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Readers can read all books for free, without any and give the authors feedback. Books that perform well based on their reader engagement are published by Inkitt in different formats and channels. He was about to lose his nerve he knew, so he allowed his instinct to speak for him before he missed this opportunity.

The words hung before them as the tent seemed to be sucked of air.

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Harry waited breathlessly for her response, trying his best to hide his emotions from her while reading her face. He glanced around briefly and quickly noticed there was nothing in the tent which could be used as a cane. He wanted to be strong during this and prove something somehow. Hermione nodded once again and with a deep, shuddering breath went through the flap of the tent into the forest. Harry paced across the floor for a moment before sitting on his bed.

His heart was pounding and his hands were beginning to sweat. His anger had all but subsided when he realized it was replaced by another feeling. He had felt something like this before, around Ginny and before her Cho. He felt the front of his pants and noticed he had an erection. A moment later Hermione reentered the tent carrying a half dozen sticks. They were of various width, length and overall form. Two of them appeared whippy and thin; the other two were longer and more rigid while also thin, looking like extra-long wands.

The final two were thicker and about a yard long. Hermione was always one to be thorough and like everything else she did in life she overachieved once again. Harry forgot for a moment what he was supposed to do but quickly regained his senses and looked at her with a determined stare. Harry had given his next idea some thought while she was out of the tent and made up his mind on how he now wanted to proceed. Harry waited to see if she would follow his instructions, unsure of what to do if she disobeyed.

But, Hermione looked as if she expected him to say this and still without a word proceeded to remove her sweater. Her bushy hair clung to her top as she pulled it over her head. She shook her hair out so it fell back to her shoulders. Beneath that he could see her bra covering her breasts. Harry stared at them, transfixed for a moment, her pure, white skin the same color as the rest of her body, no tan line noticeable.

Hermione calmly folded her sweater and placed Hp sex stories neatly on her Hp sex stories before moving back to the center of the room and placing her fingertips along the button of her jeans.

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She hesitated for a moment, Harry was sure she was about to stop this whole thing before she slowly unbuttoned her pants and unzipped herself. The jeans still clung to her waist; Hermione began wiggling herself side to side as she lowered her blue jeans, careful to keep her panties in place. She folded this article of clothing as well and turned to place them atop her sweater on her bed. As she turned, Harry was gifted a full view of her bottom for the first time. It was perfectly shaped, her panties extending just above each cheek which jiggled slightly as she walked.

Her smooth skin was noticeable as Harry longed to reach out and touch her. He steadied himself and sat up straight as she turned back around to face him. Thanks for this author, looking forward to reading more of your Hp sex stories. Neelesh: Nice story. Far from reality. Overall it's a good story. Wolf Girl: Omg. Search Search. Fanfiction More Fanfiction. Write or Story.

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Fantasy and Werewolves the Pack! How it works. Suspense He was about to lose his nerve he knew, so he allowed his instinct to speak for him before he missed this opportunity. Hermione blinked once but without missing a further beat cleared her throat and nodded. Harry was still sitting on his four corner as he inched back away from the edge. Chapters 2. Further Recommendations. Scotch on the Rocks by S.

Cant wait for book 2!!! Adriana: Another very beautiful story, thank you so much!!! Eclipse by Ct Katherine Sudario: I love the happy ending! Ayie: Short but sweet story. Easy read specially before bedtime. Jules Loving this plot. Cabin by the Lake by nanny.

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More Recommendations. Nowhere To Run by K. Ginger Millard: Good book. Enjoy it so far. in. in with Facebook in with Google. You can also up. Pick Your Birth Date.

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Hp sex stories

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Harry Potter: The Untold Tales #1 (Harry and Hermione)