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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. My wife and I have been together since college with a break after college while I was in the military where I know she played around as did I. Now in our mid 30's we have been past due for starting a family. The flip side of this is that we have been able to be kind of adventurous in many things — work, travel and of course, sex.

We haven't gone too wild, but we have had sex in some interesting places. We have experimented with exhibitionism, some nude beaches but until this point — no other partners. We hadn't really talked about it either. My wife and I have shared fantasies over the years and watched porn sometimes as well.

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She has commented on black men a lot and has talked and hinted at a desire to be helpless when it comes to getting fucked from time to time. There was a brief fantasy about an African Safari that did it for her too. Like I said — it was never really a serious discussion, rather hints and looks that made me think she would probably like to get fucked by a big black cock. I couldn't really blame her I guess. I expect just about any woman with a healthy sex drive would want that.

In the Army, I saw plenty of black guys and yes — before you say I am full of it — they are hung — certainly better than what I have Interracial impregnation stories only certainly better than what I have seen on most white men. Anyway, over the years, the idea of her getting fucked by someone else began to become more and more of a powerful fantasy for me and I began to introduce interracial porn into our viewing habits.

Slowly at first so as not to be too obvious, I found the ones with women that looked like my wife and got us watching them. We never talked about it, but I could tell she was into it. Donna is tall for a woman, about 5 foot 8. She weighs about pounds.

She is not fat — she is a woman, curvy with a full shapely ass and nice tits. Very thick, dark brunette hair hangs long over her shoulders and is matched by an equally thick, dark hairy snatch which is my favorite part. A woman shouldn't be a shaved, overstuffed barbie doll imitation. A woman should be soft, natural and have all the things a mature woman comes with, including a wet, furry pussy. She has that for sure. Anyway, we had decided to start a family.

We weren't really trying, just continuing our regular sex play which was pretty frequent. We just didn't bother looking at the calendar to see the optimum fertile times or anything like that. She just stopped taking the pill and we just kept fucking like we always had. We figured that she'd get caught sooner or later and didn't worry about it at all — things would happen when they did.

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So we kept our semi — kinky lifestyle, like I said, the occasional nude beach, or wearing no panties in public with a short skirt. Flashing some poor bastard on a train or in a bar her fine pussy that he would never have, fucking on a hotel balcony or with the drapes partially open. Just enough to keep things interesting. The night everything changed, we were at a party. It was a big deal for a major corporation that I was doing some consulting with.

It was New Year's Eve and the booze was flowing. The aroma of some fine grass was in the air as well and we got a few shots at that too. The company rented 3 floors of a hotel including all the suites. Each suite had a different party going on, but there were a couple that were not being used for some reason.

I guess with that much noise going on, the company wanted exclusive rights to the party. It was a great party and it was getting pretty wild as the night wore on. People were dirty dancing and couples and even a few groups were going off to obviously finish what they started on the dance floor. Donna and I danced most of the time with each other, but a couple here and there with some other people.

No big deal, but as we got close to mid-night, Donna while dancing with me and rubbing her fine body against me started teasing me. She told me that she went tot he bathroom and took off her panties and that she was naked under her dress. I got hard right away. There was only the thin fabric between her skin and everyone in the room. I told her how hot that was and that if she wasn't careful, everyone would get a peek at her naked ass and hairy pussy. She responded by grinding her cunt against my boner. I had checked the place out and knew that there was a vacant suite on the third floor and maybe we should head up there for a quick fuck.

Agreeable as ever, my sexy wife upped the ante. She told me to wait five minutes and then meet her upstairs in the suite. I had no idea what she had in mind but knew it would be good. She kissed me passionately, humping her moist, aroused mound against me and then walked off, swaying her full hips seductively. This was going to be a good one and I could barely wait. What I didn't realize is that I wasn't the only one that knew what was going on.

There was a man. A black man that didn't actually hear everything, but watched us intently and got the gist. When he saw my wife leaving the room and me standing there checking my watch, he knew that if he timed it right and was careful, he might be the one fucking the sultry brunette wife. Well I waited the full five minutes and headed upstairs. The elevator took longer than it should but I got up there.

I opened the door to the suite, coming in the bedroom side of the suite expecting her Interracial impregnation stories only be in that part, but it was dark and she was not in the bedroom. No matter, she was probably in the spacious main room and sure enough when I looked into the main room, there she was. The lights were off, but the she was kneeling on a couch against a huge bay window.

Her Interracial impregnation stories only body was on the shelf behind the couch where the window extended outside the building. Her legs were spread and her skirt was flipped up over her back revealing her moist, hairy cunt and the fingers from her left hand digging in between her furry pussy lips as she warmed herself up for me. The lights from outside were bright enough to illuminate her clearly and probably bright enough that she could barely see in the darkness. She clearly had planned to set herself up for this.

I would be able to see her, but her view would be limited. She was probably enjoying vulnerability; her naked behind open for invasion from a cock — my cock, but in her limited vision it could be anyone's.

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The erotic sight before me was something to behold. I would waste no more time. I turned back to lock the door on the bedroom not wanting to be disturbed. I then began shedding my clothes, my cock already dripping in anticipation of mounting the unaware woman in the next room. As I turned to exit the bedroom, my hard cock leading the way like a divining rod to the moist target awaiting me, I heard the sound of the door to the main room opening.

I froze for a moment not knowing what to do. I was completely naked and couldn't just walk out there. All my wife had to do was lower her dress and she would be OK, so I paused looking at my clothes on the bed thinking about hurriedly dressing myself. When I looked back into the main room, my wife hadn't reacted to the door opening. She apparently just assumed that it was her husband coming in as planned so she continued to rub her puffy, slick cunt lips and even began wiggling her ass at the man walking in. The light from the hallway spilled directly onto her naked bottom like a spotlight.

I was transfixed on my wife's sex until the door closed behind the man walking in. I couldn't tell exactly who it was, but I could tell he was a big man. He took Interracial impregnation stories only towards her and that is when I saw that it was a black man. A very large, bald black man. He was walking towards her staring at the open invitation before him. Still naked with an erection pointing out from my crotch, I stood frozen in place. Here was my wife, naked in front of a strange man.

Interracial impregnation stories only was approaching her with obvious intent. He was going to fuck her. My choices were simple: Go into the room naked and demand he leave, or stay and watch as things developed. While I didn't relish option one, running naked with my boner leading the way at a really big black man, I was also entranced with the possibility of watching Donna getting fucked by this man.

The hesitation actually made the choice for me. Donna, knowing someone was behind her and thinking it was me, pumped two then three fingers in and out of her seeping snatch breathlessly gasped, "Oh God, please fuck me. Fuck me now. I need your cock in me right now. Fuck me hard.

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No man alive would need a second invitation. Directly behind her now, he caressed her ass and pushed her hands away from her cunt. He inserted one very large digit inside her and with the other tugged at his belt. She rotated herself on his finger and continued, "Stop teasing me.

Fuck me. Fuck me now! His pants and boxers fell to the floor revealing an absolutely monstrous black cock which he was shucking with his free hand. It grew larger as Interracial impregnation stories only pulled at it and very quickly it attained it's full size of at least 10 inches and very, very fat. He began rubbing it and down her hairy slit, lubricating the head of the massive phallus for the dominating fuck she would get.

Still unaware that it was not her husband about to penetrate her, she growled as she rotated her hips, "That's it, put it in me. Fuck your wife and knock her up. Cum in me and make a baby. It turns out that we were both turned on by her being inseminated for real.

Something about fucking for real — with the possibility of impregnating a woman was a huge turn on for me so she always was submissive to me about my cumming in her. The revelation that the beautiful woman spread out before him was fertile caused the black man to pause a moment, but his big smile showed how much he was more than ready to oblige her. Grabbing her ass with one hand, he lined his black cock in between her pussy lips right at her opening and then began to push.

She was so wet and receptive he entered her easily, but it was right then she knew that it was not indeed her husband. She had many men in her day, but nothing this large had ever been inside her. She froze like a deer in the headlights with the realization that she was being taken by a complete stranger. Where was her husband? What should she do? Thoughts raced through her mind in a nano second.

He was not hesitating at all. He pushed further inside her and then began the in and out withdrawal of his cock as he began to fuck her in earnest.

Interracial impregnation stories only

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