Fm spanking stories

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Read Full Post ». The Neighborhood Preschool in Silverlake is a collection of low-slung buildings on the south end of the reservoir. I was running late, as usual, with traffic in the southland being what it is and working in the Industry with its long hours.

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Note the capital I in Industry — although I would claim otherwise to relatives from the East, I love the affectation. To me, the Industry-capital-I is the real Hollywood. There were about 45 parents in the room when I took my seat next to my wife. The principle of the school where most of our kids would be attending school next year as kindergarteners was droning on about the state of California and requirements for immunizations and birth certificates. I looked around the room and Karen was breastfeeding her baby Zoe.

In retrospect, I will admit that what happened next was my fault.

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I stared. Even at the time, I felt some remorse. Not Fm spanking stories what they were doing was an inherently private act, but because I was turning it into a sexual one — at least for me. Maybe it was an occupational hazard — too many years working in a town that seemed dedicated to little beyond celebrating a hyper-sexualized version of womanhood.

Karen looked up and caught my eye. As she pulled down her shirt, I quickly turned my attention back to the principle. He was a bit on the short side but not bad looking. Mid-thirties — not yet gone to seed. Kinda cute, actually. Julia smiled as the cute guy looked down. His name is Craig.

The man looked up from his feet. Maybe it was a grimace. Here comes Lottie. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Home Huh? The June Stories. Feeds: Posts Comments. They had an agreement. He broke that agreement. Copyright All Rights Reserved.

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Fm spanking stories

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F/M Spanking Short Stories