Forced to smell feet story

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Share Share with:. Link: Copy link. Switch to Print View - 28 posts 1 2 Next. This is my first ever story. It is based on a true story but all the feet action was added in. All of my stories are written as if the person hates feet. Hope you enjoy I walked down the stairs to my sisters bedroom. Mum had asked me to deliver her a hot chocolate. Me and my sister got on well, even though there was a quite big age difference between us, 8 years.

She was a very smart person, I would have never picked here to be devilish until this experience happened, but she always had a way of getting people to do what she wanted. She was considered to be quite good looking amongst here age group, I had never thought so because, well, I was her brother. She had long brown hair, blue eyes and a lovely smile. But she had a very bad problem with stinky feet. Mainly because she always dressed to fit the fashion and most of the time wore boots. The same boots days in a row and usually the same socks too. I hated the smell of her stinky feet, or anybody's stinky feet for that matter.

The sweat that they gathered during Forced to smell feet story day made them slimy and disgusting, my sister would use this to her advantage. Getting me to massage her feet on many occasions, getting me to get her shoes and socks for her and put them on her feet.

I would just do these things as fast as possible and then leave to wash my hands.

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There weren't many people home today. Mum was upstairs now watching television, my brother was on camp and my dad was at work. So it was only me and my sister "Jess" downstairs. I walked into here bedroom. She had just gotten back from being out with her friends, and like she so very often is, was wearing boots. Black boots that were slightly crinkled and folded inwards at the top. They looked very used and trust me, they had been. She was lying down on her bed just playing on her phone. She saw me come in, put down her phone and asked me to place the hot chocolate on the table next to her.

I asked her if she had enjoyed going to town and we made small talk for a short while. I was about to leave when she asked me "would you like to play on my phone?

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I said "I would love too". I reached out to grab it put she pushed it away just before I could grab it. I jumped up onto the bed, she moved her boots away and lay down. Shen then placed her boots on top of me and said stay still. Her boots where horrifically dirty and I immediately moved away and stated "gross, don't put your boots on me".

She said "ok, ok fair enough, I have a better idea anyway" She quick as a flash jumped on top of me, removed some duct tape she had in her pocket and started to tie my arms together. She then put a piece of tape on my mouth and left the room. I started to work on getting my hands out, knowing that she was going to be back any second from now.

I wasn't able too, she stormed back through the door carrying some rope in her hands. She began to very thoroughly tie me up. After a good ten minutes or so she sat back on the bed puffing. I just made futile sounds of cries and help into my tape, which got me absolutely no where.

I realised she was taking her boots off and I was wondering what she was doing. She took both boots off and both socks off and then held them in a ball near my face. I knew better than to talk, mainly because I had figured out what she was going to do with those socks and opening up my mouth to speak was not a good idea.

She didn't even bother asking me to open my mouth up, she just took her hand and started tickling me under my armpits. I lasted as long as I could, which was about 2 seconds before opening my mouth. She quickly shoved her blue and white socks into my mouth and just re- sealed the tape locking them in. The taste hit me immediately, a salty, bitter, vinegary taste was how best to describe it. I soon realised how much she had been sweating throughout the day, because it was now all dripping off the socks and landing onto my tongue. I kept moving my tongue around trying to find somewhere that didn't taste so bad, but there was no safe haven.

I was forced to Forced to smell feet story on the terrible flavour. As if having to taste the horrible flavour of her days foot sweat and dirt wasn't enough she then went and got herself comfortable leaning her back against the wall, and then placed her feet onto my face. The smell hit me instantly of her sweaty feet. Like cheese been left in the fridge a couple of weeks to long. I attempted to struggle my way out of the ropes that had tied me up here, but there was no way out.

She took her feet off of my face and I started to get excited she was going to let me got. Instead she went into her cupboard and grabbed an electric blanket. She plugged it in and turned it on. Then placed her feet back onto my face and wrapped the blanked around her feet and my face. The blanket heated up causing her feet to sweat more and the smell to get far worse.

I just had to lie there and endure the terrible taste and horrible smell. I had a feeling I was going to be there more that 3 hours. To Be Continued…. Love the story please continue. Sorry about these coming out at weird times, I live in New Zealand. Hope you enjoy I heard a click and then the noise of the TV coming on. I was still stuck in the same place, tied up, socks in my mouth and my sisters horribly stinky feet stuck on my face. I was not to sure how long I had been here for. The first 2 minutes felt like an hour too me in this situation, so there was no way too know how long it had actually been.

The electric blanket was still wrapped around my face and her feet, which where still sweating like crazy. The most annoying thing was her toes were constantly wriggling on my face. All I could see was her feet, all Forced to smell feet story could taste were her feet, all I could breathe were the smell of her feet and her constantly moving her toes was driving me crazy.

I attempted to find some fresh air rocking back and forth looking for somewhere that didn't smell so terrible. This frustrated her, she whacked me over the head with her boot sitting on the bed.

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I was shocked at first as to what had hit me, but after recovering I went back to rocking again. She ripped her feet out of the blanket casing, and then yanked the blanket off. Grabbing the duct tape again she placed several strips onto my forehead that connected on either of my head to the bed. She did this down my entire body with small gaps between each new row. There was no way that I could get out now, let alone move. She then re-set herself up so I was once again forced to smell her feet whilst she sat comfortably drinking her hot-chocolate.

After what I think was 1 hour and a half, because she had watched 3 TV shows. Her watching TV had only made me think of all of the more exciting things I could have been doing right now.

Forced to smell feet story

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