Forced perm stories

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Once on a day, my girlfriend came home from the hairdresser. She looked beautiful. She had a perm done. It was rather special, because she normally would have her hair just cut and styled. I complimented hair and told her that she looked great. Her reaction was rather surprising to me. Was this true? Was this really my girlfriend calling for a perm???? Amanda will wash your hair already. She used a shampoo that smelled lovely and took her time. I felled like in heaven and almost forgot why I was in the salon. Then Jenny came over.

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I always thought that a perm might suit you. Jenny took a trolley and started to part my hair. She took some small papers and started to wrap my hair on perm rods.

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Somehow she seemed to like it. After a while my head was covered with rods. I felled quit stupid and the womenthey where still in the shop although they both where finished, kept looking at me. Before I realised. Jenny started to apply some nasty smelling liquid to the rods and to my hair.

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In a matter of time it was soaked and smelled really badly. I felled excited and frightened at the same time. The women kept looking at me and Jenny put some plastic thing around my neck. I looked ridiculous to my own eyes, but at the same time I was excited. This was my dream come true……….

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As I sat there, I felt rather helpless. Those women looking at me and two female hairdressers seeming to have a sadistic pleasure in the situation. Strange enough, this was rather exactly what I wished, did my girlfriend know about my secret wish? Was it only the fact that the women never saw a men having a perm? After a while, Jenny started to inspect the Rods. I was asking Jenny.

Let here decide about your fate, after all she is a professional and knows the job. I started to feel more and more uncomfortable.

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Those women kept looking at me and I sat there in a chair, surrounded by 4 women. Did my girlfriend know that It would be like this? Did she sat it up? I could only wait.

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Then, the door opened! How on earth could this be…….? The young women was ……. My hairdresser from my youth!! Was this coincidence? How could she know that I went for a perm…. I felt rather ashamed, but thinks got worse. What did you think?

You know He came to my salon as a young boy from about 12 years old. My boss learned me how to Wind up a perm in rather short hair. Harry was my study object then. I scared him of I thought, but maybe I might have inspired him to have a perm of his own……. Sounds good to me. Lets finish the Job!!! You must be logged in to post a comment. Hair Stories Your home for hair stories and forums. Mary Blue Eyes ». Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. Search Site:.

Forced perm stories

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Forced perm his hair stories