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A beautiful spring day. The sun is shining, nary a cloud in the air, the grass is green and smells sweeter than sweet. Not quite as sweet however as the sight of Karen Gillan sitting across from you licking whipped cream from her lips.

What could possibly better? Well, you can certainly think of a few possibilities, none of which Karen gillan sex stories suitable for polite company. Why is everything about her so cute? The whipped cream from earlier was bad enough, but those thoughts have a way of congregating. Sit like a gentleman! After the giggles subside, she sobers up. Almost too nice for clothes! Did she really just say that??

She catches your eye and nods enthusiastically. You be the judge! Is this some sort of test? Does she really want you to just strip down and go gallivanting with her? You can think of much better things to do with no clothes on, and somehow you manage to say so, willing yourself not to blush. A mischievous breeze wafts it into your face and you struggle madly with It for a moment.

You manage to outwit the piece of fabric and toss it to the side. You drop your pants to the ground and kick them away, standing before her in nothing but your boxers. Suddenly, she leans forward and kisses you square on the mouth.

After no more than 30 seconds, she breaks away and awkwardly pulls your boxers down.

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Karen jerks her head back to avoid getting bonked in the face with your erection and stares at it, apparently fascinated. You shake your head no, forcing yourself to think desperately unsexy thoughts. You have to chuckle at that and she smiles happily. She gives you a few more strokes before she lets go. She squeals in delight as you position yourself at her entrance and ease your way in.

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She wraps her arms around you and urges you deeper. You dig your nails into your palm to avoid orgasming again. You begin thrusting into her, slowly, carefully, trying to hold off as long as possible. Go ahead and let it out. Sure enough, she reaches her climax. You clench your hands tighter as she yells this fact to the sky. Karen continues making these amazing little sounds as you continue pounding her. All too soon, you can feel your release coming. She stops you with the tip of her finger on your lips. A few seconds later, you cum loudly and she lets out another of those damn whimpers.

Your eyes almost glaze over and it just keeps coming no pun intended! Finally, your orgasm subsides and you can relax, your muscles unclenching and heartrate lowering. Eventually you roll off of her and stare up into the sky dreamily. Unable to formulate words, you nod vigorously. You shrug.

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You reluctantly sit up and let her retrieve them. You dress together, passing articles of clothing between each other. She briefly floats the idea of you wearing the dress on your way to town, but you manage to talk her out of it. You begin packing up the lunch, only to turn when she calls your name. You turn to her, mouth opening with a query, and she stuffs a pastry in. You struggle to dispose of it, much to her amusement, and offer her your arm.

She takes it and you begin the walk back to civilization…. As you make your way along a softly babbling brook, Karen seems to have something on her mind. She keeps looking at you, blushing, and then looking away. You set the basket down and turn to her.

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She pulls your boxers down and puts her hand on your penis again. She gulps nervously and extends her tongue to your head to give it a careful lick. It twitches in surprise, as you do and she retracts it, evaluating the taste. You grunt and close your eyes, trying to push the arousal away, but a satisfied giggle from below means your efforts were in vain. Suddenly, your cock is enveloped in a soft wet warmth. You open your eyes. That lovely young Scottish redhead really is giving you a blowjob. You moan loudly and she looks up at you.

She really is startlingly good at this.

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You tangle your fingers in her hair and push your cock a little deeper into her mouth. She makes a humming sound deep in her throat and without warning, you start to cum. You keep stroking your cock furiously and she sticks her tongue out at you. She manages to catch a drop or two on it and as the fountain dies down, she swallows the sample she received. Karen comes up with a gasp and rubs her hands over her face vigorously.

She rolls her eyes and you lift her dress up, exposing her bottom to the breeze. You take that as an invitation and penetrate her once more. As the last of the giggles die down, she clears her throat and moans exaggeratedly. She licks her lips and rocks her hips back into you, letting you go further inside her.

All too soon, you reach your orgasms together. As before, you stay inside her while the waves of pleasure roll through you. She squeezes your erection tightly and whimpers again.

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As you begin to soften, you lean forward and grab her by the waist, pulling her back from the stream and close to you. Karen sighs happilyand closes her eyes. Search for:. You nod assent. She takes it and you begin the walk back to civilization… Later that afternoon… As you make your way along a softly babbling brook, Karen seems to have something on her mind.

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