Erotic girdle stories

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This site contains adult content. By entering this site, you confirm that you are at least 18 years old and accept our terms below. This document is an Agreement between the website noveltrove.

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This Agreement makes up the entirety of the Agreement between the parties. Any dispute over any section of this Agreement shall be decided by an arbitrator or mediator chosen by the website owner at the time of the dispute, will fall within the scope of Austrian law and will be resolved under Austrian jurisdiction.

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If, by any reason, any of the clauses would be declared void, all other clauses, agreed upon, will remain binding. The website maintains the right to adapt this Agreement at any time, for any provision and will give notice to the user of such an adaptation in due time. The burden of proof for any possible breaches of this Agreement or any other liabilities that could arise by the website lies with the user.

The burden of proof for the nonviolation of this Agreement by the user lies with the user. User who use or provide content are not considered affiliates of the website. If this is not the case, it is strictly and explicitly forbidden to access the website and the user is obliged to cease using or abstain from using the website.

The user is aware that none of the, by other users or by affiliates of the website, published content, is intended to offend, that these materials are entirely fictional and the result of random fantasies of users, even if these materials seem to be extreme, uncommon, violent or abusive to some people or to some societies. The user will not, at any time or in any fashion allow any person under the age of eighteen 18 years of age, or younger than the minimum age provided by local jurisdiction, or any person who is barred by the applicable laws or jurisdiction to view or access any content of this website to use any content from the website.

If the use by such a person is the result of a negligence of the user e. The user will not impersonate any person or entity falsely or otherwise misrepresent Erotic girdle stories association with a person or entity. That user name can be chosen by the user; however, any impersonation of any other real person, living or dead; is not allowed and considered as a direct violation of the Agreement.

Additionally, it is not recommended that users choose their own, legal name. The user hereby assents not to provide any content anywhere on the website that is unlawful or tends to defame, harass, abuse, Erotic girdle stories, threaten or otherwise violate the legal rights of any third party. The user will not transfer or attempt to transfer money between himself and other users of the website. And that by any means, the user will not engage in any activities that tends to solicit or disclose unlawfully any financial, banking or credit card details of any other users.

The user agrees not to promote actively, for any reason, any adult, erotica, sex story sites or any other type of competing website at any time on the website. Such promotion shall include, without limitation to, solicitation of the authors, visitors or members of the website via electronic mail, private messaging, text message or phone. Erotic girdle stories, the user abstains from mass solicitation of other members.

Passive promotion, free from aggressive, intrusive, misleading or disturbing communication is allowed. This website, at all time, intends to keep the front of the site free of hardcore content. The user understands that, as the chat rooms are of temporary nature within a closed environment, the users are permitted to adult images as long as the images do not violate any prevalent law and is consistent with the code of conduct, as outlined in this Agreement.

The user shall abstain from sharing or ing family photographs. And therefore the user agrees not to post such images anywhere on the website. The report shall specify the offending image web address along with the user name of the person who posted the image thereby violating the rules outlined herein in. All content provided is therefor pd to be lawful and free from all copyrights claims of third parties.

This obligation and all possible consequence of copyright claims lay with the user who provides the content.

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The user submitting any Erotic girdle stories property to the website does further acknowledge and agree that the website shall be considered and known to be a hosting format of third party submissions of intellectual property at all relevant time and for all relevant purposes.

If the user is not the owner, then prior to posting of such images to this website, the user must obtain a written legal permission from the actual copyright owner to post any such images. The website does not have an obligation whatsoever to monitor on a regular basis the website for copyright infringements. If any of the content posted on the website infringes a copyright or any legal right of the reader of this Agreement, please send a notice of infringement containing the following information to the website at the address below:.

The website will act, after notification and a proper verification, accordingly and within the boundaries of reasonable effort and time to disable access to the materials, posted by and under the responsibility of the content providing user of the website. The website and its affiliates maintain, besides the aforementioned sanctions, all other legal rights and claims, granted by Austrian law, or, if not applicable, by the applicable jurisdiction. The user understands that any violation of these rules, which violates any law, will be reported, in details from the offending usersto the appropriate law enforcement officials in that users jurisdiction.

The conduct, while using the website, can be subject to criminal, civil and regulatory penalties. Due to the graphic nature of this website there are a of jurisdictions around the world where no person may view such materials. The website accepts no liability in this matter. All content provided is pd to be lawful and free from all copyrights claims of third parties. No claim of any kind can be made against the website and all liabilities lay with the user.

Erotic girdle stories opinions, advice, statements, or content made at or through this website and associated forums are the work product of third party users.

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The website neither guarantees nor endorses the content, usefulness, truthfulness, accuracy, meaning either actual or impliednor validity of such content, and the works contained are merely stored and published by the website to be provided to registered users for entertainment purposes only.

The users data will only be used for administrative purposes, communication by the website and it affiliates and for usage or processing related to the use, access and functioning of the website or the usersto resolve a dispute, to offer customer service, to improve the website, to enforce this Agreement or any applicable legislation and to prevent, detect, mitigate, and investigate fraud, security breaches, potentially prohibited or illegal activities.

Affiliates of the website can contact the user via mail, telephone, text messages or postal mail. Message and data rates may apply. The user does understand that the address or any data provided by the user will not be shared with any third party other than the website and it affiliates. The website retains the users personal information as long as it is necessary and relevant for the websites operations.

In addition, the website may retain personal information from closed s to comply with national laws, prevent fraud, collect any fees owed, resolve disputes, troubleshoot problems, assist with any investigation, enforce the Agreement and take other actions permitted or required by applicable national laws. After it is no longer necessary for the website to retain the users personal information, the website disposes of it in Erotic girdle stories secure manner. The user agrees on updating the personal information immediately if it changes or is inaccurate.

The website will honor any statutory right the user might have to access, modify or erase personal information. Where the user has a statutory right to request access or request the modification or erasure of the personal information, the website can still withhold that access or decline to modify or erase personal information in some cases in accordance with applicable national laws, but will give the user reasons if done so.

The website protects the information using technical and administrative security measures to reduce the risks of loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure and alteration. Some of the safeguards the Erotic girdle stories uses are firewalls and data encryption, physical access controls to the websites data centers, third party security software and information access authorization controls. The website is seated in Vienna, Austria. Austrian law is applicable. The place of jurisdiction competend court is in Vienna, Austria. We would all love to think that there are mature ladies out there who just love fucking.

But, in truth they are very few older ladies who still want sex. So we have fantasies. I have several. Here is one. Hope you enjoy. First, let me own up. I am a mature man, yet ever since I was young and saw a gorgeous mature buxom lady wearing a girdle and fucking a guy on top, I have maintained a fetish to for plump mature women with big floppy tits wearing open crotch girdles and no underwear …oh yes, and they should have a lovely hairy cunt.

So when a friend, who owned a fashion and shoe shop for shall we say, mature women, found out that I was semi retired she asked if I could help her for two days a week, who was I to argue? I told her that I had no experience. I was intrigued.

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In short we provide a discreet and private outlet where mature ladies feel safe — and satisfied -- to buy fashionable, sensuous garments and lingerie that flatter them. Also our service includes fulfilling their sexual fantasies whilst doing so. Well, who was I to disagree and confirmed that I would start the following Wednesday morning. During the interim my imagination went into overdrive, thinking of all kinds of scenarios ranging from mild to downright disgusting. Well, time would tell if I was right or way off the mark! As most of our ladies curvaceous we also specialise in all types of girdles — from sheer see through gossamer to all-in-one types.

But in all cases they come only with a high cut open crotch. Opening the door I saw a swanky massage type table several easy chairs and a small sofa …and lots of mirrors. Come Not knowing what to do exactly or where to start, Heather told me to go to the shoe department.

No sooner was she gone when an attractive if slightly plump lady of Erotic girdle stories would guess, about 55 to 60, asked if she could try some gold strappy sandals that she wanted for her next holiday. But this was not self service. This was old fashioned personal service and befitting such she went and sat down whilst I went for the sandals.

As you will recall, years ago shoe shops provided a full service — measuring and fitting. And we too had that old device that allowed me to sit on one end to facilitate fitting the shoe which of course meant that the ladies had to lift up their leg to place their foot on the platform with their crotch right in my eyeling.

Those old shoe shop guys must have seen some sights! Not knowing what she was into, so to speak, I invited her to take off her coat and in doing so, I surveyed her. Bearing in mind my real task I set to work with the compliments and respond to the innuendo.

It wasn't difficult as her curvaceous figure was encased in a simple pencil skirt that ended a couple of inches above the knee. They were indeed beautiful sheer nylon clad legs. But the big surprise was the blouse. Definitely not Laura Ashley: more Dior black hiding — not very successfully — a staggering 40 D pair of delicious tits, in a low cut black bra- they were almost falling out.

Yes, this was a fantasy customer all right. It makes me feel good and at my age, anything that does that, has to be good. Besides my belief is Erotic girdle stories if you've got it, flaunt it. What say you, Ken? So playing it by instinct I took gently took hold of her ankle and went to take off her black pumps she was wearing. With that Cathy pulled up her skirt and opened her legs to bend over and pull off her shoe giving my eyes more than enough time to travel up her lovely plump thighs to her pussy jungle of fabulous salt and pepper curly hair nestled just below her girdle line.

And she did the same again with the other leg. Then the penny dropped.

Erotic girdle stories

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