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Do you write sex stories or sex-related texts? Register here to post. Posted Wed 8th of June Report. Introduction: Hey guys, sorry it took so long but here it is, the last of the Hannah Montana's!

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Rate and comment. He looked down at the video camera to make sure that it was recording. It was. Miley is Hannah Montana! His mind screamed. Holy shit. This is perfect! Later Hannah montana sex stories night, Hannah Montana finished another concert, walking off the stage to the loud applause of her fans. She went straight to her dressing room, grabbed her purse, and walked to the back door. This time, she waited inside, until her limo pulled up outside. Hannah opened the door, and ran out into the waiting limo.

The door opened from the inside, and she slid in, closing the door behind her. Across from her sat her father, Robbie Ray. Then she pulled off her blond wig, and shook her brown hair Hannah montana sex stories. They were silent the rest of the ride home, not quite sure how to act while they were alone. When the limo pulled up in front of their ranch outside of Malibu, Miley said goodnight to her father and walked through the house to her room. Picking the remote up off her bed, Miley clicked the open button, and the furniture and mirror slid aside to reveal the hidden closet.

She kicked off her shoes and placed them on a rack. Then Miley unbuttoned her white deer jeans, and wiggled her hips to cause them to fall off. Underneath, she wore black, thin panties. Miley hung her jeans up in a closet just for pants, and pulled off her loose yellow top. That left her standing in matching bra and panties. She hung the shirt up and exited the closet. He was reclined against the pillows and tossing something up and down.

Miley screamed and grabbed a folded up blanket on the dresser. She pulled it up to her chest, and it unfolded and dropped to the floor, covering her whole body. Miley stared at him in shock, not believing that he had broken into her room. It struck her, then. A sense of dread settled on her heart. What matters is this; what would you DO for it not to get out? Rico swung his feet off the side of the bed, and stood up. The first is to tell me to leave. The second is to accept, and become my personal…slave.

But Rico lifted a finger, and stopped her before she could talk. The second option might be slightly humiliating, but at least nothing else would change. Think about it. She stood there for several minutes not moving, in shock. It took a cool breeze coming through the door to shake her out of it, close the door, and slide into bed.

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The next morning, Miley woke up groggy. Lily had barged in, waking her up. She left again almost immediately, out again with Oliver. It was now Saturday morning and Rico said that he would be back. Miley knew that she could never let her secret get out, as her life would practically end the moment it did.

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She knew what Rico would make her do, as his slave. And she was nervous. She was scared. But somewhere deep down inside, Miley knew that she was excited. For some reason which escaped her, she was wondering and looking forward to what Rico would have her do. Is my mind really that fucked? She looked to her left, Hannah montana sex stories sure enough, there was Rico. Right on time, of course. She swung her long legs of the bed, grabbing her bathrobe from the floor as she did.

Miley had slept in the her black panties from last night, so she slipped the robe on and tied the rope around the front. It was small for her, so it reached down to barely mid-thigh. She knew that eventually she would have to loose it, but for the moment she felt more secure with it on. Miley walked over to her window, with Rico standing impatiently outside. She unlocked the window with the lever at the top, and then opened it. Miley backed away as Rico climbed through. Her robe rode up to her crotch, and she unconsciously reached down to pull it down. Miley nodded, slowly. She was dreading this moment.

Rico looked at her expectantly, clearly waiting her to voice her choice. Miley opened her mouth, and then closed it again. This was harder than she expected. She forced herself to reopen her mouth, and let the hateful word slip out. He began unbuttoning his jeans, smiling at her lewdly as he did. The button came undone and he Hannah montana sex stories the fly down, and then let the pants fall to the ground. Rico stepped out of them, and then pulled off his shirt.

So far, it looked to be a good size. After Rico had pulled of his shirt he stood there, hands on his hips. Loose the clothes, slave, and get over here. The robe fall to the ground, exposing her tan, shapely legs, flat stomach, and round, perky breasts.

Miley walked closer to Rico, and knelt in front of him. She reached up, and with her fingers grabbed the elastic of his boxers. At the moment, it looked about five-and-a-half inches long. Miley took his cock in her hand, and slowly moved it back and forth. She felt it stiffen in her palm, and began stroking it faster. Within ten seconds Miley felt it harden to its full length, and removed her hand for a closer look.

She looked up at Rico, who was looking down at her, biting his lower lip. Miley backed up so that her panty-clad ass was sitting on the edge of the bed.

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Rico pushed her back, hard. She fell back, her shoulders and head hitting the mattress. The fifteen-year old boy took hold of her panties and ripped them off her with all the haste he could summon, throwing them over his back across the room. He looked down at the shaven glory before him, and Miley could practically feel his cock pulsating against the warm skin of her thigh, where it rested.

Rico moved up between her legs, pushing them apart and pulling her knees up to his hips as he did so. Miley wrapped her legs around his waist, and locked her feet together behind his back. At that moment, Miley decided that since this was going to happen anyway, why not enjoy it? Rico was in heaven. He had the two girls of his dreams, Miley Stewart and Hannah Montana, lying on the bed in front of him, her naked pussy inches away from the tip of his cock. He almost felt bad about blackmailing Miley. Rico pushed slightly with his hips, his inflamed cockhead pushing into her wet pussy. As her slippery cunt lips slipped around his engorged cock, he heard Miley gasp and moan.

Rico went deeper, feeling the lips of her pussy give way to more and more of his cock and the tight, pulsating feeling of the walls of her cunt. Then Rico was balls deep in Miley, all seven inches of his cock stuffed deep into her young cunt, with Miley groaning from the pleasure of it. Rico was moving his hips Hannah montana sex stories as he got used to the motion, thrusting steadily in and out of her tight cunt hole.

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Miley squirmed underneath him, letting out little screams of ecstasy every time he bottomed out inside of her. Rico realized what was happening, and immediately pulled out of her gaping cunt. Miley immediately slid forward, her ass falling of the bed and to the floor, so that the back of her head was resting where her ass had been half-a-second before.

Rico exploded, a spasm shuddering through his body as he began to cum. Ropes and ropes of his jizz shot out of his piss-hole. His hot liquid soon filled her mouth to the brim, and he felt Miley frantically trying to swallow it all before she choked.

Hannah montana sex stories

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