I earned my degree and moved back home, I would browse the internet at the various websites and order a few samples. Danny handed me a small stack of forms. But if you do decide to wear them, you have to use them for both intended purposes. I started ing and dating Diapers at work story.

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I actually started wearing them recently and they have been a huge confidence booster. The three of us entered the restrooms. Bots immediately walked up to us. Their eyes glowed for a moment. The next moment our clothing was stripped off. One by one the three of us were picked up and deposited onto the very large changing table.

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Our legs were hoisted into the air as our diapers were removed. The Bot changing me noticed my pubic hair. A plastic razor appeared in its hand as if by magic. I stared at the razor apprehensively. I shivered as the cold wipe cleaned my backside. Powder and cream followed and soon my manhood was incased in a thick fluffy diaper with crayons decorating the front.

The Bot then removed my undershirt and then put me in a blue onesie with a dinosaur on the front. I raised my arms, and the Bot picked me up and set me on the ground with a pat on my bum. I Diapers at work story so happy that I got the job! Fortunately, I always kept a spare change of casual clothing in the trunk of my car in case of emergencies, so I hastily put on a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt over my onesie.

That night I treated my parents to a nice restaurant and broke the news. They were happy for me, and excited that I could now afford a place of my own. My parents had no problems with me staying, but I was desperately wanting a place of my own. No more hiding diapers underneath my bed. No more yelling that I was tying up the bathroom. The next morning I spent the day scouring the town for apartments.

Diapers at work story

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