Helping mom pee stories

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Forgot your password? This is the start of a multi-part series. II plan to release more frequently. I've already written the second part. My name is Isaac. I live with my thirty eight year old mother Lillian in an old townhouse in the middle of the city. My mother looks like an amazon. She has short black hair and brown eyes.

She would definitely be described as handsome, not beautiful, but there are plenty of people who are into her type. I myself am a small, scrawny nerd. I take after my father. Sarah had just gone through a messy break up, so my mom decided to let her stay with us. The house we live in may be old, but my room is pretty awesome. My dad used to buy me just about everything I wanted.

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I have a collection of comics, all the newest game systems, actions figures, novels, figurines, you name it, I have it. My mom never comes into my room. I must admit, I can be a bit of a pain to deal with. She never calls me by my real name, she just says brat. One of my friends dared me to install a camera in our bathroom to catch my aunt on the toilet.

He has a massive crush on her. Unfortunately I must not have hide it well because my aunt found the camera before I got anything. It pissed her off something fierce. She spent the better part of an hour cussing me out about the damn thing. I was lying on my bed reading a comic book. It had been a few days since my aunt found the camera. My room was a mess. There were action Helping mom pee stories, stuffed animals and books all over the floor.

I was surprised when the door to my room opened. My aunt walked in and looked around at the state of my room. I expected some kind of a lecture, but instead she just stood there, biting her lip. I was afraid she was going to start screaming at me. With that, Sarah dropped her pants, revealing a black thong. She walked into the middle of my room. I jumped off my bed in panic. I know she hates you, brat. My aunt pulled down her thong. I could see her pussy. She had a single strip of pubic hair leading to it. I was taken aback by the sight and her statement. She was right.

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If I went to my mom, nothing good would happen. My aunt squatted down over my floor. She adjusted her butt so she was hovering over a pile of toys and stuffed animals, then began to piss. Her pee was bright yellow. I watched in horror as it splashed down upon my things.

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My aunt let out a satisfied sigh. She was pissing a steady stream. I watched as it coated a teenage mutant ninja turtle figure and splashed all over a stuffed elephant. There was no way I could wash them without my mother finding out. I hate to admit it, but the sight of my aunt voiding her bladder made my cock stiffen. I always had a thing for pee, but seeing it in person was something else.

My aunt shook her butt from side to side spread her pee around onto as many objects as she could. She was watching her piss cover my belongings with a wicked smile on her face. She must have had to go bad, because she just kept on peeing. The toys under her were beyond salvation. She tilted her pussy up to spray piss across the room.

It hit the side of my bed and splashed on everything around it. I had to take a step back to avoid being hit. My aunt giggled and returned her stream to the toys belong her. The wet patch from her piss was spreading to nearby toys around her. I wondered how long she could keep up the unrelenting assault. She shook her ass up and down to dry off and grabbed a stuffed bear. She rubbed it on her pussy wiping away a few drops of piss, then she dropped it in the middle of her pee puddle.

My aunt pulled her thong and pants back up. She surveyed Helping mom pee stories damage she had caused and laughed again. She left me behind with the mess. My room was covered in piss. She must have pissed over a few dozen of my toys and stuffed animals. I reached down to pick one up, but flinched back when I felt the wetness on it.

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I sighed and went back to my bed. I figured the smell would eventually fade. Later that night I was playing my ps4 with the volume up high. I knew my mom couldn't hear it from her room. The thought of my aunt pissing in my room made me a little horny.

It was past my bedtime, but I hated going to sleep. I could stay up past three in the morning playing video games and often did. I was in the middle of an overwatch match when my aunt came in. She walked over and pulled the headphones off my head. I turned to see what she wanted. I was still playing out of the corner of my eye. I looked at my aunt. She was wearing a flimsy nightgown with nothing underneath it.

I could tell, because I could see her ample breasts through the fabric. My cock once again got hard. They were practically in my face. She rubbed her brow. I was still mad at her for pissing in my room, so I held my ground. My aunt sighed and walked away. I put my headphones back on and went back to killing people as Road Hog. Instead of leaving my room, my aunt walked over to my ps4 and hung her bare ass over it.

I pulled my headphones off. My aunt began pissing full force over my ps4. Yellow piss streaked down the surface and entered the disk drive. I could hear an unnatural buzzing coming from the machine. After a few seconds the display went dead, but my aunt kept on pissing. She had a huge smile on her face as she destroyed my ps4.

I looked on Helping mom pee stories shock.

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This was the second time today she had used her piss to destroy my belongings. I have to admit my dick was rigid, but my ps4 was trash!

Helping mom pee stories

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