Erotic castration story

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Stories concerning the abuse, removal, discarding, and possible consumption of the male genitalia. On Boy Farming Take Erotic castration story tour through a modern farm, and see how the livestock it raises arrives, grows, and is finally harvested. I know it takes quite awhile to get out here from the city, and the road's so narrow. CBT Shorts 6 Four short stories featuring the use, abuse, consumption, and destruction of male genitals. Read on if you want to see some guys and their poor cocks and balls get what they probably deserve in: The Relationship, Sub-Sandwich, Satisfying Work, and A Day at the Beach!

Door Prize The story of a college boy who is forced to offer up his manhood during an end of semester party. Will he survive the night unscathed, or will some cute girl win what's his and claim her prize? Fitness Food A fit man meets a fit girl, and ends up feeding her some fit food. He couldn't help himself from staring a bit, or even more than a bit, because she was just that beautiful. She stood directly across the gym from him, in front of a floor to ceiling mirror.

He could look his fill at both her. Unfortunately for him, his flock is a herd of young rams that are about to be gelded. It was a good life, he thought. It consisted mainly of keeping the sheep safe, and moving them from pasture to pasture so that they could forage on lush, green grass.

Every once in a while, some of t. Giving Receiving a gift often means giving something of your own in return. Close enough. Her Birthday Gift A man gives his wife the ultimate gift. Her birthday was less than Erotic castration story week away, and he had been wanting to do something extra special for her this year.

At first he had simply considered taking her out to a nice. Traditional Young Woman A man finds out that his girlfriend and her family have some unusual and rather specific traditions. She was writhing against him, moaning into his mouth as they kissed deeply.

The soft mounds of her large breasts were pressed deliciously up against his chest. He broke off the kiss, ignorin. The Volunteer A man discovers that his local market is selling a rather unique cut of specialty meat, and that meat has to be coming from somewhere, right? A set of cock and balls sitting in one of the display case. Huntress A story about a world in which women are the hunters, and men are the hunted. It was moments like this, at the culmination of hours worth of tracking and stalking and creeping, her prey only a scant few yards away a.

For Our Balls!

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The sound was high pitched, strangely metallic, and relatively distant. At first, anyway. The odd noise began growing rapidly deeper, louder, and much, much closer, filling the air around her. Power Snack One girl shares her love of boy balls with her friend. That's an easy one. Boy testicles, for sure. The other three women sitting at the table just gawked at her, clearly taken aback at her rapid and unexpected answer. Birthday Request A boy finds out that his sister wants something a little unusual from him for her birthday.

Sometimes consensual, and sometimes not, with a healthy helping of orgasm control and denial. Rainy Day Fun Two girls spend a rainy day outside, squishing anything unpleasant they happen to come across. Erotic castration story am SO bored! The heavy and completely unexpected downpour o. Solely for Her Comfort or He's a Shoe-in A girl decides that her new shoes need to be lined with something special: her boyfriend's cock!

Steve, her boyfriend, glanced up at her, from his place kneeling d. A man picks up a stranded hitchhiker, and soon finds out that she wants much more from him than just a lift. The Hitchhiker The hitchhiker stood on the edge of the road, facing away from his slowly approaching car, with the thumb of one hand cocked out. He was quite surprised at this, as the road he was driving on was quite some distance off the main highways.

They were so far out, in fact, that the road wasn't even paved. The packed shale, which was relative. Some young women learn the proper way to tenderize male meat. Properly Tenderized Meat 1 - Balls. A few seconds passed, during which all of the new culinary students, who were garbed in clean chef's whites just as their instructor was, looked around at each other. They must. All these stories share a general theme of male Erotic castration story objectification and abuse, penectomy and castrations, cannibalism, and dominant females casually indifferent to the suffering and pain their male peers experience on their behalf.

His sister was having all of her friends over for a pool party, and she had absolutely forbidden him from going back there this particular afternoon.

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She had told him, quite. A Recipe for Pasta Sauce "Oh, come in, come Erotic castration story Dinner won't be ready for a while, though. I hope it's not a bother. Worms "So, if you'll follow me, I'll be explaining your new duties and responsibilities as I take you on a brief tour of the mansion and surrounding grounds. Sweeping and mopping the floors, cleaning the bathrooms, and other things of a similarly menial nature.

Milked and Harvested - A Vespah Story A boy's sister grows tired of his incessant erections, and his subsequent requests for relief from them by her hand. Just how long can he and his manhood last, under the relentless machine's draining influence, before it takes everything from him.

S-sorry to interrupt you, but do you suppose that you could.? Welcome to Ordinary Daytime Talk Show! However, when we learned of an incredible new discovery, and the amazing people behind it, we knew that we just had to share their story with you immediately! The slim girl was standing at her desk, her hand up and waving back and forth for attention.

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Her face was scrunched up in disgust as she glared at the student sitting directly to her right. Said student started violently at the sound of his classmate's voice, looking up and around guiltily. His hands, which had been hidden behind his desk, j. The Vacuum Incident A cautionary tale Jill walked along the hallway, vacuuming the floor.

She moved slowly, making sure to push the head of the vacuum into every corner and over Erotic castration story crevice, being fastidious in her efforts to ensure the cleanliness of the carpet. The vacuum was a suck type device, with a long metal tube, that served as both handle and head, attached to the main unit, which was worn like a back-pack, by a sturdy and flexible rubber hose. Milkmaids 1 - Training "Wow. The space they had just entered was quite large, warmly lit, and a very comfortable temperature.

What had impressed Holly, however, was what room contained: men. There were at least fifty of them, all nude, restrained, and bent over, bound securely to sturdy yet graceful steel frames mounted in rows along the floor. I'm trying, Miss Myers! Edward was standing to the side of Miss Myers' desk, facing it, with his pants around his ankl.

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Anonymous to read messages. Castration and Penectomy. I know it takes quite awhile to get out here from the city, and the road's so narrow On Boy Farming Views: He could look his fill at both her Fitness Food Views: 3, Every once in a while, some of t Wild Bill Views: 1, At first he had simply considered taking her out to a nice Her Birthday Gift Views: 4, He broke off the kiss, ignorin Traditional Young Woman Views: 4,

Erotic castration story

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