Forced enema stories

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Cindy tried to get up but couldn't move Then she realized that Steve had tied her arms behind her back after he had removed her panties, leaving her only in her bra, garterbelt and stockings. She struggled briefly but soon realized the ropes had her hopelessly secure. She decided the best thing was just to close her eyes and relax.

She trusted Steve and knew that, although he was absolutely dominant, he would not injure her. Although severely dominant and he hurt her at times, he understood her every need. He had the amazing ability to get into her mind and almost "play" her like a Cindy musical instrument.

That, more than Forced enema stories ropes, gags, and other things he used, is what really gave him such total control over her. She heard various sounds of water running in the bathroom and other things. In a few minutes she saw him return to the bedroom pushing a white enameled cart that looked like some kind of hospital equipment.

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It had a 4-foot rod mounted on the side and hanging from it was a large red rubber bag, bulging as if it held a gallon of water. It was so full that the top was slightly brimming over with some kind of white suds. It had a piece of tubing extending from it Forced enema stories was itself connected to a large red rubber tube about 3 feet long with a small slit on the side of the tip. Cindy shuttered as she realized this was a hospital system for giving large volume enemas to patients.

She hardly had to guess what was in store for her. Steve sat down on the bed beside Cindy and gently caressed her. He began kissing her on the back of her neck and simultaneously moved his hands under her, massaging her breasts and working his Forced enema stories down between her legs to her little clit. I am going to give you a deep, cleansing soapsuds enema. Now, she gasped, "Oh please, Sir, don't make me take one of.

I don't like them Then I will take you out to a nice dinner. Young girls like you need a good cleaning out once in a while. It is good for your complexion and general health. It will wash out all the bad chemicals and toxins you have taken in from those fast food places and junk food. I promise I will do anything and be a good girl. My daddy used to give me those things when I was a little girl and they were so humiliating I felt so ashamed afterwards. I will go very slowly and carefully. To get the bestI am going to use a long colon tube and work it deeply up into your intestine.

But, as I said, I will push it in very slowly. I have prepared a very good enema mixture with warm soapsuds.

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The thick soapy water will help the colon tube to pass more easily up into your tummy. You won't even let me keep control of my bodily functions! But she knew there was nothing she could do but accept what he had decided to give her. Although he punished her often in various ways, even painfully sometimes, it seemed to cause him to love her more intensely each time. It was as if the punishment and degradation caused the love and affection that she craved so much.

Whatever the cause, she only knew that she was helplessly in love with this man and she was equally sure that he loved her unconditionally. Steve then took a small squeeze bulb filled with mineral oil and lubricated the tip with K-Y Jelly. He then pulled Cindy's little buns-cheeks apart and pressed it against her tight little anal rosebud. Then he gently pressed the tip of the syringe against her anus and pushed it all the way in. Simultaneously, he squeezed the bulb and forced it to eject its contents into Cindy's rectum.

She gasped, "OH. She was helplessly bound and was being forced to receive a humiliating invasion of her body. But she also had an ambiguous feeling of happiness in being "taken" against her will this way by this man she loved and trusted so much. Steve then took the large red rubber colon tube, lubricated it slightly, and began working it into Cindy's delicate little rear passage. He successfully got it past her tight anal ring and felt it glide free up into her rectum about 6 inches. Then he skillfully twisted and probed until it popped thru the rectum into her ascending colon. Cindy heard a "click" as he opened the stopcock on the tube from the bag.

She could even hear it gurgling as it rushed into her lower colon. She jerked slightly and tried to reach down to remove or pinch the enema tube. However, Steve had taken the precaution of binding her arms tightly behind her back, using a special technique of pulling her tied hands high up to lock them in place and keep her from reaching anywhere near her buns. He continued to work the colon tube deeper and deeper into her. Cindy closed her eyes and fought to hold back the tears.

She felt so completely defeated and humiliated. She glanced up at the large 4-quart enema bag hung from the wall to see if it was nearing emptiness. It appeared to be half empty. She squirmed and tried to force out the enema tube. But it was no use She could feel the warm soapsuds flooding across her transverse Forced enema stories and down deeply to the end.

Then Forced enema stories pressure began building up back in the other direction. She struggled and was able to look down and could see her huge bulging tummy. I can't hold any more I can't take it Her tummy was churning and cramping now from volume of the enema, which was by now 3 quarts, and the nausea caused by the soapsuds.

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Steve then became very kind and 'fatherly' with her. He began gently kissing and caressing her as she struggled to hold the enema. I want you to be a good little girl and hold your enema for Daddy. It will be over in a little while and you will feel so good afterwards. You know I am only doing this for your good, don't you? Of course you do You know that don't you? You must hold your enema for Forced enema stories little while in order for it to work. But this will help you take your mind off the pressure and cramping in your little tummy. Do you know how little babies calm down when they have a mother's breast put into their mouths to suck on?

Well, big girls are sometimes like little babies too Daddy is going to put his penis in your mouth and I want you to just close your eyes and kiss and suck it Right now, my penis is enlarged and swollen, and it will feel fairly big in your mouth. That is because you are such a sweet little girl that you have made me feel good, and that's what happens to a man when his girl makes him feel good.

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Steve then gently pushed his hard erection against Cindy's mouth. Her lips resisted at first, but he pushed harder and forced himself deeply into her mouth. She gasped and moaned from her Master's intrusion. She could feel how hard and swollen it was. She could barely take in her mouth as it almost made her gag.

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However, it did seem to relieve the pain and discomfort she was experiencing from the soapy enema. She closed her eyes and moaned as Steve begin to slowly thrust himself back and forth in her mouth. She involuntarily pursed her lips and clasped his wonderful cock the same as if he were having sexual intercourse with her mouth. With her tongue she instinctively began licking and caressing the swollen head, moaning softly. Cindy now actually felt good She fantasized that she felt this way because he had made her pregnant. She felt wonderfully secure with her arms tied tightly behind her back.

There were no awkward decisions for her to make Steve looked at his slender little prize and noted her tight swollen "pregnant" tummy. It excited him strongly.

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He then withdrew his throbbing erection from her mouth, and clamped the stopcock shut on the enema tube. He slowly withdrew the long thick colon tube from Cindy. As he pulled it out, she felt a wonderful sensation and feeling of partial relief from the pressure. Now she really began to get hot and excited from the wonderful feeling of holding the enema Steve was also very hot and hard. He turned Cindy on her side, put some K-Y Jelly on his throbbing cock and slightly spread apart her little buns. Daddy is going to push himself into your wonderful little backside This is how a man expresses himself when he really loves his Forced enema stories little girl.

She was already moaning and breathing harder, involuntarily moving her hips in anticipation of the sexual pleasure she was about to experience. Steve pushed the head of his thick cock against Cindy's tight little anal rosebud.

Forced enema stories

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Forced Enema Stories