Female poop desperation story

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Post a Comment. Popular Posts. Ariel Poops Her Panties. True Story - Desperate to Poop on the Bus. Hanging With Her Panties Full. Christine - Desperation. Nikki Fills Her Panties. Terry School Desperation. But here goes. The first time I pooped myself was wh Thursday, March 24, Marlene's bout of all day desperation. Posted by Dan on April 08, at Marlene is a beautiful black female with medium length black hair, nice plump juicy ass, and one hell of a curvaceous body.

She left for high school one day and realized that as soon as she walked out of her apartment building that she felt like she had to poop a little. She thought about going back in to poop in her bathroom. But she was already off to a late start and it didn't feel like too much so she felt as though she would be able to handle it for the day until she got back home. But when she got onto her morning bus ride, she realized that there was a lot more poop inside her than she had ly realized when she first walked out her door.

It was nothing too urgent, but it was there and she knew that she had a full day of school ahead of her and was getting a bit concerned that she'd be alright throughout the day since she never felt comfortable with the idea of pooping in the girls room at school. The way she was feeling right now, if she felt this Female poop desperation story towards the end of the school day, she knew she would pretty much be okay since the day would come to an end sometime soon and she would be able to make it home okay to use her own toilet. But this was a situation where she was feeling a great deal of poop building up inside her at the very beginning of the school day, so she was a lot more concerned about this.

For her first three classes, she felt a good deal of poop inside her that was just sitting there. She just sat through her classes and tried to put off these thoughts of having to poop as best she could.

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It was there, but she just needed to sit there and not do too much to hold it in. She also felt some farts building up inside her during this time as well. But she tried not to let any farts out in her classes. If she did need to let out a fart, she did so by letting out a very small and silent fart out very carefully.

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She let out a lot of silent gas whenever she walked between her classes. She had her lunch during fourth period and ordered a school lunch like she usually does and sat with the group of students that she sits with every day. As she was eating her lunch, she really started to feel her urge to poop getting a lot stronger and felt like her poop was starting to work its way out of her ass.

She needed to lean forward a good deal to place her ass against the seat with a good deal of pressure to prevent her poop from coming out any more. She was also losing a lot of control of her farts at this point and let loose a good of long silent smelly farts. Some of the students around her noticed this smell and knew that someone farted but didn't suspect her.

All the guys were snickering and laughing and were blaming each other for letting it out. They would never suspect a girl of doing something like this. Or if they did, they weren't showing it. Marlene was really thinking of getting up to get a hall pass to use the bathroom, but she was a little worried since she was concerned that the kids would notice her going to use the Female poop desperation story and then suspect her of letting out those farts. There was also a lot of girls that used this period to smoke in the bathroom next to the lunchroom.

So she decided to just sit there and not go anywhere. When the lunch period was over, she got up to walk to her next class. It was her fifth period science class and as she was walking, she really felt the urge to poop increasing more and more and becoming more and more urgent. When she got to her class, she needed to wait outside for the teacher to come and open up the classroom door. As she was standing there, she felt a urge where her poop was literally moving its way out of her ass.

She needed to clench up her ass very tightly in order to prevent any more of it from coming out and making its way into her pants. She was really hoping that the teacher would come soon to open up the door so that she could sit down in her seat to alleviate some of the pressure on her bowels.

When the teacher did come, she immediately sat down at her seat and put all the pressure that she could against the bottom of her butt on the chair in order to prevent anything else from Female poop desperation story out. Her chair was the only thing that was stopping the poop from coming out anymore.

It was the beginning of fifth period, and she still had four more periods to go until the end of the school day, so she pretty much knew that she would not be able to make it home without having an accident in her pants. She didn't want to go to the bathroom during this class, and figured that she'd wait until next period.

But as the class went on, the pressure became just too great and despite how much she was pressing her ass down against her seat, her poop kept coming out more and more and Female poop desperation story to the point where she was literally shaking. She raised her hand to use the hall pass, but the teacher was so preoccupied with writing on the blackboard and with what he was teaching that he didn't even notice her hand raised.

She got such a sudden urge of poop surging out that it oozed out more and more and was now opening up her ass and pressing its force down against the seat. She became so petrified that she was going to shit her pants right there in class. She then screamed out the teachers name and asked for the hall pass. He reluctantly gave it to her. She immediately grabbed the pass and booked out of the room very fast. She walked down the hallway with her poop continuing to make its way out while she was straining and clenching with all her might to hold it in. This was causing her to walk very stiff legged and made her breath very fast with a lot of gasping.

Off in the distance down the hall, she saw the door to the girls room and tried to walk faster to make it there, but she had to poop so bad that it was hard even to move at this point. When she did make it to the door, she was really hoping that nobody else was in the bathroom since she wanted her privacy and didn't want anyone else to be in the bathroom while she was pooping, especially since she knew that this was going to be one hell of an explosive shit which will easily be heard by anyone in the bathroom.

But to her dumb luck, there was another girl in the bathroom sitting in one of the stalls peeing. Marlene just stood there by the mirror for a minute acting like she was just there to fix up her hair and her makeup and waited for the other girl to finish up in the stall. When the other girl got up, she went to go wash her hands. Marlene was waiting and was really hoping and expecting this girl to leave the bathroom as soon as she was done washing her hands. But she didn't. Marlene looked at her and said, "Aren't you gonna leave now?

I gotta smoke my cigarette now. Marlene didn't know what to do. She really had to shit oh so very badly, but didn't want to do it with this white girl standing right there in the bathroom who would hear and smell everything that she was about to do.

So Marlene just stood there another couple of minutes and then just gave up and stormed out of the bathroom without pooping in there. She walked as quickly as she could to the nurses office to see if she could use the toilet there. As she was walking, her poop continued to push its way out more and more.

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The turd was almost all the way out of her ass and into her pants. When she came to the nurses office, she asked very loudly and urgently if she could use the toilet there. The nurse asked her if she tried using the other bathrooms available there. She yelled, "I tried, but they're all locked now! At this point, her poop pushed its way so far out of her ass that it was literally pressed up against her underwear and still was pushing its way out more and more.

She screamed out, "This is an emergency! I'm going to make in my pants if you don't let me use the toilet! Marlene ran to the bathroom and turned the doorknob, but it was locked. She then heard a voice inside say, "Just a moment" "Shit! She had to wait for the other student to finish up before she could get in. Her poop was already more than half way out of her ass pressing up against her pants.

She strained with all her might trying to squeeze her turd back inside of her. She managed to squeeze the poop back in and was really hoping that it would all go back in without breaking off any of the turd into her pants. When she squeezed it back in, she put her hand in back of her ass to see if she shit herself at all. Luckily, none of the poop broke off into her pants, but she did have a very shitty ass at this point. About a minute later, another sudden surge came upon her which was stronger than anything else she experienced that day which was so strong that it forced the poop to come back out of her ass even stronger.

She knocked on the door and screamed, "Come on now! Hurry up! I gotta go! What the hell are you doing in there? I'll be right out. The door eventually opened up, and Marlene ran passed the other student and slammed the door shut very hard and fast. Marlene yanked on her belt so hard in her hurry to get it off that her belt didn't budge. She was in such a panic and hurry that she was trying to belt and yank her pants down at the same time.

But neither one was coming undone, but instead her ass just kept pushing out more and more and more poop into her ass. She had to stop with her pants for a moment to push one her hands up against her ass to stop it from coming out. She wanted so much to continue undoing her pants but had to go so badly that she could barely move and was afraid to take her hand away from her ass.

She decided to go for it and took her hand away from her ass and to try to undo her pants as quicly as possible. So she yanked her hand away and her poop just pushed and forced its way out completely beyond any of her control and this point as she continued trying to undo her belt and unbuckle her pants. She yanked on her pants so hard that she missed and her hands flew off as she continued shitting in her pants. She grabbed onto her pants now and pulled them down with all her might where her poop was already out of her ass and into her underpants.

They were absolutely gigantic! This followed by a tremendous gush of piss which splashed off the toilet water and her poop in the toilet! When she was done, she needed to do a whole lot of wiping since she had clenched up a lot of poop against her ass before and also since she had pooped Female poop desperation story her pants right before she got her pants down.

She then needed to use a lot of Female poop desperation story paper to remove the turd that she made in her pants to lift it up and place in the toilet.

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She then needed to use a lot more toilet paper to clean up her underpants the best she could removing as much poop as she could and to clean them up as best she could.

Female poop desperation story

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