Female pov sex stories

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All sex stories on this site can be customized, so you can tailor and transform them to be about anyone you wish and create your Female pov sex stories personalized porn. You choose the name and other attributes of the characters, and your choices are then incorporated into your own bespoke erotic story.

It's a bit like Mad Libs, but the aren't stupid. We also have interactive sex stories where you control the plot, and Quickies for when you only have a minute or two. Confronted by Hyperdreams You have a rare moment alone with your dream girl, but your sneaky ogling gets you into trouble. Tied Surprise by Hyperdreams The girl of your dreams is tied to the bed and apparently yours to do with as you wish. A Bit Slutty by Hyperdreams You're informed that your fantasy girl is actually a bit of a slut.

Your favorite celebrity gets mentioned too. After that, things start to get a little weird. Auctioned Off by Hyperdreams Kidnapped and auctioned as a sex slave, you are desperately in need of a hero. A Man Has Needs by k. Dancer by Angus Your fantasy girl is a dancer in a strip club. She treats you to a special private dance.

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Your Lover by Karen He comes to you for a night of exquisite lovemaking. Missing Her Lover by Karen She's horny on a rug by a fireplace and she's thinking of you. You can be the man, the woman or the observer. Snake Oil by Hyperdreams A dodgy Coronavirus medication has dramatic side-effects on your fantasy girl. Real Sex Doll by Hyperdreams She's been hypnotized to be your own real-life sex doll.

Wrestlemania by Hyperdreams Two of your female friends wrestle and you get to have sex with the loser. Sleepwalker by Hyperdreams You're happy to let him spend the night on your couch, but you're unprepared for his naked sleepwalking. She's Always Horny by Hyperdreams We know a dirty secret about your fantasy girl.

Would you like to hear? Dick in Crazy by Hyperdreams Your fantasy girl really wants you too perhaps a bit too much Birthday Party by Hyperdreams Just when you think no-one will turn up to your prostitute-themed, girls-only birthday party, two hot girls inexplicably arrive and save the day. Temporarily Lesbian by Hyperdreams She tells you how she got turned temporarily lesbian by a hot girl in her underwear. You can be male or female in this story. Her Mother's Rules by Hyperdreams You are about to deflower your teenage girlfriend, when her mother intervenes. Teenage Freak by Hyperdreams You help a young inexperienced girl overcome her body-image issues.

Live Sex Chat by Hyperdreams You discover that your fantasy crush is a webcam slut! Rude Awakening by Hyperdreams Two women decide to give lesbianism a shot. One of them happens to be asleep at the time. Sexual Homework by Ashson She has some sexual problems and needs help with the homework her shrink gave her. The Swap by Ashson Your friend proposes a partner swap and you decline, then shag his girlfriend anyway.

Captured Heroines by Ashson Deal with the pesky heroines who are trying to interfere with your diablolical scheme. Spanking Dare by Ashson You tell her she's being too flirty and she dares you to spank her. Horny Hostess by Ashson Another party, another sexual escapade. Bonking the hostess is par for the course for you.

Choice of male, female or third-person POV. Jealous Disposition by Ashson Her jealous partner Female pov sex stories getting on your nerves, so you remove him from the equation.

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He Helps Himself by Ashson He comes over to borrow something and helps himself to your goodies too. That's gotta be an invitation, right? Best Man by Ashson The groom is incapacitated on his wedding night, so the best man you takes over his duties. By the Pool by Ashson You're lounging nude by the pool when he arrives uninvited and makes his presence felt.

Switching Sides by k.

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Courtyard Voyeurs by k. Advantage Taken by k. Bare BnB by k. Things get sticky over breakfast. Limo Ride by k. Streaming Service by k. Self Restraint by k. Choose your POV. Self Restraint 2 by k. You can choose to be the man or the woman. Team Playa by k. Team Playa 2 by k. Surprise Cuckold by k. Morning Wood by k. Can't Wait to Get Home by k. A Walk in the Park by k. Afternoon Tea by k. Maybe your guy and a vibrator can satisfy both cravings when it's time for afternoon tea.

Succulent Succubus by k. A Little Bit of Peril by k. Coming Clean Female pov sex stories Ella An escort friend persuades you to take care of one of her regular clients. Someone you know has a bathing fetish! Celebrity Encounter by Ella A male celebrity hops into your taxi, then into your panties. Perfect Fit by Ella You're in a clothing store trying on dresses for a party when you decide to try the gorgeous assistant for size too. You can be male or female. Movie Teaser by Ella You go down on a friend's ificant other in a movie theater.

Boyfriend Thief by Ella You shamelessly steal another woman's rich, handsome boyfriend. Interrogation by Ella Your sexy interrogation skills extract more than just secrets from your male suspect. Sperm Donor by Ella Desperate to procreate, two hot women enlist your services as a sperm donor. Naughty at Night by Karen Your unattractive undies don't deter your girlfriend in the middle of the night.

New Dildo by Karen She needs some help getting her new dildo to fit. You can be her boyfriend or her girlfriend. Truth or Dare by Alex Playing truth or dare, your fantasy crush gets dared to give you a blowjob. Midnight Snack by Corvus Magenta She drunkenly appears at your place at midnight and molests you in the bathroom. Cheaters by Nathan You're persuaded to cheat with your fantasy girl at a party. Antarctic by MJD You're freezing to death in a frozen wasteland when an angel comes to rescue you. Family Ties by Wifes-Out Have an illicit tryst with a female relative of your wife or girlfriend.

There For Her by Alpha Hue She's just broken up with her partner and you're there for whatever she needs dick, mostly. School Dance by Heliacal Abuse your position of chaparone at the school dance by banging two girls. The Contest by Spam Meister Two girls, one recently dumped, compete for your affections.

Celebrity Bukkake by Jizzlord She arrives at the awards ceremony wearing black, and leaves wearing white. Backstage Pass by Tatianna You get a backstage pass to meet your favorite male singer, but he doesn't need a pass to get into your panties. The Library by Brian Overdue books are no problem when your fantasy girl works at the library. Sweet Female pov sex stories by Raphael A romantic night of dancing with your special lady le to chocolate-fueled passion when you get back home. Out of Control by G-man You bang two hot women friends, sisters or mother and daughter at an out-of-control party.

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On the Menu by Morgan La Fay You're out to dinner with a hunky guy and it turns out that you're on the menu. Booty Call by Candyce Boroughs You seize the opportunity to visit your fuck-buddy for an opportunistic tryst. Made Flesh by TsarBB8 Thanks to technology, if you can't have the real thing you can create for a pretty good approximation. Dream Girl by Robert Just when things start getting hot and steamy with your fantasy girl, reality intrudes. Sneaky Handjob by Jake She gives you a sneaky handjob with another unsuspecting woman in the room.

Mile High by Mike Antony A sexy female celebrity sits next to you on a plane flight and the inevitable happens.

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Girls' Night In by Wudward4 Three friends confess their lesbian desires, then act on them. Dropped by Steve She's been dropped by another guy but you soon make her forget all about him. And her shed. Detour by lk An innocent drive in his car in an unexpected detour to sexy town. Shower Head by fricklefrackle Your special girl s you in the shower to help you forget about a bad day. Hanging Out by Adam He invites you over to hang out and watch a movie. Getting tied up and shagged silly is an unexpected bonus. A Moving Experience by John You're there to help her move house, but you the earth moves instead!

Running Late by John She's getting ready to go out for the evening but is happy to indulge you, on the condition that you don't mess her up. Shared Bathroom by Martin B You walk in on her with her pants down in the bathroom. First Footjob by Lemon Cake You give her a foot massage and awaken a fetish you didn't know you had.

Female pov sex stories

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