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That should have been all too obvious, even before he'd put them on. But now, sitting on the bus on the way to work, James was learning exactly the nature of his error. But Rob would have his fun, wouldn't he? James did love latex so, and Rob knew this all too well. Tonight's ploy was leaving a pair of shiny black latex briefs folded neatly on top of his clothes while James was in the shower. Rob knew James well enough to know he couldn't resist the temptation - he wouldn't even have to hide his normal underwear - and thus the journey to work saw James doing his best not to squirm in his seat as the Living latex stories squeezed snugly around his hips, kneading their surface across his crotch.

As his stop came into view, James dreaded the kinky torment the day likely had in store. The bus slowed and the doors opened The man already at the bus stop knelt to help him up, but James politely waved off his concern. He didn't exactly want to tell the truth about being surprised by a rubber tentacle forcing itself up his butthole. This was going to be a long day He just had to remember not to wriggle in his chair, or yelp when the newly-grown buttplug prodded a sensitive area, or be too obvious about adjusting his erection.

To begin with, he'd even dared to hope that things might pass without too much event. But the briefs clearly had different ideas about that - their kneading, teasing and tightening had continued unabated throughout the morning, gradually ramping up in intensity.

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James didn't dare check, but he could have sworn that they were growing, too - he could feel the edge of the briefs oozing with agonising sluggishness down his thighs. Taking a lot of effort not to bite his lip, James wondered to himself how all this could possibly get any worse James managed to turn his yelp into a cough at the last minute, but he could still feel a few confused looks from his coworkers in the surrounding cubicle.

This was too much for James and, doing his best to keep his arousal concealed, he got up and made his way into the toilets. There was only one other person in there, washing their hands. James kept up his facade of nonchalance for their Living latex stories as he closed and locked the stall door, and listened carefully as they finished up washing their hands.

As the door clicked shut behind them, James frantically pulled his trousers down, to survey the damage. Every nook and cranny of his crotch was coated in a layer of smooth, shiny latex, every detail delineated in skintight rubber. As his pants came down to his boots, the latex seemed to follow them, over his shins and ankles, into his socks and over his feet.

James wriggled his toes, and felt each one individually coated in the material. James stared aghast at his rubberised crotch, and Living latex stories more aghast as his dick rose to full mast at the sights and sensations. It was all too true that he loved latex, and ordinarily he'd have loved to experience something like this - but here, in public, surrounded by his coworkers? He let out a sigh and prodded hesitantly at his stiff cock. As his fingertips touched the shiny surface of the organ, a surge of pleasure flashed through him.

The rubber hadn't just coated his skin, it had made it ultra-sensitive. Unable to stop himself, James brushed his fingers over his member and gasped at the over-charged tactile sensations. His cock stiffened to almost painful levels, and it was all he could do not to cum right there. He couldn't ignore this - his fingers clenched around his length, as if trying to hold things in, and he stood up awkwardly, hunched over himself and panting raggedly.

He turned to the toilet and did his best to aim himself into the bowl, as he finally let himself release. Even as he let his cum spurt, he held back his cry of pleasure. Only a strained little squeak betrayed any hint of his predicament to anyone in the room who might be listening - and James' fears provided quite a population to do that. It was several seconds before James calmed down enough to open his eyes and release his cock. He noted with relief that he'd managed to keep his cum confined to the toilet, if not quite to the bowl.

A blush rising to his cheeks, he cleaned up his mess as best he could with toilet paper, before turning his attention back to his still-stiff member. There was no way he could pull up his pants with it so powerfully erect. He hesitated, his orgasm still clear in his mind, before trying to wrestle the thing down into a more manageable position.

It was quite a few moments, interspersed with frequent breaks to stop himself cumming again, before he conceded that his organ wasn't going to cooperate. He sighed in frustration through his heavy panting. Just before his fingers could wrap around his length again, he felt the latex bunching up around his cock.

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He watched as the black-wrapped organ obediently sank into a semi-flaccid state, and receded into a bulge. The smooth, round bulge covered the area that would otherwise be host to his genitals, tucking everything up into a tidy, featureless dome. James' hopes that this was an end to his troubles were dashed, however - he gently poked at the bulge and felt the same explosively pleasurable feeling as earlier. If anything, it was a little more sensitive than before. But, James thought thankfully, it would at least fit inside his jeans.

He flushed away the evidence, zipped himself up and finally exited the stall to wash his hands. He was relieved to see that the room was still empty as he soaped and scrubbed, but his thoughts Living latex stories to his coworkers and their no doubt excellent hearing If James had hoped that not being erect might have eased his sensitivity, he was disappointed - and very, very worked up. Even the simple feeling of demine against the bulge was like a lover's touch, and it was all the harder now to keep himself from whimpering in public than before.

One of his colleagues stepped into his cubicle for some paperwork. James did his best to remain casual, but he feared that his predicament was written all over his face. The coworker didn't seem to suspect though, and their dealings passed innocuously - until he peered worriedly at him.

You're looking really peaky - and you're sweating bullets.

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Something I ate, I guess. I'll be okay. He swallowed nervously and nodded.

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Look, uh I'll, um, I'll just finish up for the day He'd been so worked up over what was going on in his trousers that he hadn't noticed the briefs' fabric creeping up his torso. It had already reached the level of his nipples, and showed no s of abating its slow but steady progression. He tugged his shirt back down frantically, and clutched his phone's receiver, dialling the of his supervisor.

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I, uh, I think I'm going to have to take the rest of the day off. Go ahead and head home, James. I hope you feel better in the morning. As he shuffled hurriedly through the office, he drew more than a few glances from the other workers, but he barely noticed - his situation was becoming more urgent by the moment The distance from the nearest bus stop to his apartment building seemed like miles as he tried not to break out into a run.

The teasing of his cock and butthole had ramped up tenfold on the bus ride over - it was everything he could do not to bite the pole in half in frustration - and his frantic pace was only making things worse. His hands were shoved firmly in his hoody's pockets, as latex started to form up gently over them. Living latex stories the time he reached his apartment's door, they were completely covered in a skintight latex layer, looking like the finest pair of gloves any fetishwear maker could ever hope to make.

James would have admired them, were he not more concerned with trying to get his keys into the hole, without Living latex stories of his neighbours seeing his accoutrements. He finally managed to get the door open and practically sprinted through. He shut the door as if trying to shut out a pursuer, before staggering down the corridor, shedding clothing as he went.

As he stumbled out of his jeans and into the living room, he saw his current state in the full-length mirror: everything below his neck was covered, every part of his slender body black and shiny rubber, as if he'd been dipped in the stuff. Now free of the fear of any watching eyes, James' hands ran across his chest.

The two surfaces of rubber creaked and squeaked as they ran across each other. James' breathing went straight back to frantic panting at the sight, watching his reflection writhe and wriggle, his hands fondling and groping every curve, rubber glistening and shining in the light.

He watched as the rim of latex around his neck finally began the push over the last bare part of his body - rubber closed over his head, flattening his hair and ears and framing his face. Unable to contain his excitement any longer, James' hands went straight for his bulbous bulge, squeezing it with desperate lust. He cried out in pleasure and tried to raise a hand to his bare cheek - but as he pulled his hand up, the matter of the bulge came away in a long, thick strand, keeping his hand firmly connected to his groin.

Stretched to its limit, the elastic tendril pulled his hand right back into his crotch. With both hands buried in the bulge, James' fingers could do nothing else but find his cock again, and he made no effort to resist his urge to masturbate.

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As he stroked, squeezed and groped his rapidly stiffening member, the mass of rubber nestled in his butt was spurred into counterpoint action - it pulsed and pumped inside James as if he was being roughly, passionately fucked. Between that and his own efforts, James fell to his latex-clad knees, panting and yelping in a symphony of sensuous stimulation. He bucked around the over-active buttplug, the thick mass of rubber over his cock stretching and squashing around his fingers. So worked up was he, he barely noticed the latex around his head closing over his face, until it suddenly washed over his eyes.

Only his nostrils were free now - everything else was perfectly framed in the layer of rubber. Sightless eyes stared blindly into the mirror, and his mouth was open in a muffled scream of pleasure, as he kept at it. The latex skin pulsed and rippled as it teased at its oh-so-sensitive captive. James' legs pressed together involuntarily, merging into a single limb and sending James Living latex stories onto his side. He barely noticed his fall, the rubber cushioning him, and he squirmed and wriggled like a latex serpent, the contours of his limbs fading into his body.

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For several minutes James rolled and wriggled like this, building up and up and up to what was promising to be perhaps the greatest orgasm of his life The rubber worm that was James arched his back, every muscle stiffening as much as his cock, as finally, powerfully, he came. From the shallow cavity of latex stretched over his mouth came a loud cry of climax, and from his crotch bulge came torrent after torrent of semen, spurting Living latex stories feet across the floor - hardwood, appropriately enough.

After a brief eternity of pleasure, James finally slumped limply to the floor. The latex skin finally receded from his body, flowing silkily off his contours and leaving him naked on the ground. James panted to regain his breath for a moment, before he built up the energy to lift his head and look up.

A figure of shiny black was kneeling over him, smiling smugly down at him. You were the one who put those briefs on, you knew what you were getting into. Theoretically, anyway. I guess so. Maybe if you've got any more in you, we can really enjoy your day off. With his last ounce of consciousness he leaned up and kissed his living latex lover's cheek, "Love you, sweetheart Gromet's Plaza Latex Stories.

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Living latex stories

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