I shared my wife stories

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My wife and I have known one another now for about eight years and our life together is getting more exciting all the time, especially in the sex depart- ment. Both of us have interesting well paying pro- fessional careers that provide us all the money we need to pursue the good things of life.

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Those ten years have been punctuated by some love adventures that make others pale by comparison. Joy has always been a free spirit, but given her heavenly body, that was easy to overlook.

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For the first five years of marriage. Let me start by introducing myself.

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We have been happily married for the past 7 years. Our sex life has always been very good and we are both a little kinky. Damn it was hard to wait!

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Just a few scant minutes ago he had blasted a big load of cum into the cunt that was being vigorously screwed right in front of him. Still, he was hard as could be. A big hard pecker was churning the fresh cum to a whitish froth, making his.

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I shared my wife stories

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Sharing my wife - True story