Girls wearing diapers stories

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These 8 stories make up the Pamper-ed Husband series. The 8th story, Pauline Pussy Baby is not available anyplace else. Billie Ballerina Laid off, drinking hard, and miserable Bill finds happiness working for a company saving the world one feminized and babyfied man at a time.

Wendy discovers a system to hypnotize men until they discover what they really want to be in life, thus solving their personal issues. What they want varies, but always includes wearing baby girl panties and diapers. Prince Princess Even after he marries Jennifer, Prince can't escape loneliness -- until he lives out his dream of dressing like a princess.

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A computer network security expert, he doesn't understand why Jennifer cheers when he receives a job offer from an unknown company. Prince learns the secret when Wendy the president takes him to the Transformation Room, where he undergoes special adult baby feminization training.

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Brian Brownie Brian needs the job to keep his wife and kids, but does he really want to wear a Brownie uniform? The special deer drug Wendy the company president gives him kicks in with a wallop even before he reaches the Transformation Room. He wants to tear the clothes off every woman in sight and ravish them on the floor. Yet, once inside the Transformation Room, Wendy rips off his clothes.

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Charlie Cheerleader Charlie can't get over his wife's infidelity -- until he put on a short skirt and sweater, and waves pom poms. Turns out his wife lied about meeting a boyfriend, just to get Charlie's reaction. Now he can't stop imagining her with another man, even knowing the truth. Now, he discovers his greatest desire -- to cheer on the team in panties. Angelo Angel Angelo "the Iceman" doesn't need anybody, until he wears frilly ruffled panties and discovers his inner angel. Unhappy at her husband's lack of love and warmth, Angelo's wife sets up a job interview for him at Rockport Concepts.

In the Transformation Room he turns into a baby angel wearing angel panties -- the secret to his happiness. Burt Birthday Girl From online porn addict to adult baby girl in ruffled panties. Since discovering computers, Burt can't resist pornography. Even his wife can't compete with porn stars. Desperate, she gets him a job interview at Rockport Concepts, where the president Wendy takes him down to the Transformation Room. All Burt really wants out of life: the attention the birthday girl gets, and Girls wearing diapers stories wear her sweet dress and panties.

Bobbie Baby Girl From war hero to corporate hero to baby sister in panties and diapers.

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He must save their marriage by discovering his greatest desire: to wear ruffled panties and diapers as a baby sister. Pauline Pussy Baby Paul discovers how Wendy's company grows -- one crossdressing, feminization, babyfied, adult baby sissy in panties and diapers at a time. His greatest desire: to live as a sweet pussy baby, in panties and diapers.

Because you want to all these guys as they learn to appreciate the joy of wetting their panties and diapers with naughty. Extreme adult baby content: age play, diapers, enemas, pegging, gangbang pegging, crossdressing, female domination, spanking, loss of toilet training, panties, diapers.

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Wendy works hard to realize her mission in life: bringing about world peace by sissifying, babyfying, and feminizing every man on the planet. Wendy hails from the Midwest town of Rockport, where she still lives. Although considered a goody two-shoes by everybody who knows her, Wendy harbors a secret fantasy.

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What if all those football players and other macho guys trying to get into her panties instead wore the panties? The 8th story, Pauline Pussy Baby, is not available anywhere else. Kaufgesuch aufgeben. Weitere beliebte Ausgaben desselben Titels.

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Girls wearing diapers stories

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