Ghost wedgie stories

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While Matt and Jesse were tied to the tree gagged. They heard someone opening the gate to there backyard. Then Matt realized he invited his buddy Daniel over earlier today. Daniel started to walk around the house and saw Matt and Jesse. He ran over to them laughing at them.

He pulled the gags out of there mouths and asked them what happened.

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Daniel busted out laughing at them as he untied them. Matt and Jesse went inside and again put fresh clothes on. While they were doing that Daniel saw the back door of the haunted house opened.

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He walked over, and was looking inside the door from the outside. He started to explore, he went upstairs to the office.

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He saw the book Matt was talking about in Latin. Matt and Jesse were at the back door calling for Daniel. As he is standing over desk looking at the book; the ghost appeared behind him. Dark tentacles came up from behind him and covered his mouth and grabbed his arms. He was spun around facing the ghost.

The ghost raised his hand and snapped. Daniels Ghost wedgie stories, shirt, and shoes disintegrated. He was now standing there in just his Batman briefs. The ghost carried him down to the bottom of the stairs and tied him with his back against the railing post. Then a ripped red brief flew into his mouth. A roll of duct tape appeared infront of him and tape his mouth shut. Matt and Jesse were calling out for Daniel. They had to go in there and get him out, they told each other. Melvin wedgie.

Game night wedgie. Speedo wedgie. Ghost wedgie PT four. You are reading short wedgieboy stories Random wedgie shorts.

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They had to go in there and get him out, they told each other Please vote. Continue Reading. She isn't short. She is bite sized. Anita Rosaline Nightshade has always been small. She might be small, but she Start Reading with Browser.

Ghost wedgie stories

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short wedgieboy stories