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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. The huge desk taking up most of the floor space in his office was one of a kind. Constructed mostly of Carpathian Elm and Ebony, it had cost him somewhere in the neighborhood of two hundred thousand.

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The ergonomically deed chair he sat in was covered with fine smooth black calfskin that both cradled and supported his body in comfort and in style. That had set him back almost ten grand alone. The computer where he sat idly scrolling through web s was a top of the line machine he'd had custom built.

Another ten grand.

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Looking around the room, Joshua Michael Halyard was satisfied with this portion of his life. His office, like most of his house, was finely appointed with expensive woodwork and antiques that had caught his eye. And books, of course. He had a love of actual bound books. Unlike most of the people of his generation he had never succumbed to the lure of electronic reading. He preferred having and actual bound book in his hands when he read for pleasure. He loved the feel and smell of paper and ink and the tactile pleasure of turning actual s as his eyes consumed the words printed upon them.

Three walls of his private office were floor to ceiling bookshelves piled full of rare and first edition books by all of his favorite authors. The last insurance audit had placed the value of his books alone at five million dollars.

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Not as much as some of the professional "collectors" but more than enough for his own personal library. In pursuit of his own personal gratification and to flaunt his new status, Joshua had laid out over fifty million dollars in purchasing, remodeling and furnishing to his tastes the old four story brownstone on W. The upkeep of the house and the salaries for his staff cost him a quarter of a million dollars a year. And let's not even talk about taxes. There were ants for all of that. He paid them enough each year not to be bothered with the details. The woman in the office with him at the moment had cost him nothing at all.

Not a thin dime. As a matter of fact, she had transferred her usual ten thousand dollar fee to his before she was even allowed in the door. Millions of adoring fans all over the world knew her face and her name. Posters of her in tight clothes and negligee adorned the walls of adolescent boys the world over.

All of her movies were blockbusters and the paparazzi swarmed wherever she went. She was only seen in the "best" places, usually on the arm of one or another hot and upcoming Hollywood stud or billionaire CEO. There had to be at least eight figures in any movie contract before her agent would even show her the script. She was, at this point in her career, a brand unto herself and at the top of her game. That elegant red hair which was always seen so perfectly coiffured was disheveled and limp with sweat, adhering to her forehead and trailing over her shoulders and back.

Not a speck of makeup could be seen anywhere on her face, something that she would never have allowed in the public eye. Those elegant green eyes were red and bloodshot, the lids above and below puffy and wet with tears. Close to a hundred grand in jewelry and another ten in deer clothing lay stuffed in a locker down in his basement. She was such a good customer that he had graciously put her name on the locker for her. It was the least he could do. That sweet little body The body that made tens of millions of males hard and almost as many females wet The body she spent millions on with gym equipment and personal trainers and yoga instructors and cosmetic surgeons The girl was naked except for a plain leather collar around her neck.

A simple chain leash dangled from the collar down to the floor. Abrasions around her wrists and ankles showed evidence of her having been restrained. Even though he used soft restraints for her to keep the damage to a minimum, she always fought back and struggled, injuring that fine skin however slightly. She was, after all, an action movie kind of girl and quite strong for her frame. There wasn't much of that exquisite skin which wasn't marked in one way or another. Even her Janus erotic stories face bore the imprints of his fingers where he had slapped her. Something no man in her life had ever done except if it was written into the script.

Looking down her body, Joshua could catalog and identify each of the red marks and small bruises on her skin. Even the order they had occurred. The general Janus erotic stories of the flogger. The small red kisses from the clothespins and clips which made little tracks all the way down her body. The rectangular imprints from the crop.

The circular ature of the paddle laid over with the longer stripes from the leather tawse. And of course the long angry red welts from the whip. He didn't care that much for Janus erotic stories whip himself but she begged him for it each and every time. As much as he didn't like using the whip, he did so love listening to her beg and plead for more. Then there were the marks that weren't quite so evident without a much closer and personal inspection. If a doctor were to examine her he would most likely come to the conclusion that she was the victim of a particularly vicious rape.

Patches of her scalp were red and traumatized from where he had pulled her hair. Small bruises on her neck and shoulders showed the size of his fingertips and the length of his fingers. Both her vulva and anus were raw and swollen, showing s of multiple penetrations with objects of various sizes. Her body chemistry would reveal s of exhaustion and slight dehydration. Even though a good portion of her body was radiating waves of pain in varying degrees, the endorphins rushing throughout her system were disguising the aches with the twinges and little sparks of a slowly fading sexual bliss.

That was why she came to Joshua, of course. None of the pretty boy actors or sports figures she occasionally shared her bed with had ever given her as deep an ecstasy as one visit to his basement wonderland. After the first session she'd been hooked. So much so he had been forced to limit her visits to once every three months.

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Longer if she was away filming a new movie. Once she had offered him first one hundred thousand, then two, then five, to fly to California and stay with her while she was working. Knowing that was impossible, he naturally declined. So now she was in the final act of their sessions. Naked and bruised wearing nothing but a collar and a leash, swollen knees pressed into the hardwood floor.

Those million dollar eyes begging him for what she wanted. What she needed so very badly. Her hands and lips working on him in desperation, every inch of her body pleading with him for this last boon. The one last thing that no other man had ever done Janus erotic stories her in her life. Rather that she had never allowed another man to do to her. Naturally it was the one thing he demanded each and every time. Such a good slave. Don't lose a drop. The final act of humiliation and submission that always ended their sessions. For her, it was as if he had flipped a light switch.

As soon as he trickled to a stop and began to go soft in her mouth, her eyelids began to droop. Moments later his member slipped from her lips and she softly toppled to the floor, asleep in seconds. Sighing, Joshua zipped up his pants and pressed a button under the edge of his desk as he stood.

Once he left the room his servants would slip in and take the unconscious girl back down to the basement dressing rooms. There they would wash her and tend to her abrasions and get her dressed again in her clothes and carry her out to place her in the back seat of her waiting limo which had been summoned when he pushed Janus erotic stories bell. In six or eight or ten hours from now she would arrive in Aspen or Switzerland or Tuscany on a "sabbatical" for a few weeks while she healed and rested and studied the script for her next film.

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He always thought that his sessions gave her new energy in her movies. She always seemed so vibrant and alive While the servants were tending to that one, Joshua ensured the digital recordings got stored in his secure server in the basement vault. Each and every recording of each and every client was filmed from several different angles from beginning to end and stored in his server.

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