Forced circumcision stories

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A backpacker travelling the world runs out of money and is forced to look for. Not having a visa, he branches out into the sex. He then receives by force from some of the guests, the fullest.

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This is in full view and humiliation, in front of all the others at the. His cheap hotel room seemed to offer in all it's spartenness, luxury and shelter. In a foreign country, far away from home. Kevin was nearly broke. Most of his money had vanished, a victim of hard. He would have to find work locally and.

Kevin picked up the newspaper folded over the. He didn't even. Maybe he could get something off the books, Kevin thought. If he was persistant enough, maybe he would be alright. Truck driver, warehouse staff, anything till he had a list of jobs and phone. Walking downstairs, Kevin made his way to the public telephone in the. Phone call after phone call, he rang. He even managed two.

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However when they found out his status and. After grabbing a sandwich at a nearby take-away Kevin returned to the hotel. Once again, Kevin pored over the paper. Things were certainly looking desperate. He read through the second newspaper he. It was a local newspaper and featured. Kevin checked to see if. He was happy to see that it did and he read through. He read through the. Kevin at the. When he came to it, he didn't take it too. The idea was so. He read the ad again. Strangely he realised after a minute or so he.

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Nothing else. He certainly wasn't no musician and worn out and frustrated. Kevin discarded the Forced circumcision stories. Kevin checked his finances. The next few days accomodation would soon wipe that out he thought dismally, as. His thick blond hair that circled his. As he looked into the mirror, he realised he. It hadn't been a success all day, he thought as he lay in bed.

His mind. Could he. Kevin wondered. The course hotel sheets rubbed against his slim naked. His hands moved. As he worked the foreskin up and down, over the purple head of his. Like all the. Kevin's dick. It covered the underside of the bedsheet and dribbled down across. Kevin's teenage chest. Hurridly, Kevin took the side of the sheet and wiped.

His erection too went to sleep with the. When he woke the following morning, Kevin went out and had some breakfast before. He reached into his top pocket and located the piece of. As he approached the phone booth, he was a bit nervous. Hurridly, Kevin. It was at first an uncomfortable interview as he entered an office suite staffed. Kevin was very embarrassed.

The two people interviewing. Sensing Kevin was.

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They quickly gave. Kevin was very shy at their request. One of the two quietly closed the. Kevin was told. A click produced. For Kevin, it was either time to back out or proceed further. The other two sat. All of a sudden, Kevin realised he had little choice. The money the two had been mentioning would work things out adequetly indeed. Kevin removed his long sleeve jumper, folding it neatly on Forced circumcision stories back of the.

Kevin once again sat on the office seat and took. Kevin now only had his long denim jeans on and. As he looked across, the two smiled encouragingly at him and. His belt buckle and clip rattled slightly as it was. Kevin unbuttoned the stud clip underneath. As he lowered. Soon these were off and drapped hastily across. Kevin knew it and the other two knew it too. Kevin had. Calmly the man in the room spoke. It's always like this. Just remove the underpants. As they were removed, Kevin's teenage penis sprang. What Kevin didn't know is that his beer had. Kevin put his hand between his legs in an attempt to cover himself up.

As he did, his erection once again flipped up and. Kevin caught it easily. Kevin stepped into the one piece garment. Kevin's penis was clearly visible. The two clapped and one of them placed a wad of money on the desk next to him.

Kevin looked up questioningly. You've earnt it. It's never. Kevin asked the two what they. He was told to rechange back into his own clothing. They then. He had the body they were looking for, if he was interested.

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As he did the laces up on his shoes, Kevin said he was. He had. With that sort. As they discussed various things, Kevin's circumstances. Was he interested in money for nude photos of his body? Kevin didn't mind and. All seemed well and he was.

Forced circumcision stories

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