Loki x slave reader

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Summary: You have been a trusted servant to the Asgardian Royal Family for a while now, and Loki is willing to reward you with three wishes. I have actually outlined several more chapters to this, so this will be continued. Originally posted by prettiestcaptain. Bowing your head, you leave your Master the tray of tea and biscuits next to him at the bay window where he sits.

You remember to speak softly, so as not to disturb him while he re. The Prince of Asgard closes his reading material and leans forward slightly. How long have you worked for the Royal family? A decent question - and something that the King would surely not like to become public knowledge. And you were more than fine with this. You obey, of course, but still feel wary. Never has he been angry towards you, but you still wish not to start now. Holding your hands in front of you, you await what he has to say. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed by me. You stumble in your reply. Your heart may actually leap out of your chest at his kindness.

Loki simply smiles again. You think about Loki x slave reader, but are conscious of not taking up too much of his time, so when your eyes land on the book Loki had been reading, you answer. In truth, it has been too long since you have read anything. Servants are not allowed to read books, let alone the ones in the palace.

What will he say to that? His eyebrows raise on his forehead, impressed, then turns his attention to where your eyes lingered on the book. I hope you find it as intriguing as I do.

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At the touch, you unintentionally jerk the book towards your middle, holding it precious. You dip your head slightly. With a final bow, you accidentally stare into his twinkling green eyes. PART 2. Fast asleep that is, until a jingling noise chimes its way into your bedroom. Your eyes flutter open and, curiosity getting the better of you, you tiptoe out of your room to find the source of the jingling. As you near closer to your beautifully decorated Christmas tree by the fireplace, the sound has now changed to… crunching? Keep reading. Summary: Who knew that Loki, a curmudgeon towards Midgardian social gatherings, would become the star of the night?

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When your best friend throws a party, you need to be there. It was important to you, and so it was also automatically important to your Asgardian boyfriend. After converting the codes to a flash drive years ago, it was said they never destroyed the book itself. You climb over the chain link fence surrounding an abandoned warehouse and book it to the alleyway beside it.

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Before your team had been disassembled, you all had kept tabs on this place for months before planning an infiltration, only to come to the conclusion that this Hydra facility was no longer operational and suspected this is where they were stashing the codes. So what better time to strike than the present?

You believed you were fully capable of running this kind of solo mission. It would be a piece of cake. Summary: Your friends spot Thor in the street and are dying to take a selfie with him. Part 1. Summary: After overhearing some negative comments directed at you, Loki comforts you after having a breakdown. You shut the door to your apartment and fast-walk with your head down so as not to make eye contact with Loki and head directly to the bathroom. This, without realizing it, Loki x slave reader a total self-destruction move because of the giant mirror that greets you upon entering. Pacing back and forth you breathe heavily, erratically.

Your head is simultaneously running a mile a minute with negative thoughts and yet shutting down. And then- something in you snaps. The story of how you, the Reader, meet and help Loki on his quest to return to Asgard. Tag List : gerardwayisapotato theloneavenger magellan saraholdtheh ha-tep white-chocolate-mocha-fan jemjem-chan sagekoooon fight-me nightcrawler shaunamart the-real-kellymonster hippie-taco-lady bethbabybaby. You stand between Thor and Loki, all three of you with crossed arms and staring at the wreckage that goes on in front of you.

Never in a million years would you expect Shady Acres Care Home to be sold then demolished. Your future All-Father-In-Law was once inside. Originally posted by lokitty. You play with the little ball of flames in your palm, twisting and turning it until it grows.

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A noise from behind startles you, causing you to throw your fire at the sound out of fright. You cherish the sound of your name on his tongue every time. What you really are is a slave. You merely blink at his question and tuck a strand of hair behind your ear. I wish to read one of your books. My cookies! No way. Warnings: Body image insecurities You shut the door to your apartment and fast-walk with your head down so as not to make eye contact with Loki and head directly to the bathroom.

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Loki x slave reader

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