Lesbian submission sex stories

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To call the private studio of the Dominatrix a dungeon would, for the fortunate, earn only her contempt. Eschewing the contrivances of male sadomasochistic fantasies, the walls were painted a passionless shade of gray-green, the oak floor polished to the luster of ancient gold, and the sole window decorated with an embroidered ivory curtain, now closed.

Category: Lesbian Sex. Nicole rang Fiona's doorbell with genuine trepidation. Her heart was pounding because she was there to have a long time fantasy made real at last. She had always, for as many of her twenty-four years as she could remember, harboured a vague bi-curiosity and a carefully hidden urge to be submissive. Her submissive tendencies were real enough, she secretly longed to be disciplined and to be made to do things against her will, but she wasn't so sure about her hankering to go to bed with a woman.

Category: Group Sex. Knowing glances across the room. A smile as your eyes meet. A quiet hello as you pass in the hall. A flirtatious wink of the eye as you catch him watching you walk away.

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Innocent flirtation is how it all begins. Rita was sobbing at the kitchen table; she worried how she could survive and take care of her 18 year old daughter Kimberly. The 37 year old mother was distraught; her whole world had turned upside down in an instant.

No sooner had Kim went off to school when her husband called to tell her that he cleared out their bankwas running off with another woman and not to try to find him as he was leaving the country. It had been a work day that didn't seem like it would ever end. Kaitlyn hated her job on a good day. Working in the s Payable department as a junior clerk was just boring. All she did was just process one bill after another. All the other clerks were substantially older than her.

She was only out of school for 3 years, twenty years younger than the next person. Lesbian submission sex stories wasn't much in common with them so there wasn't even a social aspect of the job. This short story is a follow on from Krissy's Holiday in the Far East, so read that first if you want the full picture. It is always intriguing what happens after a brief fling, though we so rarely get to find out.

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I thought a juicy follow up was well deserved.

Lesbian submission sex stories

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Lesbian Submissive Stories