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Dave has no idea that his wife and daughter are sluts. Then he comes home early one evening! Bob and Alice travel to a swinging party where anything goes. Even before they get there, the car and a seedy motel are used to satisfy Alice's lust.

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Helen was raised in a incestuous relationship with her parents and sister. She has raised her own family the same way and this story records one of their meetings. When the Babysitter is a slut, she pulles the whole family into her web of sexual intrigue. Although it started with the babysitter, now the entire family are in heat. Everyone knows what a brothel is for, but this one only uses children. As the holiday continues, Carole gets invited to an orgy that is for teenagers only.

Eddie, Billy and Irene live in an isolated farm where they take their kidnap victims to abuse and kill. Extreme torture. Be aware of the story codes!. Parody ot the TV series. Three sisters with magical Incest stories asstr and a very big sexual appetite. This time, Prue is in trouble! Story about a very different type of convent. I don't think the Catholic Church would approve!

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Unlike the original story above, this is all my own work. Some of the same characters, but a different location. The Cavandish family throw one of their "special" parties. The result is a full blown orgy and not even the servants are spared. A tale of two children coming to terms with their sexual awakening. It all came from their mothers genes, but they don't know that yet!

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It started as a part time job to make some money, but Marcy found that she could make much more by offering a different sort of service. Ancient ruler wants to regain his former power. This story has a dark side. Check the story codes. Story of a horny family who see nothing wrong with using their children to satisfy their sexual urges.

The first of the "Carole" series and the first story I ever wrote. Carole and her mother Karen live a sluttish lifestyle and it soon spre to include Carole's school friends and Karen's sister. The farmer and the priest discover they have a mutual interest in young girls. The farmer and the priest still enjoy playing with young girls, but could it possibly be that there is someone else who is just as perverted as they are?

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The title says it all. Story of family incest where the men are always horny and the women are even worse. More from the Fuck Family. Although titled as part 2, it is a complete story in its own right and just features the same characters as the original story. Although titled as part 3, it is a complete story in its own right and just features the same characters as the original story.

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Take an isolated community where incest and paedophilia are considered normal acts and you'll have in idea as to what Gatesville is all about. Note that this is a very long story. Greg spends some time to help his sister sort our her life, but doesn't reckon on having to deal with his two horny, but underage, little nieces. Helen's children are very young, but that doesn't stop her having sex with them. More from Helens horny family and friends. This time the friends have four legs and a tail!

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If you have to leave your cute little daughter with a friend, try to make sure that she's not a paedophile! Trailer trash mother finds comfort in the arms of her two children - and the trailer park dog! His sister badly needs his help and this le Jimmy into the sexual adventure of his young life.

A runaway finally finds a family where she can fit in. A fourteen year old sister decides to teach her horny younger brother how to get into his new Incest stories asstr panties. A ten year old girl is developing sexually when she meets the man. Leyla invites three of her friends to a sleepover, and plans to introduce them to the pleasures of her mothers Incest stories asstr and her fasther's cock.

When Rod's car breaksdown in the middle of nowhere, he has no idea of the pleasures that would be on offer on the run-down farm he stumbles upon. A six year old little girl learns all about sex from her "Uncle Jack". Adam should have been content with fucking the mother, but he just couldnt resist her teenage daughter. Sally might only be fourteen years old, but she has three holes, and Adam has plans for every one of them. The man decides to meet the ten year old girl one last time. This time he's in charge and he knows exactly what he wants to do to her.

Story of a young girl who was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and picked the wrong man to ask for help. On a long car journey, mother and daughter share a motel room with unexpected. Fifteen year old Louise introduces her little sister to smoking a t, and also introduces her to her to her boyfriends cock. A highly respected and sucessful couple take their perversions to the Far East. Carole and Jason move to Vietnam in search of more little girls and nore extreme pleasure.

When his sister got married and moved away, Peter gradually forgot about being attracted to her and about the times they fooled around. One day he learned that his sister had never forgotten! Short story about two nine year old girls, and how one of them is secuced by her mother's boyfriend.

Paula had never considered herself to be a paedophile until the day little Amy knocked on her front door. Amy instigates another meeting with Paula, and this time, the woman wants the child's asshole. Some consensual sex but mainly non consensual. This is the Santa Claus you do not want your children to meet. Merry Christmas. Schoolgirls Underage lesbian sex. Zara and Cally were normal eight year old school friends, until the day they were walking home together and Zara had to pee really badly.

Susan used to be satisfied with the cock she got from her pet dog. Now she wants more. She wants into her parents bed. More from The Slut Family. Couple enjoy a swinging lifestyle and get their young babysitter to them. An uncle finds out that his niece is not so innocent as she appears. Kim and Amy try to get out of a tricky situation by seducing their Teacher, but it doesn't quite go the way they planned.

To avoid confusion with another story, this story has been renamed XXX See below. Club for rich people who like raping, torturing and killing young girls.

Incest stories asstr

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