Lesbian rape fantasy stories

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Up. Home Videos 24 Images 13 Forum 25 Members group. This story is for mature readers only. If things like lesbian rape of a teenager offend you, please do not read further. If you want to re-post this story on another site, please me first and get my permission. The young girl in this story is a real person that I found on Facebook. It started one spring day when I was I had my life ahead of me and everything was wonderful. I was quite shy around boys. You see I am one of three true redhe in my school. And I was the only redhead in my Freshmen class. I heard most of the boys say rude things behind my back making lewd comments about me being a redhead.

To me I was not that sexy. I had flaming long red hair, brown eyes, pretty lips and freckles on my forehead. But I had one true friend. Her name was Nancy Bennett. She was 31 years old and had a body any man would die to have. She had long blonde hair, green eyes and huge 38DD cup breasts. She lived a few houses down from where I lived and she was my tutor.

She said to me that she was a teacher in one of the nearby towns in the 11th grade. But she was fired for having a romantic relationship with one of her students. I had tutoring sessions with Nancy every Monday thru Thursday right after school. She usually came to my house to do our studying.

We had just finished studying one day. I said OK and said goodbye to her as I started to get supper ready. The next day I walked over to her house and knocked on the door. I was wearing a pink t-shirt and shorts since it was Lesbian rape fantasy stories warm day. Nancy answered the door and let me in. She led me to her bedroom and said that it will be better to do our work in here. We started on my homework.

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And about 15 minutes in, she made her first move. She started leaning near me and I can hear her sniffing my long red hair. I said thanks and pointed out a question that I was having problems with. Then she came closer to me with her hand on my bare shoulder. I ignored what she had just said and pointed out another question in my book. Suddenly she put her hand on my chin and started leaning into me like she was about to kiss me. I leaned away from her then all of the sudden real fast she slapped me across my face.

I fell back on the bed in a state of shock. I could hear her getting something out of the cabinet near her bed. I was just about to lean back up on my elbows. I was about to say something when she jammed into my mouth some kind of ball gag. She fastened into place behind my head. I started screaming and I started to fight her. She flipped me over to my stomach and I felt something cold go around my wrists. I heard the handcuffs snap in place. Then she flipped me onto my back. She admired the view of my body so helpless. Then her hands went to the bottom of my shirt and started raising it up over my breasts.

The she raised my white bra and exposed my tits. My tiny pink nipples were so hard and pointy that they were aching. She leaned down and started sucking and biting my erect nipples. I was crying helplessly and shaking as I felt her tongue tap my nipple. I started to struggle but she was too strong. She raised herself back up and slowly took off her t-shirt and bra showing off her huge breasts. She then rubbed her breasts against mine. Squashing my firm tits. I could feel her stiff nipples rubbing against mine She leaned over and started licking my tears and she said softly in my ear. It hurt so much.

I was squealing and screaming into my gag. She pulled my little nipples up over my quivering body till it felt like she was ripping them off my body. After her hands left my sore breasts, she lowered her hands to my shorts and yanked them off as well as my panties till they were around my shoes. I squeezed my legs as tight as I could. She smiled as she drooled over my bright red snatch. She ran her hands over my clit I looked down between my breasts seeing her smile as she licked her lips. My hips jolted and I was screaming like I never had before. Her tongue was fast as I turned my head back and forth from the shock of her raping me.

After about 10 minutes of this, she entered a finger into my pussy. Oh my God did it hurt!!! Her finger went slowly into me till she hit my hymen. It was actually a pink strap on. When I saw it I started crying real hard as I kind of knew what she was going Lesbian rape fantasy stories do with that disgusting thing. I could see her putting it on around her waist and tightening it around her waist. I was screaming out of control. My hips bucking trying to get free. My legs kicking at her.

After she put the thing around her waist, she got on top of me She aimed the dildo against Lesbian rape fantasy stories red clit. She leaned in close to my face and whispered into my ear again. Then suddenly I started to feel some intense pain in my clit.

The more she entered into me, the worse it hurt. I arched my back trying to get away and run to the nearest police department and report this woman and tell them what she did to me. Here we go my little Alyssa!!!

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I threw my head back screaming and grunting. With each deep thrust that she did, it hurt even more. She then reached up with her hands and started squeezing and pinching my tits and nipples. I thought I was in a nightmare. Here was my best friend. The woman that helped me keep my grades up. She was raping me violently. She took my virginity. Lesbian rape fantasy stories fucked me for Lesbian rape fantasy stories seemed to be like forever till I heard her moaning and quickening her pace inside of me. My breasts jiggling and slapping against each other.

I started feeling real dizzy like I was about to pass out. I saw her open her mouth and screaming. I saw a look of ecstasy in her eyes. She then fell on top of me as I lay there crying in pain. She softly kissed me all over my cheeks and lips. Very violently she flipped me over to my stomach. I could feel my erect nipples scraping against the silk sheets. She spread my ass cheeks till my puckered pick asshole was in view. She slowly entered me and I started screaming again. The pain when she took my virginity or her raping my ass.

She grabbed my long red hair and arched my back up. Her hand went under me pinching my breasts and nipples as she fucked me real hard. Within minutes she came again and slumped down on my back. After resting on me while I softly cried she flipped me on my back again. I thought she was going to rape me more, but she got up and walked to the dresser near the bed. I was in a daze not knowing what she was doing. She crabbed a digital camera and started taking pictures of me.

Taking pictures of every part of my now tortured body. She lifted my limp body up into a sitting position. I looked down at my nude body. I could see nail marks across my breasts and nipples. I then saw some blood smeared on my legs and I started crying again. She got my attention when she started talking to me. Then she continued. She helped me put my clothes back on and helped me to the front door of her house. As soon as I got home I took a shower and went straight to bed.

My mom checked in on me when she got home but I told her I was sick. I had sex with countless women and did some disgusting things to myself all on video. My life is over. The End. Quote Strike Insert Image url Insert. Insert link url Insert. Top 10 Friend Sites.

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Lesbian rape fantasy stories

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