Forced feminized stories

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Keep reading. You make a very pretty girl - after the surgery - see story Husband to Housewife; feminised husbands, forced feminisation. My wife Belinda has a very high-powered job on the trading floor in the City of London. She dresses for work in beautifully tailored, very expensive power suits — usually a pant suit but sometimes a skirt suit. She can afford it. Belinda is paid a lot of money but works very long hours.

She is on the trading floor before am most mornings, and often needs to go out and socialise with clients until late in the evening. Her clients are billionaires and require a personal service in the handling of their very large share portfolios. As a primary school teacher, I naturally get paid Forced feminized stories less, and with all the government interference in state schools my job was becoming increasingly stressful and less rewarding.

So I guess it was logical that when we had children, I would give up my job, which by that time I loathed, and stay at home to look after the children. When George and Samantha were babies it was okay, although I did find it embarrassing to go to the mother and baby groups with the young mothers. When the children got to school age, I began to hate being the only man standing at the school gate waiting for the children to come out. The expressions of the mothers who I caught staring at me, but who looked away when I met their Forced feminized stories, ranged from mild puzzlement to open hostility and Forced feminized stories disgust.

It was so humiliating. It was after taking the pills for about six months that I started to notice the changes. My breasts seem to be getting enlarged and my nipples were feeling tender, and the distribution of my body fat seemed to be altering. My hips were widening, and I was putting on weight on my thighs. My wife at first assured me that it was probably just lack of exercise. Actually, that sounds like quite a lot of exercise and hard work, as many stay-at-home mothers still know. She suggested maybe I should take up jogging on a local gym.

I had no enthusiasm to do either. Belinda could see how unhappy I was. I went shopping up Oxford Street in my lunch break. I took the package and went upstairs to our bedroom. On the bed were laid out a black mini skirt and a cream silk blouse, and a pair of sheer black tights. I opened the package. Inside I found a pair of black lacy panties and a matching bra. I looked and looked at the female clothing in astonishment. What on earth was Belinda playing at? I sat on the bed and burst into tears. Let me help you. My new breasts seemed to fit snugly into the bra cups.

I slid the silk panties up my legs and rolled on the tights, after my wife had explained how to do it, then stepped into the mini skirt, put on the blouse, and she helped me do up the buttons, as my fingers felt clumsy. Belinda sprayed some of her Dior scent behind my ears, then went to the wardrobe and produced a pair of Jimmy Choo black high-heeled court shoes. She put it into a pony tail with a black elastic scrunchie.

She explained what she was doing, applying foundation, eye makeup to my lids, and outlining my eyes with a black pencil. She applied mascara to my lashes and lipstick in a shade of lustrous red to my lips and completed my makeup with a touch of blusher to my cheeks. Then she removed the scrunchie and brushed out my blonde hair, which had grown to near shoulder-length. I put on the black stiletto court shoes. It felt very strange, wearing high heels. Belinda opened the wardrobe door, which had a full length mirror on the inside.

I stood in front of the mirror, and saw an attractive blonde woman looking back at me.

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Was I a bit turned on and at the same time almost grateful for what my wife had done to me? How could that be? You make a very pretty girl! I Forced feminized stories confused but Forced feminized stories strangely - excited? I was reluctant to admit it to myself, as if I had crossed some forbidden barrier that should not, ever, be opened to those born into the male sex. Before I could reply, she produced some red nail varnish from her handbag, took my hand, and proceeded to paint my nails.

We watched a science fiction film, then went up to bed. On the bed there was a baby-doll nightie of burgundy silk. The next morning was Saturday. Will you wear again the mini skirt and blouse? No-one will think anything other than that you are a very attractive woman. So off we went to Covent Garden, where we had a coffee in one of the up-market coffee shops. Then we hit Oxford Street and the stores. Belinda helped choose skirts, dresses, shoes, lacy underwear, including even a silky suspender belt and sheer stockings; more nighties, coats, handbags — a complete female wardrobe - for me.

The shop assistant who gave me a token for the of items I was trying on did not give me a second look. After our shopping, we went for a drink and something to eat in Blame Gloriaa swanky basement cocktail bar. Belinda looked across the table at me, as we drank Porn Star martinis. I gulped down a lump of the ice and used the straw to suck up a big slug of my drink, feeling immediately the heady hit of the vanilla-infused Eristoff vodka and passion fruit liqueur.

Belinda brought me into the living room. George and Samantha stared at me in amazement. Her name is Alice now, but she is still your father, and you can still call her Pa — or Alice, if you prefer. She is going to be a woman from now on.

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It is amazing how accepting children of nine and seven can be. It is amazing how accepting I was.

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Her name is Kylie. She has long hair and plays with me and the other girls on the playground. For one thing it will be much easier for you, standing with the other women at the school gate, for example. And it will be much easier Forced feminized stories me to have a wife to take care of things at home, as I work such long hours.

Well reader, you have probably guessed the rest. Belinda took me to Marbella to have facial feminisation surgery. Luis Capital and Dr. Daniel Simon performed the feminine brow sculpturing, lip lift, and liposuction under my jaw, while a German plastic surgeon whose name I forget carried out my nose job.

The nurses at the Marbella clinic were wonderful, and I was also looked after by Lilia Koss, a very friendly and supportive American lady who worked as English-speaking liaison for the Facial Team. Lilia was married to a Spanish guy. They Forced feminized stories in a little Andalusian village a few miles from Marbella.

After the FFS there was no turning back. My wife urged me to complete my feminisation. I arrived at the first meeting fully dressed as a woman I had been living full time as a woman for over nine monthsso it was no surprise that I was diagnosed as having gender dysphoria. They assumed I would continue with the female hormone treatment, prescribing Estradiol — 4 mg a day — which was free on the NHS, although we could have afforded to pay for it privately of course. It was understood that there was no doubt that I would proceed to full sex reasment surgery.

I must have wanted to change my gender, deep down. The subconscious is a funny thing. Had I always wanted to be a girl? Who knows? So, I accepted my fate. The surgeon was one of the top U. He was very kind, as were the nurses. Of course I had to wear a catheter for the first five day after the surgery, then the day came for the plaster bandage to be removed. The Forced feminized stories was removed and I peed for the first time sitting down.

Belinda and the children stayed in a hotel nearby and came to visit every day. Unusually in view of her high-powered job, my wife had taken time off to be with me while I was undergoing the surgery. Belinda delighted in seeing me in my panties and bra when I was getting dressed, particularly how femininely smooth and flat my crotch looked now, and how well my boobs had come on, although she still urged me to have implants to make my chest a bit bigger. Eventually I gave in and now can easily fill a D-cup.

I am not sure why you are reading this, which is all true, and as it happened. Perhaps you are a poor male who wishes it could happen to him? Even without a beautiful wife like Belinda to feminise you completely, it can still happen to you if you really want it enough. Some of my readers may be wondering - did this really happen? Yes, it did. Most of it, and particularly the details of the facial feminisation surgery, sex change surgery, female hormone treatment - I have personal experience of - it really happened to me.

If you enjoyed this story, you will certainly love my book of classic transgender fantasy stories, available from Amazon:. This book is a collection of beautifully written stories exploring transgender themes. All the stories are set in a variety of situations and the descriptions give real focus and depth. I would recommend this amazing book to anyone trans, also partners, wives or friends who would enjoy these stories. Nice collection.

A very nice variety of stories. The writer has a very human view on gender transition and the cover picture is fascinating. Loved everything in that book. Looks good. I have bought this book for my 17 year old son who recently told me that he was a transgender and has hidden it until now. This book looks great and I hope he finds comfort with it.

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I love Transgender people, they are normal just like me Forced feminized stories I have a lot of respect for them. This book looks very good. Five Stars. Jack was a macho bully as a man, but Jacqui is a lovely woman who does whatever I say, and there can be no going back to her old self, after all the female hormones, dieting, facial feminisation surgery and sex reasment surgery.

No-one would imagine she used to be a New York Giants quarterback! Jacqui is entered for the Feminised Husbands ant - will she win it and go on a world tour as the beautiful woman she has become? How Stephen Became Stephanie — and other transgender tales. View On WordPress. Now Playing Tracks. A true story. Belinda came into the bedroom, sat down next to me, putting her arm round my shoulders.

I sat down on the sofa and looked down at my nylon-clad legs in the mini skirt. Gentle, passionate.

Forced feminized stories

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