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She lay on the couch holding her young daughter on her chest. The baby was nursing, her small head bobbing softly, her little cheeks hollowing as she sucked. My clit actually twitched at the sight. Kris is a young mother in her late teens, a beautiful girl with long reddish hair down past her shoulders.

I looked at her straight nose, strong chin, and thought that she is a truly lovely young lady. Long lashes set off her beautiful blue eyes.

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She wears little makeup and her classic features needed little embellishment. Her long legs were stretched out on the sofa. Her rather thin dress hollowed at the junction of her thighs, and I could just make out her Mount of Venus. We had been friends for a few months since she and her husband had moved into the neighborhood. We had become acquainted as I was a nurse and she was pregnant.

I told her anytime she needed me to feel free to call on me. I had done a stint in the OBGYN section of the hospital and volunteered to help her through her pregnancy. I helped her with her exercises and we took long walks together. We came to know one another quite well. She was very shy and very religious.

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I soon learned that her husband was not all that good a lover. Not that she complained, but from talking with her, and about sex, she seemed very naive. Just the slightest off color joke made her blush. By subtle questions, I found out she was a virgin on her wedding night. Sex was for procreation, not recreation or fun. She grew to like me and lean on me for advice, and I grew to really like her.

I grew to lust for her. She needed to learn about life and how good sex could be. Or so I thought.

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I was to Lactating erotic stories proved delightfully wrong on that. She made such a lovely picture lying there, that I wanted to lean over and kiss her soft luscious looking lips. I would have probably scared her half to death. She has always been the shy one, blushing at a ribald joke.

As I said, she was a virgin when she got married, and I would have wagered no one had ever laid a finger on her pussy. I sat down and we talked quietly as I watched the baby nurse. I crossed my legs and unobtrusively squeezed my thigh muscles. Lactating erotic stories can sometimes reach a climax that way. I tried to maintain an outward calm as I squeezed my pussy rhythmically watching the two in front of me.

I could feel my pussy lubricate as it does when I get very sexually excited. I am bisexual, if you want a label for me. I have a boyfriend, and a girlfriend also, and both know of the other. I have had strong leanings toward women since I was small and my best girlfriend and I found out we liked kissing each other. Being young and experimental, it became naughty fun to kiss each other. We heard of, and tried French kissing! Wow, what a revelation that was, tongues rubbing and probing. We soon became quite adept at it. We watched movies of men and women kissing for pointers, and tried it with each other.

We went further as we began to develop sexually till we were kissing and caressing nude when we spent the night together. It quickly went from there till we were enjoying cunnilingus, or a 69 at every opportunity. The smell and wonderful taste of a female vagina was, and still, is a powerful aphrodisiac to me. Neither of us ever looked back. We made love to each other whenever the opportunity presented itself, or we very often made the opportunity happen.

We came very close to being discovered many times. I watched her baby suckle, and wistfully wished I could try sucking on her breast to taste her flowing milk. That thought made me even hotter! I had heard of this happening. I am an RN — Registered Nurse, and when we had classes in child rearing, one of the subjects was nursing mothers, and how it affected them. I remembered hearing that some of the mothers had reported feeling a strong sexual stimulation as their babies sucking lips stimulated their nipples. Several had reported a near climax when having their breasts sucked by the baby, and others said they cut the breast feeding short, as they thought it was morally wrong to become sexually excited by their own babies.

That Lactating erotic stories my eyes! At the time I laughed inwardly and thought if it got me sexually excited, I would certainly go with it! Several other nurse trainees said the same thing — outside class! We though it would be wonderful to feel that sexual excitement. Of course we were horny young nurses with hormones flowing strongly in our veins! It gave us a fantastic scenario that led to several massive climaxes. Watching the two in front of me brought those discussions, and our breast sucking, back to my memory. Kris closed her eyes and got a dreamy look on her face.

I looked down at her thighs and saw that she was squeezing her thighs together and her hips were thrusting upward just slightly. Damn, she was getting hot too. With her eyes closed I concentrated on her partly revealed breast and squeezed my thighs harder.

Close, close, then with a long sigh, my climax shot through my body. I bit my bottom lip hard and suppressed a cry of ecstasy as my pussy exploded, and bolts of joy shot through my body. My nipples seemed on fire, and I knew my pussy was drenched. My head went down as my climax ended. Damn, that felt Lactating erotic stories Had she seem me? Oh well. She took the baby from her breast, as it was now asleep. When she moved it away, I got a close look at her nipple.

Her areola was chocolate brown; the gleaming wet nipple was long and erect from the sucking. But my eyes went wide as there was a drop of delicious looking white milk hanging on the tip of her elongated nipple. My mouth watered at the sight. I licked my lips thinking I would give anything to try a taste of her milk. She saw me staring and hastily pulled her nursing bra closed, shutting off my view of it.

Well damn! I am just a little embarrassed by this. Hot damn! My kind of day had begun! Sexy thoughts ran through my wicked mind. She shook her head. Your skin has bacteria on it; the milk on your skin will feed the bacteria. Also as the nipple may leak, it makes a perfect wet place for germs to breed. Come on, let Nurse Jan help you out. She dutifully slipped her blouse off and unfastened the front clasps on her nursing bra. She slid it off a little self-consciously, and I almost gasped. Her breasts were absolutely beautiful. Swollen by the nursing, they were full rounded globes, white with pale blue veins beneath the skin.

Both were about as big around and as long as the first t of my little finger. They made my clit tingle and my lips want to suck on them. I swallowed. Without a word, I turned the water on, took a washcloth and when the water was warm, wet and soaped it. Without asking Kris, I put one hand under her breast. She shuddered as my hand touched her hot soft flesh. I lifted her breast just a little and almost felt faint it felt so good in my hand. I tried to hide my lust as I took the cloth and washed her breast softly and gently.

I cleaned it thoroughly, then washed her other beautiful breast. Gleaming wet, tiny iridescent bubbles clinging to her skin, they looked even more erotic.

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I could tell this was having an effect on her. Her eyes closed and she caught her breath several times while I washed her perfect breasts. God, it was getting me so hot. I squeezed her breast just a little and a droplet of milk slipped out of her nipple and ran down her breast. I had to use all my willpower to keep from leaning over and licking it off as it ran down her soft white skin.

I wiped it off with the washrag. Wasting it! I spent a lot longer than was really needed washing her beautiful breasts.

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I took a soft towel and patted them dry. Then without asking I reached over and got the cream and began to slowly rub it in. The lotion on my fingers felt so sensual rubbing it over her skin. My pussy was so wet, and my nipples were standing up. I almost came it felt so good to be massaging her breasts.

Lactating erotic stories

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