First night stories of arranged marriages

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Arranged marriages are not a thing of the past. Not yet. Two strangers in a marital cord do not enjoy the same level of intimacy and romance to begin with and need time to get close, both emotionally and physically. Therefore, it is always a subject of mystery as to how much time these couples take before they can consummate their marriage. A Quora thread discusses this issueand the answers are convincing and brutally honest.

In case you were curious about it too, here are the answers which would give you a peep into the lives of such couples:. My husband and I waited for 2 months to have sex. Even asI found that insulting. What kind of regressive values would he impart to my future children? His reaction? He laughed so hard! He asked me if I thought he was a guy from s or just an obnoxious jerk. After the wedding ceremony, we were driven to a hotel. I still remember it. Somewhere while talking, we fell asleep. It was an 8 hour flight. All the first-night jokes my friends cracked were coming back to me.

My husband had paid for a 2-week UK tour for us himself. And I have a lot of male friends, so I know how guys think. So yes, I was shitting my pants. It was time for sex. I was literally shivering as I walked back to the room. I was in no shape or form ready to get intimate with him. I thought I should pretend to fall asleep, but for how many days could I do that? He had been so nice to me. But what option did I have? I just wanted us to go for a walk.

What he told me next honestly laid the foundation of our relationship. We jumped directly to the last step of getting married, but I still want us to have a healthy relationship. I still want to go through all those steps. If I think back, that was the moment I started falling in love with him. I had never expected First night stories of arranged marriages real man to have this sort of a thought process. Ours was an arranged marriage, but we did not wait till our wedding to do what couples do on their special night.

I am a normal looking guy and I graduated from IIT. Now being from a premier institute makes the following things easy — 1 Most of the guys have never been in a relationship before 2 There is no dearth of marriage proposals on matrimony sites. Being of the right age to get married according to my parentsa profile was made on one of the websites and the search began. We visited a few families and at last we came to the house of my to be wife.

She was sweet looking and I was struck with infatuation at first sight. According to the Indian customs, the bride and groom are given some time to get to know each other. She told me that she has never been in a relationship before. My friends mostly boys and few girlshad told me to ask that one question which everyone wants to know. Is she a virgin? I wanted to know that. NOTE: I am not against pre-marital sex. I just wanted to know because I was a virgin and did not know what to expect on our first night. I did not ask her. Marriage was soon fixed. There are rules prohibiting to be husband and wife to meet before wedding.

But neither of us, adhered to them. We went on a couple of dates. I met her friends, she met mine. One day, I was at her flat. First night stories of arranged marriages roommate was also there.

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We were happily chatting away our time. Her friend suddenly said, that she needed to go out and get some groceries. She went away. Now, both of us were all alone, in her flat and there was pin-drop silence. Both of us had been on a couple of dates before but we were never in such a situation before.

To break the ice, she started talking about something. After a few minutes, there was again complete silence. She came close to me and kissed me on the cheek. I was awestruck. I was unable to fathom what just happened. She then told me to kiss her back.

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I was reluctant at first, but then I thought that she can consider breaking off the marriage because of this incident. I kissed her back on the cheek. They were simply small pecks as in what you give to. After that she started hugging me and not like a normal hug, but those really tight hugs which you give to your partner.

I also held her tight in my arms and was enjoying my newly found intimacy for the first time.

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Then the inevitable happened. I became rock hard under. The stick inside my pants had to steal away the joyful experience we were having. I pushed her back so as not to poke her and scare the shit out of her. By then, it was too late. She had realized that I was turned on.

She started undoing my shirt buttons and pulled away my pants. I was shit scared. I had watched porn before, but I was now clueless. She was leading the entire thing. We did it at that time. It was the first time for both of us and it felt really good.

First night stories of arranged marriages

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