Human toilet sex stories

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My shameful story. The one about my desire to act as human toilet paper. She had never dared shared them with her vanilla husband. I wanted to explore a genuinely messy asshole with my tongue. To my mind and not discounting any other kind of sexual activity, it would be the ultimate act of devotion to a woman, but although it was wonderful to wank myself silly watching others doing it, porn ultimately left me frustrated because I wanted reality not fantasy.

Sarah patiently read and responded to my ramblings about being a piece of human toilet paper, feeding my desires still further with some desires of her own. She explained that for her the idea of having a guy perform as her toilet paper was all about power and that was what aroused her. Then after about a week of rapid exchange, she revealed she lived in London, just a few miles from my home. Was I interested in meeting up for a drink and a chat? The following Friday night we met in a bar and after I got the drinks slid into a booth in a quiet corner.

Her photo had revealed a 40 something lady who knew how to dress to best show off her assets. She wore a flowing skirt, a blouse and heels with quality hosiery. Although Sarah came across as a supremely confident lady, she later admitted she was as scared as me about arranging this meeting. After another drink and with a reassuring smile she made her excuses and went to the ladies toilet.

I clasped my drink in both hands and anxiously wondered where this was going. I tried to relax and calm down. When she returned and sat down, Sarah reached down into her big handbag and produced a plastic water bottle. A sly smile spread across her lips as she handed it to me. I looked at it curiously then suddenly realised what was within.

The pale yellow colour told me it had come from her. I glanced around the busy bar, nobody was taking any notice of Human toilet sex stories. Keeping eye contact, I slowly unscrewed the bottle top and brought it to my lips. I took a long swig of her fresh and warm pee.

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She watched with an amused grin as Human toilet sex stories finished every last drop. I looked around the bar again, what would people think if they knew that I had just drunk a bottle of piss? Her pee had been sweet in taste and simply delicious. I rubbed my chin, but it was dry. As she brought to my face I saw it was lightly smeared with shit. Her shit. With the scent of her poo intoxicating my nasal passages and my heart racing, I nodded a silent reply.

With that thought in both of our minds, we left the bar and together walked the short distance to her apartment. We sat together on the sofa and forgot about the drinks, kissing and exploring each other with our hands, anticipation of what might follow increasing our mutual arousal. It was clear who was controlling this moment. The confident woman not me, the gibbering idiot. I did as I had been asked.

It was nerve racking stripping off under the watchful and amused gaze of my new friend, suddenly I felt very vulnerable, but I guessed that was the idea. Naked as the day etc. Sarah got up from the sofa and moved to an armchair, sat down and slowly raised her skirt to reveal her thighs, and to my delight, stocking tops and suspenders. She arched her body so she could pull down her white lacy panties. She slid them half way down her thighs and parted her legs so the material was drawn taught. I could see the gusset was smeared with brown marks.

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I willingly brought my nose to the material and inhaled her scents of her moistness and shit mingling in a heady cocktail that guaranteed pleasure and a desire for more, much more. After a few minutes of my reverent sniffing while she lightly toyed her pussy with her fingers, she slipped her panties off and laid back on the sofa before placing her legs up and over the arms of the chair to fully reveal her pussy.

It glistened with her cum. I placed butterfly kisses one after another as I slowly worked in an upward direction on both of her inner thighs. I edged forward and gently ran my tongue the length of her labia.

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She shivered. I probed more deeply before she grabbed a handful of my hair and pushed me fully against her. I buried my face in the moist haven, my tongue and nose revelling in taste the special smells and juices of in her vagina until she eventually shuddered with a powerful orgasm. I wanted to lick her asshole clean more than anything else in the world, but had held back for fear of cumming too soon myself.

Sarah rose up from the armchair with a big smile and went to the sofa where she kneeled with her back to me and her legs spread so her ass was presented haughtily and magnificently for my attention.

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Without encouragement from her, I went forward and smothered her little brown rosette with adoring kisses. She sighed. I found the dish, knelt back down and held it up. Leaning forward so her head rested on the rear of the sofa, she parted her cheeks with both of her hands so I could clearly see her anus. She winked it at me several times and farted. Then I saw her body go taught as she pushed. I watched in silent awe as a firm brown turd peeked from her anus, then disappeared again. Another push and it came out further.

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She relaxed for a moment, letting me savour the sight, then slowly pushed a bit more. Two inches of poo. Three, four. More as she eased it from the depths of her rectum. It pointed at me like an accusatory finger. Kiss my shit! Heart racing like it had never done before, putting down the glass dish I brought my lips to the hard, half exposed turd and reverently kissed it. I gently slid my tongue along its length, the gammy slightly bitter taste arousing me to even greater highs.

Then fingering herself with her right hand she pushed again and without warning what had been a proud and fat erection made of shit began to wilt as it left her bum. I quickly reached for the dish and just managed to catch her magnificent turd before it fell onto the floor.

Are you really ready to clean my asshole of every little bit of shit? Pushing herself up, Sarah reached behind and stuck a manicured finger deep into the turd and smeared it with some of her shit. I did and she smeared the brown goo onto my tongue. Then she reached again and lifting up a large lump of shit with two fingers, smeared it in a circular motion all around her asshole. I parted her cheeks and brought my eager tongue to the shitty mess that surrounded her asshole, greedily licking for all I was worth. I tasted and willinging swallowed all I could clean.

When I pushed my tongue deep into her asshole, Human toilet sex stories heard her moaning. Snuffling down there I wanted her and I wanted her shit, all of it! It was over all too quick. She shrieked with another orgasm that left her whole body trembling and I gave one last tug of my cock, I wanted more, but my arousal had to be released, I pulled away from her beautiful anus, stood up and ejaculated, my sperm shooting directly onto her asshole.

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Human toilet sex stories

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