Lesbian sex stories best friends

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Hi, this is my story about how I had sex with my best friend Meera and turned her into a hot Indian lesbian. I live in Pune which is my hometown and go to one of the reputed colleges in this city. So, coming to the story, it is about my love for my best friend and how I made her fall for me. First time I met Meera was in college when I was in higher secondary. We became friends in no time. I never thought I should be in love with a girl and that too with my best friend who was straight.

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I always used to kiss her on her cheeks in a friendly manner and never missed a chance to touch her. She was fair and was having the same body shape as of me; even our height were almost same.

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She never objected me touching her inappropriately as she had no idea whatwas going in my mind. We opted for graduation in commerce. Our friendship had now grown stronger than ever. Because we both were good looking, many boys used to try their luck. I never gave anyone any chance as I was already in love with Meera. But I was scared for Meera, what if someone impresses her? What if she develops feelings for anyone.

Such thoughts used to bother me more than anything else. I knew Meera should never understand my feeling if I confront her directly. So I decided to play it slow and let her know about my feelings. Meera was very simple in her own ways.

She used to give me a weirdo look even if I cracked non-veg or double meaning joke. But she was very caring and she always made sure I was in a perfect mental and physical condition. I remember one time when I was sick she was with me the whole time.

I have a 1 bhk flat which is 3 kms away from my college. She was with me for like 2 days. She gave me a foot massage and even made different types of soups for me. That was the first time she kissed my forehead and looked in my eyes as if she wanted to kiss my lips right then. That was the time when she made me fall for her completely.

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I wish I were a boy, it would have been easy to be with her. Back to the present day. As always, she came to my flat so that we could go to the college together. But I was not in mood. I told her I was not feeling well and my leg was paining badly. But being a studious girl, she forced me to come along and attend college.

Me: I accidently hit the wall yesterday while talking on the phone. And now the pain is getting really bad.

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I sat on bed and Meera sat down taking my leg in her lap and slowly touching it. My feet was almost touching her left boob. She was busy checking my leg and I was slowly chasing her nipple with my toe. Then she started to massage my feet and after some time, she went to the kitchen and brought some warm water in small tub and asked me to soak my legs in it.

She came and sits beside me. Me: why not? You are so caring and I love you so much. I looked to the other side with a sad face. Meera went into the bedroom and brought a towel. She removed my legs from the tub and started cleaning them with towel. I was very frustrated and decided to let her know about my feeling. I kissed her for seconds. And she pushed me away and started crying like a small.

Meera: what are you doing! Are you mad? How dare to touch me there?

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Me: I am sorry Meera, I really tried to hide my feelings. And I have been hiding them since the last 2 and half years. I love you. Really, I do. I pulled her in my arms and starting crying while hugging her. Then I kissed her again, holding her face with my both hands.

I hugged her after kissing for almost 1 minute. I can do anything for you. She stood there still without any expression with all her teary eyes. She was completely shocked. I moved closer to her and held her face in my palms. We will keep it as a top secret. Only you and me.

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I went on my knees and proposed her. I promise to keep you happy and will take care of you till the end? As soon as I stood up she kissed me on my lips and blush.

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As she was very shy she avoided eye contact. Then I took her face in my palm and made her look in my eyes. In the next part, I will tell you how Meera and me started doing erotic stuff in college, home and gym. Also, how Meera was submissive in nature and how I made her my puppy girl.

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Lesbian sex stories best friends

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