Kissing cousin stories

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When I was…. We were about the same age and I had always been pretty close, always a bit buddy-buddy. Then once puberty hit, things kind of changed a little. I started noticing her budding breasts, looking down her shirts when I could, brushing against her when we wrestled… one night Niki had just said she was going to go Kissing cousin stories a shower.

And me being the pervy little boy I was, I wanted to watch. So I made up the excuse to walk the dogs and ran around to the side of the house where the bathroom window was. I peeked in the window and very clearly saw my cousin naked in front of the mirror with her hands sliding all over her body touching herself… Yes I jacked off right there at the window, and have several times since remembering that….

We had been hanging out a lot in the basement living room watching movies and shows, just Niki and me.

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It was really late, my parents went to bed hours ago…. Niki and I had been hanging all over each other and snuggled up pretty tight on the couch under a blanket. With her lips on mine and her tounge exploring my mouth, I just let the hormones rage and slowly slid my hand up her shirt.

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My fingers slipped right under her bra and I squeezed those perky B size tits, she made this little moan sound and I kept playing. After a few moments I dared to look down and saw those beauties. Bra and shirt lifted up, Niki looking up at me. Without a bit of hesitation my hand went to her stomach and began traveling south.

Niki grabbing me by the hair and pulling me into deeper kisses. She barely had any Kissing cousin stories down there, and my fingers slid right into her dampness… I was inexperienced, a virgin, but somehow I had seduced my cousin, and was knuckle deep inside her…. And after what seemed like an hour she suddenly grabbed me tighter and pulled me closer against her as her body shuddered… oh she orgasmed….

She unbuckled my pants as fast as she could and wrapped her mouth around my inexperienced but highly swollen member. This content appeared first on new sex story. She got up not letting go of my shaft for a second as she took her shorts and panties off. Then she climbed onto the couch, straddling my lap. She pressed her pussy right against my shaft and started grinding.

Her mouth clamped against mine and my hands firmly exploring her tits.

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Then something amazing happened… I felt my head getting teased, and it felt amazing and when I rocked my hips to increase the pleasure… the tip slid inside her, and she just plunged all the way down to the hilt without thinking. And I loved it!

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We kept going…. Yes… I told her, I said it just like in the pornos. But she just kissed me and rocked harder, until the greatest feeling of my life hit me…. But now and then when we are alone, she still sucks me off, and I still finger her.

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Kissing cousin stories

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Kissing Cousin