Fallout sex story

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Introduction: Hey guys this is my first time writing a story tell me what you think and if should continue Angel is a young girl. She has lived in a vault her whole life, or at least she did until her father left the vault. I should slow down, Vault was always secure and people were nice to each other.

In the vault people helped each other, there was plenty of food and water, you had friends. You have none of this outsideā€¦ unfortuneitly Angel did not know this. All her friends were there, her dad, and some other people from the vault. People talked to her, hugged her, and she laughed at the boys at her party.

Angel was beautiful, she had long, wavy blonde hair C cup tits, long slender frame and a smile that makes all guys go hard. She has never had sex yet but she does masturbate regularly, she loves the image of a guy or girl touching her breasts and pussy. She also knew exactly how to manipulate boys in to doing almost anything. She was thinking of the time with John in the bathroom with the other boy when she got snapped back to reality from her best friend Amy.

She ate her cake and went home to shower. It showed off her ass amazingly and she loved to have guys even girls stare at it as she walked by. Angel walked her way down to Fallout sex story main part of Fallout sex story vault when she was intercepted by 3 guys she knew very well. Tom, Adam, and Fred. Angel cursed to herself as her three stalkers stopped her. Its your fault if it happens. Adam gripped her arm and made her jerk him off and Tom did the same. After about a minute Adam ripped Angels face from Freds dick and face fucked her hard.

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Tom ripped her shirt and bra off and her 36 C cup breasts came shooting out and Tom punished them. HE took both tits and squashed, smashed, pinched whatever to them and Angel was desprite to get away. The only thing was she was hotter than she had ever felt before. The boys left laughing the cum covered girl they left lying crying on the ground. And as soon as they left Angel took off her pants and started to masturbate. She rubbed her pussy hard and fast while playing with her tits and she loved the feeling, she masturbated to the thought of her being raped by those three boys again and she wished they were back to fuck her brains out.

And she had the biggest orgasm of her life so far. She put on her thong and pants and Fallout sex story she looked for her bra and top she realized that they took them so she went to Amys house covered in cum and topless. When she got to her door she knocked on it and could hear amy saying how she was late and when she got to the door she look horrified. She took Angel inside and gave her a shower to use to wash all the cum off.

When she got out of the shower Amy had on a robe and asked her what happened but Angel played dumb and eventually Amy gave up. And Angel knew that it was going to be a good birthday after all.

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Fallout: The Untold Adventures Please rate this story:. Anonymous reader Report I like it.

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I can only guess at what the Brothers of Steel have in store for her. A mom, a daughter and a few toys Legend of John Doe Search for:.

Fallout sex story

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Fallout: The Untold Adventures